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 Getting Set Up (0:00:00)

Is this working? Am I Live? Can you guys see me on the internet?Ahhhh... internet, you're never as easy as I want you to be. Am I live? "I'm seeing John" - okay that indicates that I may be live. Of course, I don't have a link.

Hmmm... weird "I see Hank"... Oh God! Its like when they cross the streams in Ghostbusters - we're both live at the same time. Oh, I'm... I'm panicked! Hank is still live. I will call him. This is like Schrodinger's Cat stuff here because both Hank and I are live. Urm... I gotta call Hank.... hold on... there's so much... everything is going to be fine. I have good news, I just can't deliver it to you until... urm... I don't think Hank knows that he's live. So hopefully Hank won't say anything that doesn't uhm... doesn't like...

[On the phone to Hank] You are still live. Okay. Urm, we crossed the, we crossed the streams like in Ghostbusters. Well we were both live at the same time, on the same... Ah, well no, neither did anyone else. So, I don't know how to, I don't know how to let the World know that, about this new link but whatever I'm going to do my best. Go do your thing, I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Okay, Hank is no longer live, I am live. Welcome to the Project for Awesome 2011. Urm... I'm wearing these headphones so that I can watch videos in a way that's better than the way Hank was watching videos and also hopefully present to you some quality content. Not to say that my brother failed to do that but, you know, I think, I think we all know what happened.

Urm I... so we're going to do a lot of stuff here. We're going to talk about how to donate to the Project for Awesome, I'm going to give you a donation update total soon but I want you for right now just to continue doing whatever you were doing because I have to tweet a link.

Oh, also could you... one of the important things that I want to say, that I feel like Hank hasn't been saying is that uh, its that one of the main ways that videos get discovered on YouTube now... I mean, discovery works so differently than in did in 2007 when we, with such ease, took over the YouTube homepage. But one of the main ways discovery works now is actual people telling their actual friends about actual Project for Awesome videos that they actually liked. And I would like to encourage you to do that, using these newfangled things that we have called Twitter and Tumblr.

By the way, I have 2 laptops. I have my "This Machine Kills Fascists" laptop and I have the laptop I'm broadcasting on. So I apologize for not looking at you, but I will be looking at you again soon. I don't know why you're commenting in the chat. I don't want to see your comments in the chat, I want to see your comments on the Project for Awesome videos.

So anyway, tweet about your favorite Project for Awesome videos is what I was going to say. I gotta edit some info here.

Also, you can submit your Project for Awesome videos, donate to the Project for Awesome and vote for your favorite Project for Awesome charities at

That voting will matter, basically we're crowd sourcing the funding for the Foundation to Decrease World Suck and we're also crowd sourcing the charitable work. So the money we raise today and tomorrow will be distributed according to what the YouTube Community, y'all, or you guys as they would say in the North, want. Where you think the money should go, how you think we should best spend it, so we can then have that, that interesting conversation about how to distribute resources and stuff.

Oh god, John speak up. Oh no, I'm turning into Hank. I'm turning into Hank. Oh no. I don't want to be anything like Hank. I don't...can someone... how do I turn the volume up?

[Sings] I want to turn my volume up please. How do I turn my volume up please?

Oh god, How do I turn my volume up? Someone in, someone in the chat tell me how I turn my volume up. Okay, urm... so we're going to watch a video together. Now there are a few ways in which video discovery is different now that YouTube is smarter than they used to be...

Sorry, I can't turn my volume up because I don't know how to do that. That just seems to be like a function of the new YouTube Live Show is that, that their encoding software is really quiet. So, oh wait, there's a thing where I can turn my volume up. Am I louder? Have I gotten any louder? "That's good" some said. Anyway, I'm doing my best, that's all I can do. The people in the chat will tell me if I'm doing a good job or a bad job.

So, a bunch of ways that discovery has changed. You know, first off, obviously the most discussed and most viewed and top rated lists that you remember from 2007 and 2008, if you were on YouTube back then, those are no longer a thing. YouTube's algorithms are a lot smarter. So the first thing we are going to do when we watch Project for Awesome videos, we are going to watch all of them. We are going to watch the entire... Stop commenting on the chat, only comment on the Project for Awesome videos... We are going to watch the entire video because YouTube knows if you watch part of the video or all of the video and it likes the video more if you watched all of it. It thinks its better, because it probably is. 

