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Hank: Hello, we working? Are we working? Oh. 'I thought you said noon'? What do you mean? Oh. You're wondering why it hasn't happened yet. Um, hello.

Oh my goodness. Okay I have to f--I have to make my sound go off. It seems like it sounds okay right now, and it looks okay. It seems like the Project for Awesome is on!

Um, so how many people do we have? [laughter] I--th--I don't think that there's any way to measure a view count, um, so--I'm not John starting off to, uh, to the person who just said, 'hi John'.

Um, and, uh, there is--there is a fairly significant lag, so, uh, so I will be a little bit behind the chat. I apologize. I'm gonna go and check on Twitter right now. Hold on, let me see if you can, uh, if you can see my screen. I'm working with uh--uh, some--some software that might make things a little cooler.

Um, so hopefully I just switched over to my--to my screen. So let's check out Twitter I wanna see what--what Twitter's up to, uh, if I search for Project for Awesome. Oh we've got--my first thing in my Twitter feed is gunnarolla's Project for Awesome video. Isn't that exciting, people? We should watch that right now.

Um, so I'm searching P4A. What do we got? We got (?????)'s Project for Awesome video. Is this w--do I have to do the hashtag? I'm not sure how it works. Apparently yes? Maybe? I don't know.

What do we got? [laughter] Shawn says, 'And thus my tradition of not getting Project for Awesome videos done in time continues'. Um, we got frezned, we've got (?????), we've got Liam, we got Barry Aldridge, we got my high school English teacher Ms. (?????). Uh, it's so great to have my high school English teacher involved in Project for Awesome.

20 new tweets! It didn't show any new tweets. It said there were 20 new tweets and it showed me no new tweets. That doesn't look as good as I was hoping it would. That's, like, impossible to see anything.

Okay, we're--we're--we're leaving that 'cause that is not--that is not as, uh, beautiful as I thought it would be. Um...what? I'm going back to webcam.

Oh yes, we're in the depths of the--you can see how bad the lag was there for a second. Um, 'could I please speak up'. You could turn your speakers up, I don't know how much louder I can get over here.

We're hash-tagging P4A. Oh, did I break--no I didn't break up. Um, it's not too--okay, it's not too late to upload so if you have any questions please, uh, ask them now. We're gonna do questions for the first--okay, so... [laughter]

We can't hear you v--very well is what I'm hearing. I--uh, I'm trying to turn up my thing, but I'm worried about turning it up much further without it completely exploding on me. That doesn't sound so bad! 'I'm quiet as a fluttershy'. That's adorable. Did I just pause it? I did. Which is fine.

Um, 'where am I' (?????) asks. Where are you? Well, um, you're in nerdfighteria right now. I--I guess I could just t--I could talk more into the mic but that would be--now I feel like 'it's me in the mic. We're having a time. We--we're very much in love, me and the mic'.

You can see the confetti behind me still. [laughter] So, obviously I've not cleaned up. Um, 'hi it's Project for Awesome day. If you don't like charity stop following me'. That's what, uh, that's what John just said.

Um, and can I--can I put some text on the screen? Can I? I don't know if I can. I'm going to attempt to put some text on the screen right now. Um...should have figured this out earlier. Doo dee doot. Text.

----------- 5:18 -----------

That should be easier to do. Oh, nope; this. Nope, not that. Why are you doing--what? No that doesn't make a--none of that made sense. Okay, I'm gonna see if that worked and, uh, cross my fingers.

So, there's a video from pineappleboyfilms which we are now, um, if you're following Project for Awesome you can actually just go to, uh, John's Twitter stream or my Twitter stream. I will be doing this right now.

'Oh hey. Pineappleboyfilms is about to get some P4A love'. The first video of the Project for Awesome, people! From pineappleboyfilms, the creators--I've definitely spelled that wrong but whatever. Um, the creators of the platoon of power squadron. I haven't seen this video yet, but lemme just download it, um, so that I can watch it later.

Um, what--oh that didn't work! The text on the screen is definitely not working. I just--just saw it. Um, clearly that's--that's not working. [laughter] Um, can we make the font smaller? There we go!

