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'Stars' author John Green also talked to TheWrap about the much-anticipated June release

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John: The Fault in our Stars is a novel about two young people living with cancer who meet at a support group and fall in love.  It's a love story and a funny one, as much as that made it sound sad.  

Interviewer: Yeah, I saw the trailer, and I'm just like, "I'm gonna bawl my eyes out at this movie."

John: You may bawl your eyes out, but you'll also laugh.

Interviewer: Good.

John: Nat's gonna make you laugh.  

Interviewer: You're the comedic relief?

John: Well, that's not--

Interviewer: Well, you're more important than that, I didn't mean to downplay it like that.

Nat: Yeah, yeah, no, I--we were actually just talking about it, it was--that I say it's probably the hardest part that I've done, 'cause it was kinda mixing that it is the funny--I mean, there are so many dark things in the movie, and he's probably the funny--he's the funniest character, but then also, I go blind and I get dumped, so here's your comedy.

John: So it's not that--

Interviewer: Yeah.

Nat: There's your comic relief.

Interviewer: Sounds hilarious.  Sounds hilarious.  

Nat: I can't see.  There's your comic relief, John.

John: No, but it is--no--there's a--it's difficult to explain the tone of the book or the tone of the movie to people who haven't read it, but, you know, I tried to tell a story about real kids who have full lives who aren't defined by their disability and in my experience, you know, sick people can have as big and full and rich a life as anyone else, and that's really what I wanted to try to capture.

Nat: Yeah, and in the midst of that, he also--it's also just a really honest love story, you know what I mean?

John: I love love stories, yeah.

Nat: Even without the cancer and all that stuff, without the sickness and without the blindness, it really is more honest with--about teenagers and young people than the majority of movies about young people.  

Interviewer: Now, now, do you get to (?~1:39) because--

Nat: $20, John.

John: That was good.  That was good, I appreciate that.

Interviewer: Because I feel like next year, in the (?~1:46).

Nat: Uh, his next book.

John: No.  Next book, yeah. Yeah, so we're adapting, with the same studio, same producer, same screenwriters, and with Nat playing the lead, we're adapting my novel Paper Towns, so I'm really excited about that, because then Nat finally will get to kiss a girl.  

Interviewer: Yes, finally.

Nat: I do kiss a girl in the movie, but it's really awkward.  In Fault, I mean.

John: Yeah, it's a bad kiss, yeah.

Interview: I feel like Shailene and Ansel are gonna be here next year for Best Kiss.

John: I think that's very likely.  

Nat: And they're gonna win.

John: I have seen their kiss several times, and it's--it's a heck of a kiss.  

Nat: He actually got it sent to him on his email, just the kiss, like, watching it over and over again.

John: Yeah, it's just in a .gif form, yeah, yeah, yeah.  


Interviewer: I mean, that's not creepy for (?~2:26)

Nat: I don't know if you follow him on Instagram, but he posts the same video of that kiss every single day.  It's just the kiss over and over again.  

John: Yeah, that's not self-indulgent, is it?