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In which Hank continues the story of Savann Tabak, a village in Haiti where a bunch of cool people live. And the story, at this point, has a happy ending.

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Good morning John. Less than a year ago I was in Haiti. Learning about the people there and their problems and their dreams and their hopes and their frustrations. I was there with because they wanted to share their work with me so that I could share it with the rest of the world through my eyes, or at least through my camera. What I found in Haiti was astounding to me. Not that these people are living in basically what we consider the hygiene of the Middle Ages, but that they are in the important ways exactly like me and my friends and my family. They care about each other. They like to eat sweet things. They like to dance and have fun and laugh. They have very strong and complicated communities. And they want a better life for themselves and for their children. I spent some time there in a village called Savann Tabak where the citizens of that village had asked one of's partner organizations to come in and help them build a well. Their water source at the time was about a 20 minute walk away from the village and it was a muddy hole in the ground, really. So when I came back I told you all about these people and I asked you to donate money to We all worked together and we gave those people something that they need and now Vlos and Gluno and Ulna and John Baptiste and Esieed and Jenna they now have a well. (music) Thanks to Nerdfighteria and those people have more than just a well. They have a community owned asset that people pay a fair price to use and that money goes into maintaining that asset. So that 20, 30, 50 years from now those people still have a source of clean water. they've built something that the community has control over, has invested in, and cooperatively maintains. And now because of this resource they have more time to grow their economy and to educate themselves and their children. Because they can spend less time going to get water and less time being sick. When I was there Jenna, one of the youngest members of the well committee, spoke out and said "There just has to be another way." She was frustrated. And now she has that better way. She also remembered me which was nice. And she was asking where I was. Please consider donating to They do it well and they do it right. And of course go to and vote for so that they can get a piece of the Project for Awesome fund. Thank you to every one who gave from the depth of my heart. This is just like one of the most amazing and touching and inspiring things that I have ever been a part of. So thank you all so much for that. John, I'll see you on the live stream. (endscreen) Oh, Hey. Um... Endscreen.. Um.. There's a video if you click here you can watch that explains what the Project for Awesome is and how it works and how you can participate.