And then we move it so that it's not--there we go, yeah. I'm so smart. So you can either type in that url, um, or you can, uh, go look at my Twitter stream. And, um, John is calling me.

Hello John! I'm live right now. [laughter] John thought I wasn't live, but I am. No, it's not clickable, but it's a link. I just put it on the screen. I d--the description. The video description. Can we do that? How do you do that? That doesn't appear to be an option at the moment. Ah. Okay, yep. Okay, I will do that. Okay, bye.

Um, edit info. So yeah, we can--we can just edit the video description and then you guys can--I think you'd have to reload the page to see that though. Um, so I've just put it in the--I just put the link in the video description, um, and you can go there.

So here's how the Project for Awesome works for people who are--are--I'm not--I wasn't holding the phone funny! Geez people. Um, the--so here's how the Project for Awesome works. You, uh, your job is to help promote videos, and so I'm--I'm opening this link where, uh, that I've just--that I've just put in a--in the description and we've now--we're now up to a hundred and fifty three comments which is--which is j--it's--it's kind of pathetically low.

So we're gonna start doing word association, um, and you're gonna go to that video, and you're gonna like it first--I haven't done that yet: like it. And, uh, and then you're going--going to, um, type in something that the word,, why can't I think of a word?

Word associate starting with soul. I'm wearing a Bouncing Souls shirt, so I'm going to word associate starting with soul. My first word that I associate with the word soul is heaven. And then continue!

Oh great. [laughter] I'm already--I already have to type in-- [laughter] John must be using the vlogbrothers account at the same time.

---------- 10:00 ----------

Um, I already had to--to do the captcha. (?????), alright people. Um, and while you're doing that, uh, I have-I haven't--P4A is trending worldwide I've just heard. So that didn't take long [laughter] congratulations, people.

Just under Jeff Green. Who is Jeff Green? Uh, yeah, Sam is doing something. Our developer is doing something that sounds very useful.

Um, so when we're on Twitter we're hashtag P4A. When we're on YouTube our y--our videos are hashtagged--are tagged either, uh, P4A or P4A2011, preferably both of those things so that we can find them--oh wow! Two hundred and twenty five more comments. So w--we have now just, like, straight up on the--some [laughter] some--somebody thought that 'eder' was the first thing that 'soul' made them think of.

So I'm glad that that person's not in my house right now. Kinda freaking me out. Um, so let's, uh, let's try something out here. That's not working. Oh, I didn't do the thing.

Um, nevermind. We're not gonna try anything out 'cause I didn't do the thing. What's the thing? You don't need to know. Alright, um, I, uh, so--so I--my, uh, my sound isn't ultra good, which I'm not happy about.

But, uh, I was gonna play a song but now I feel like I shouldn't because I don't have, uh, to--to keep you busy. Oh, nope, stop making noise, sir. Um, so what--I'm--I'm looking at the comments here.

You can post any questions in the comments of the--of the (?????), uh, video, if you have any. 'Everyone I think you should wait to comment bomb until tomorrow. Come back and watch it again. Save your rating and comment bomb until tomorrow. Then we'll have full P4A support. At least I think tomorrow is important as top commented of tomorrow that they don't include today. I might be wrong though'.

You are wrong, corgisareforever. Um, your adorable nic--name is adorable though. I'm--I'm going to your page to see if I can find some corgis. Nope. No corgis. No corgis, oh well. I was excited about some corgis.

'I'm just kind of ignoring Hank now. He's too quiet. Best production I've seen on P4A so far'. Really? Are you joking? 'Cause last year we had that, like, epic thing. Um, 'what's your charity'? 'I'm just kind of ignoring Hank right now. He's too quiet'. We should definitely--oh, John's calling me again!

Hello! I ca--I, er, it's all the way up. I--the only way for me to turn the volume up would be to cancel the livestream and then--and--and use a different mic. Okay, thank you big brother John! Okay. Thank you, buh bye.

Okay, sorry! Apparently I'm still too quiet. Um, I think you're crazy. But maybe I--I mean, you know, some people, like, laptops sometimes have really soft speakers. I understand.