 A Financial Update and How to Donate (00:06:35)

So, we're going to feature a new video right now, after I give you the financial update. Which is... did anybody ever do that Math?

[Sings] Did anybody ever do the Math? Did anyone ever do the Math? Its so hard to add numbers. Did anyone ever do the Math?

Uhm, Oh... we've raised, so far the Project for Awesome has raised $14,692. That's not even counting the fact that every time you comment on not in the live chat but on the Project for Awesome videos, we give you, we give you, we give a penny to the Project for Awesome up to one million comments. I don't want to be bankrupted by this or anything. So every time you comment or tweet or tumble a Project for Awesome video. Anytime you tag #P4A, I see it and I give you a penny. I don't actually personally see it necessarily, but there's a you know, it'll get seen. So bare in mind that every time you do that, you get a penny.

I'm going to go tweet about the fact that I'm live. Uhm, alright, where's the... I just feel that generally I just feel that I came into this panicked - to be upfront with you. Alright, so urm

[reads tweet aloud] P4A Live Chat. Now, Me. Say hi. Save the World and stuff.

Okay. So uhm, I wanted before we, before we do a video, I want to go urm.. Tyler Oakley's active in comments and he's going to be hosting a little later today. I want to talk to you about the fact that we've already given, raised $14,000, more than $14,000 for charity and hopefully we're just getting started. 

We stopped trending, I blame you guys. That's alright though, Twitter is just Twitter and is not that big of a deal in the scheme of things. Uhm, we were trending earlier today though which was fun. But, but keep watching and talking about Project for Awesome videos whilst I tell you this. Keep trying to discover them and tell your friends about good ones and tweet about them and Facebook... if that's something people do.

So we've already raised more than $14,000. There are lots of ways you can donate directly uhm... oh... we just ran out, we already ran out of Hanklerfishes but Hank has agreed to do 20 more so there are 20 Hanklerfishes in stock.

So you'll find links in the Dooblydoo right now, like right down there, where there are a variety of ways that you can donate to the Project for Awesome and participate in the Project for Awesome even if you don't want to donate. So I'm going to go over these really quickly before we do a video. I know that I've been saying "really quickly" a lot but I'm nervous.

1. You can go to and just donate. That's nice. That's easy. That's at That's the fastest and most efficient way to just donate. You can also find some auctions there, although there are fewer of them than there were a couple hours ago because you guys brought stuff much more quickly than we expected.

You can also go to and you will find Project for Awesome stuff, all of which goes, 100% of the proceeds go to the project, goes to the Foundation that will then distribute the money to P4A charities, including my new zombie apocalypse story which is called 'The War for Banks Island.'

Those of you who are familiar with my zombie apocalypse history, I wrote a zombie apocalypse story last year for the Project for Awesome called Zombicorns. It was bad but people liked it and also it raised a lot of money for charity and so I though that I would do that again.

However, as I have a book that comes out in 23 days, I have not written that story. I will be writing it in the future. So you have to count on me to write you this story in the future. Probably it will be done by January 20th ish, and you will get it then. If you give a $10 donation at DFT.BA/johndoesntknowtheURL ... that's not actually the URL incidental. Oh look, its down there in the dooblydoo, For a $10 donation, you will, when I finish the story, get that story emailed to you. Important note, it will be emailed, to the address associated with your PayPal, the email associated with your PayPal and/or Credit Card, in a nice handsome PDF format so bare that in mind.

You can also get one of the Sharpies that I used to sign 150,000 copies of The Fault In Our Stars and a certificate of authenticity attesting to the fact that this is in fact one of the Sharpies I used to the 150,000 copies of The Fault In Our Stars. And for a limited time, a probably very limited time, you can still get one of Hank's Hanklerfishes. So you can go to to find that stuff.

Okay.... I think those are the major ways you can donate.

