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#AttenboroughWeek - To celebrate over 50 years of amazing animal film-making we have collaborated with Vsauce, Vsauce2, Vsauce3, Alltime10s, The Brain Scoop and WheezyWaiter to showcase some of the reasons why we think Sir David Attenborough is inspirational.

We have received such great feedback during Attenborough Week we created this video that includes your comments from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

We will be releasing segments from Sir David's 1956 series Zoo Quest to Madagascar
as well as segments of Attenborough and the Giant Egg in which Sir David travels back to Madagascar over 50 years later. Attenborough Week will take place between 21st-27th April so subscribe to the BBC Earth channel so you don't miss out

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Maddie: Hi, I'm Maddie, and we are very excited to be part of Attenborough week, celebrating over 60 years of Sir David's awesome wildlife programs. Between the 21st and 27th of April our sister channel BBC Earth will be releasing some amazing Attenborough moments. But don't worry if you're watching this from the future because all of the films will still be there for you to watch and the links are in the description below.

Sir David Attenborough has traveled to every corner of the planet, met just about every animal imaginable and has inspired scores of people to be amazed by the natural world including us here at Earth Unplugged and some of our friends. These are our best Attenborough moments.

Kevin: Hey, this is Kevin from Vsauce2 and this clip showcasing the incredible ability of orangutans to mimic humans illustrates just how closely their behavior can mirror our own

David: Very striking.

Sam: One of my absolute favorite clips has to be Sir David on the beach with these huge southern elephant seals and he's standing, delivering a piece to the camera with the biggest of them all, the big males, the beach masters. And this clip jut goes to show what a pro he is at working with animals.

David: And to that he must fight.

Emily: Hey. This is Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop hanging out in the insect division of The Field Museum in Chicago with some of my friends, the dung beetles because they remind me of my favorite David Attenborough moment, the kung fu dung beetles, where David shows us that there's beauty and grace in even some of the most unlikely of places.

David: You've got to be on the ball to get the advantage.

John: Hey, it's John from Alltime10s and I think there are so many great David Attenborough moments I could probably make a top ten out of them. But my number one is gotta be where he hangs out with the lyrebird. It's a crazy animal that can make all sorts of sounds.

(Bird makes noise)

David: That was a camera shutter.

Simon: For me one of the greatest moments from a David Attenborough series is during Planet Earth in which some lions are hunting an elephant in pitch black. It's all shot using modern technology and infrared cameras and David's voice just brings the whole thing alive.

David: Desperate times require desperate measures.

Craig: One of my favorite Sir David Attenborough moments is when he's narrating about the polar bears in Planet Earth. It really shows what the polar bears are going through. Their land is literally melting away, they're struggling for food. It really poled on the heart strings. Poled. OK. This is serious. Yeah, that's one of my favorite moments.

Simon: I really like the scene from Attenborough series The Private Life of Plants where they time-lapse the bramble bush growing. It was an amazing, pioneering use of time-lapse and really showed these plants moving in ways that we'd never seen before. That was one of the first things that really pushed me forward into wanting to go into natural history filmmaking.

Maddie: The moment in Blue Planet when we see the first overhead shot of the blue whale in the water is just breathtaking because it made me realize how enormous these animals are. It's a special moment because these are the biggest animals on our planet but are so rarely seen.

Jake: I'm Jake from Vsauce3 and the titan arum is the largest flower in the world and in this clip David Attenborough shows you how amazing and beautiful this 9 feet tall, three feet in diameter flower is.

David: It smells very strongly of bad fish.

Chris: A really magical Attenborough moment for me is when he swims with manatees in The Life of Mammals. The really, really lovely thing is the juxtaposition of these huge sea cows and then there's Sir David in his dry suit. And they're put together and it is just magical.

David: Ooh, dear.

Michael: Hey, Michael here. My favorite moment is a moment I can't get out of my head: endurance hunting. Humans against the rest of nature, without sharp fangs or talons, just the shear ability to not give up.

Maddie: We'd love to know what your favorite Attenborough moments are so let us know in the comments using the hashtag #AttenboroughWeek and subscribe to BBC Earth to make sure that you're a part of it.

David: Boo!