Um, I don't know why they don't just let you turn it up more on laptops. I've got my mic turned up all the way though. At least I think I do. Oh, I was turning up the wrong thing!

Nevermind. Look, did that help? Hopefully that helped. I think that that's the right input. I don't know though. Let's--let's be honest. Okay, I'm gonna check out Twitter.

Um--uh, huh. So you--so Twitter now when you search for something, it doesn't show you the most recent things to do with that thing. It shows you, like, some, like, weird selection of, uh, of things. And so you get--you get, like, the, like, the--the people that either you're following or are a big deal like YouTube. I'm--maybe this is just people I'm following, I'm not sure.

---------- 15:00 ----------

Um, and then it loads all of the other things. Um, and I see lots of Project for Awesome videos. Great! Excellent! Well done, all. Okay, so lemme, uh, lemme check the comments here, uh, on--on this video, uh, to see if there's anything that I've missed.

Um, 'We're talking about Hank's volume. I muted him so I could watch the video'. Yeah you did! That's the way to do it. Um, right, okay. Much better now. We can hear my much better now, that's excellent news.

Excellent news. Thank you all. Um, 'I can't--I can't hear you over the videos I'm watching'? You shouldn't probably be listening to me and the video at the same time, that sounds--that sounds hard. Ah...what else do we got going on?

Okay, so the other thing that we have going on right now is at, um, this website called And there's a bunch of interesting things that you need to do at The first is--wow, that's a lot of videos in that list! Um, yeah!

So, for example, uh, um, you--you can go there, uh, after you watch videos and vote on the charities that you, uh, that you want to receive some of this nine thousand and fifty dollars that we have raised I didn't--I hadn't seen that number, but that's exciting.

Um, nine thousand fifty dollars raised and you can go and you can add to that number, which would be amazing, by donating. In addition to--woah, what just happened? My computer just freaked out. In addition to donating, uh, there are a bunch of charity options which you can go to and they are on

The number four--that doesn't actually work. [laughter] I thought it would work but it doesn't work. And so right [clears throat] excuse me. [coughs] Right now we [clears throat] I don't know why that's [coughs] excuse me. Okay, we're good now.

Um, We've got some--some auctions at Ebay. Of course, you may not win these options but it's worth trying. So what we've got: VidCon 2011 poster signed by a bunch of YouTubers. People on that poster include shaycarl, Philip DeFranco, iJustine, Shane Dawson, Fred (Lucas Cruikshank), songstowearpantsto, George Watsky, TheWillofDC, Alphacat, Hank and John Green, Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, lots of other people!

It's--it's just basically covered in signatures, um, and they--I--I mean I sort of feel like this thing will be worth, you know, in twenty years it will be worth thousands of dollars. In f--in a hundred years it will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course probably hundreds of thousands of dollars won't buy you a gallon of milk in a hundred years, but, uh, but it's a good investment.

It's al--it's--it's, like, seriously I can't imagine th--it selling during the Project for Awesome for less than it will be worth in, like, five years. So I w--I--I would say if you're--if you've got some money to invest, also, I mean, it's for charity. So if you're gonna donate you might as well buy a big slice of awesome.

Um, other things in the charity include, um, DFTBA domino necklaces that were made in my high school English teacher's classroom by a bunch of nerdfighters 'cause she's a serious nerdfighter advocate. And also a bunch of, um, a bunch of y--VidCon community passes. Um, one of them comes with a hotel suite and a two hundred dollars visa gift card.

One person has already, uh, bid that one up to two hundred dollars because it's two hundred dollars right off the bat. But yeah, um, you get a hotel suite at VidCon, um, so that's exciting. The, uh, and then there's a bunch of my posters.

There's, um, which will be personalized in whatever way you would like them to be personalized. In addition to that. There are, uh, at if you go to you can, um, uh [laughter] well you should probably go to, uh, slash--nope, not--not getting it.

Th--what is it? What is it? How do I link you to it? Lemme put it in the video description, yo.

---------- 20:04 ----------

I'm l--I'm loading the comments to make sure that I--nothing is going on that I missed--that I missed, uh--'love makes the world go 'round'. Comments! Uh, 'this is awesome'. 'Project for Awesome is amazing'.