 The First Video - Hanks' P4A Video (00:11:36)

Let's go to a video, so we haven't featured...[John's Phone Bleeps]. Someone texted me. Oh, oh boy, its Maureen Johnson with one of her, with one of her jokes. Maureen Johnson, how about instead of making a joke that's inappropriate and that I can't read on the livestream, how about donating to the Project for Awesome?

Alright so the first video I'm going to feature today is my Brother Hank's video because I liked it and I like my Brother Hank, so Im going to do that one first. I thought this was a really amazing video.

The most amazing part is to see a 'Keep Calm and DFTBA' poster in the background of this Haitian village where, thanks to the work that and the Nerdfighter community did last year in the Project for Awesome, we've really, as you'll see, we've really changed a lot of people's lives. 

So, very shortly you'll see that video in the dooblydoo. And first let's all watch that video together, in its entirety before further discussions. So I'm going to watch that now. It's now there if you hit refresh. Where did it go? I'm not very good at this game yet. Okay. So if you just hit refresh, you'll see it there and you can click on the video and it'll take you to Hank's video. Now, I'm going to listen to it with headphones on so I doesn't bother you guys.

[John watches the video - until 00:15:30)

I like how Hank hasn't done any of the annotations. I just had to send him a message telling him to do the annotations on his video, but how amazing is that? Like? One of the things that I love about YouTube that I've loved about YouTube from the beginning is that it breaks down the barriers between us and them. Between our ideas of us and then. By the way I hope you're commenting and tweeting about Hank's video right now with the #P4A. I know I am.

So we did that, we built that well, that's not an abstraction. And one of the things that I really love about the internet today, in, even in 2007, is that if flattens the landscape so we can see people more complexly. We can see that they have fuller lives, realer lives, than maybe what our expectations are. That people who live in poverty live dreary lives and that their lives are in some ways, because they are distant and seem so different from ours, that they aren't so valuable. Seeing a video like that reminds you that this is real change. To go from that muddy hole in the ground, a 20 minute walk away. Women having to walk 40 minutes 5 times a day - that basically turns into a full time job. To having, a well that has clean reliable water and not only that but, as Hank said, its a community owned asset. Its shared by the community, owned by the community and that binds the community together to make them work together to make sure the water stays clean and stays there. Its a pretty amazing story and that's something that Nerdfighteria did last year through the Project for Awesome.

And I want to tell you, we've already raised enough money. Obviously the money will go to many different charities and you can vote for your favorite charities at and those votes will... I'm just going to vote for right now, by the way. Those votes will be tallied and have a lot to do with what charities we end up supporting. But we've already raised enough to build another well, if that's where we decided we want to spend all the money, so that's exciting. Hopefully we're just getting started and will raise a lot more money.

I do want y'all to feel like your money goes to, that the money you spent last year on Zombicorns or getting Hank's album named after you - Congratulations on that Ellen Hardcastle. That money goes to effect the real lives of real people and we do that directly, as directly as we can in the world that we live in. So the Foundation to Decrease World Suck has no employees, no one gets payed by the Foundation or anything like that, no one gets payed for the Project For Awesome. 100 % of the time of the people who work on the Project For Awesome is volunteered and 100 % of the money goes directly to help charities. So you can at and remember that every time you comment, its a penny out of my pocket. An evil little penny that I no longer have to worry about.

Anyway, I wanted to feature that video, I know its a little self-indulgent to feature our own videos but I didn't make it, Hank did. But I thought that it was really really lovely and it really gets to the heart of what the Project For Awesome is all about. So, lets comment. The music, you may recognize, is from Mr Alex Day who you will see later in the Project For Awesome. 

So maybe in comments, which seem to be going at a rate of approximately 4 per second, you can discuss what you thought about that video and if you think we can really make a difference. Also, if you liked that video, remember to like it, click the thumbs up button, and favorite it. I'm about to favorite my own video, I don't know if that's bad form. Then, if you click that share button right below, that tells you how you can share it on Facebook, on Twitter or on Google+ which, I think my corporate overlords require me to say, is a social networking website which is every bit equal to Facebook and Twitter. [Laughs] Share it with your friends and family wherever you share stuff with your friends and family, even if that is real life.

Look at that, Maureen Johnson making a donation to That's pretty cool of Maureen. I wish I could show you the dirty stuff she tweets me but I can't. I can't.