'This thing will be worth, you know, twenty years will be worth thousands of dollars'. They're just--th--that person just was commenting what I just said. In all caps. Why am I ch--ta--ing in all caps?

'I don't even have caps lock on, so I'm holding shift'. Uh, good. Um, twenty seven more comments. Well done! Um, don't make noise thank you.

We've got nine th--nine hundred and nine comments. So that's exciting. Sixty tweets. Um, wh--where is my thing? Where's my video? Hello? There it is. I clicked on it and it's like, 'I can't do it'! Ugh, it's so hard.

Okay, so I'm putting in the description, uh, the dftba page where, uh, where you can check out items for the Project for Awesome. And there are some pretty freakin' sweet things. For example, I've been working on this for a while: it's a bunch of Hanklerfishes.

Um, and I--I, so hopefully that--that doesn't look too horrible. But, um, so I made these. They're, like, high quality acid free card stock. Something just went flying off of that. High quality! I'm sure that that was just something from my floor.

Um, and, you know, they're Hanklerfishes. They're adorable. They're, um, you know, th--it's a hundred percent recycled paper, uh, and it's absolutely suitable for framing. And it's signed by me, of course.

And some of them are different, uh, some of t--this one's, like, Christmas-y. And, uh, some of them are all one color or, like, all one color except for signature and, uh, that one's actually cute 'cause I did, like, I did some faces on this one. Some, like, some of em are kinda grumpy and that one has eyebrows down there and, so yeah.

Um, so that's--that's, uh, those--there's a very limited quantity of these available. They are available right now, uh, at the link in the description which is at In addition, um, there are--you can get, uh, the sharpies that John used.

These are come of them, actually, 'cause he's--he was at my house when he was signing, uh, and he left a bunch of them. So sharpies that John used to sign The Fault in Our Stars during his signing spree: those are now available.

I'm not sure how much they cost. Oh, these by the way I think are twenty five dollars a piece. Um, but it's a donation to the Project for Awesome so if you're gonna donate you might as well get something in return. Um, the TIFIOS sharpies are loading--they're twenty dollars a piece.

Now I feel like I should be charging more for these. If John can charge twenty dollars for a sharpie I can charge more than twenty five for something that I spent actual amounts of time on. John. But it's a donation!

Basically, you know, if you're gonna donate twenty dollars to the Project for Awesome you can get a piece of history. You can get a piece of John Green signing history. And, uh, if you're gonna--yeah. So that's--you might as well get something.

And in addition, if you wanna donate ten dollars, uh, also if you want to get John Green's new exclusive zombie short story ebook pre-order, then you should buy John Green's zombie image coming soon pre-order thing. Uh, donating to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck is the only way to receive a copy of the new zombie apocalypse story the w--The War for Banks Island, a sequel to John's 2010 P4A story Zombicorns.

The war--The War for Banks Island takes place thirty years after the zombie apocalypse and is set primarily on a remote Canadian island where Mia has escaped and lives in a large city of surviving humans. But after years of stabilities--years of stability the z's encroach. Thrilling fun and probably very bad and still largely unwritten, The War for Banks Island is available for pre-order only during the Project for Awesome - only during the Project for Awesome! - and will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you enter when checking out when it is finished (probably on or about January twentieth).

The story will be available only for peop--to people to donate, uh, and will be e-mailed only to the e-mail address associated with PayPal accounts or credit cards. One hundred percent of the proceeds of sale will be going to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, a fund that is distributed to various charities chosen by the YouTube community.

---------- 25:06 ----------

Um, so I imagine you are purchasing that right now. Um, I wish I could see, like, a--like, a constantly updated total from DFTBA but our thing only updates once an hour so--so, uh, I won't know, uh, how things are going. [vocalizing] I'm singing now 'cause I forg--I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Um, I'm hungry though. I'll tell you that. If, uh, if--if a food appeared--so, I know what I want to do.

I want to play a video for you. Um, [sighs]. Never as easy as it should be. So as you may or may not know, frezned is one of the best video bloggers and also one of the best people in the world, so I'm gonna show you his Project for Awesome video right now on the livestream basically because I wanna see if I can do it or not.