So urm, Harry Potter is trending but Project for Awesome isn't. So tweet with that #P4A when you tweet today.

Let's spend another few minutes comment spamming, liking and favoriting Hank's video. I don't even know what I'm linking to, maybe that's the right thing, maybe that's the wrong thing. I don't know, life is confusing. I should also be using Tumblr, that's a website I've heard a lot about on the internet, but I'm not supposed to talk about it. I'm not even going to tell you what Tumblr is, because if you don't know, you're not supposed to know. Its like one of those things. Like the Masons, we have a secret society - Tumblr.

So, I do hope you guys enjoy my new Zombie Apocalypse story. One thing that's going to be very different is that my last Zombie Apocalypse story was released under a creative commons license, and this one won't be. It will only go to people who buy it because I think that's the way to make the most people contribute. So the only way you'll ever get to read this story, and I should say its gonna be pretty bad, is if you donate. So, its only $10 and unlike the Sharpies, no shipping.

I'm in Tumblr, but once I tumble this, I'm going to stop using Tumblr and return to watching videos with you. I just want to make sure people know about Hank's video. I'm going to practice embedding so I know how to do this. So to embed, you click the embed button and then give you a little embed code. Then you go back to Tumblr and you embed it and you say "this was an awesome Project for Awesome video and you should watch it because it reminds us what we're doing today and why it matters. DFTBA." Then tag #P4A and Project for Awesome, and then I misspelled awesome because its such a hard word to spell. And kaboom. I did it. It was that quick to make a Tumblr post in support of my brother and now if you want to you can go to your Tumblr and reblog and/or retweet it. Which is a thing.

 Another Financial Update (0:24:39)

I'm going to look at the PayPal account and give you a financial update whilst you are still hopefully spamwowing Hank's video.

How are the comments coming? Why are people commenting on the live stream? That's not the place to be commenting, Hank's video is the place to be commenting. You can find a link to Hank's video right there in the dooblydoo if you don't know what I'm talking about. That's the place to be commenting. It looks like we've got maybe 2-3 per second, that's not bad, but we only have 1570 comments. Let's see if in the next 5 minutes, we can get another 1000. We should be able to get 1000 in 5 minutes, just hustle. Do word association.

By the way, why didn't Hank monetize this video? We could take the money from the ads and send it to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck. I don't know, that's Hank's business. I'm not going to get in Hank's business.

Alright update on the PayPal. This is for people who donated ... oh it tells me I have to log in again. This is for the people who donated through PayPal to oh and I know we all have mixed feelings about PayPal but we just didn't have time to do anything else because our grandfather and a bunch of other reasons so I'm sorry that we have to use PayPal.
but you can check ... you can also donate with any other major credit card. It's just that PayPal processes every donation. Sorry, I know a lot of us don't like PayPal very much but that's the reality now. But, oh wow! Thanks to so many people like Cole and Kaitlyn Binwoa and Juliana Small and...jeez Cole, thank you, that was a lot of money. And Erica and Scott and Terrin and Sabrina and Marshall and Alison and Wakeem. Oh I wish my name was Wakeem. Dang it! Why didn't I get to be named Wakeem? And Brittany, Albert, and Julia and Ashley and Jacqueline and Sean and those are just from like the last ten minutes. Wow, thank you guys all for donating. 

So I can't give you an update, but I'm going to send the minions to do it. Minions! It is I, John Green, your leader. Add these numbers together...11,000 plus...there. We shall soon know. Also thanks to everyone who is giving in whole dollar numbers so that I don't have to mess with decimals, because then it gets very complicated. So I really appreciate you not doing that. Sticking to the dollars, it's appreciated. Whoa, seems like the amount of money we have raised has gone up significantly, so that's exciting. Yup, so my minions don't seem to be...oh wait I sent it to the wrong. Sorry minions I sent that to Michael and I meant to send it to you, sorry. There you go! There you go!

Um, what are we talking about Wakeem? Okay, I know having minions is a lot of fun, I recommend it. But to be fair, speaking of which, when you go to and you see how incredibly well designed the website is. I mean, look at this website. That is a hot slice of website, okay. That is some sexy, sexy charity website.