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ATTENTION CONTINUITY POLICE: * we put cherry juice ice cubes in our sangria which looks like blood clots but tasted delicious. Turned it red, we just lost that footage.

Listen yall, we lost a LOT of footage, so OBVI this one is rough. But, goddamn, it was fun.


Gettin' my friends drunk:
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Mamrie: Hi, and welcome to you deserve a drink. I'm Mamrie Hart, and today we have a special edition of YouTube deserve a drink.
I don't remember how this goes (laughter)

Mamrie: For this drink, all you're going to need is:

Hank: Boxed wine, green pear, kiwi, green grapes and Bacardi.

Mamrie: Pear nectar, fresh lemon and fresh orange. 

Hank: Orange.

Mamrie: Orange you a bad boy *laughter* no.

Mamrie: Where do you live?

Hank: I live in Missoula.

Mamrie: Oh that's interesting because I used to dance under the name Miss Ula.

Mamrie: Okay first thing we're going to do is we're going to take two cans of peach nectar and we're going to put it into a big-

Hank: Jumex-

Mamrie: a big punch bowl. Okay relax this isn't My Drunk Kitchen. Okay that's good *laughter*

Hank: That's not two cans. That's a half of two cans.

Mamrie: Ish, ish, we're being...

Hank: She's a professional.

Mamrie: You know what'sinteresting, Mr. Green?  You host a SciShow, and I've got quite the thigh flow.  I'm pissing down my pants.

We're going to take some light rum...

Hank: What makes it light?

Mamrie: Uh, because I don't look at the calories, so I just assume. *laughs*

So, here's a tip, you can squeeze a lemon, and you can squeeze it over your hand, and your hand will grab the seeds. Similar to when you put a condom over a penis, the condom grabs the seeds, of life.

Mamrie: You know whats funny? You have an EcoGeek blog, and I have a fecal reek clog. Oh my God, Im hoping this fruit gets me from backing up, you what I mean, for days! It's been days!

Mamrie: So now we're gonna squeeze in some oranges. Oh, come on prissy pace. I meant face. God, I've been drinking.

Hank: Chrissie pace? Did you call me Chrissie pace?

Mamrie: Yeah, she was, she was, Chrissie Pace, she's in the band the Pretenders, right? *laughing*

Mamrie: You know what's interesting, Hank, is that we both mold young minds, you teach a crash course, and I'm a professor of a flash course. 

Mamrie: So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna toss in a shitload of fruit.

Mamrie: And the last ingredient of Sangria, umpah, Mangria, is wine.

Mamrie: So I splurged, only the classiest!

Hank: I can do that.

Mamrie: Does your wife know you're screwing on my box?

Hank: That actually makes me have to pee, I'm gonna go.

Mamrie: *Laughing*

Mamrie : Ooh, ooh.

Hank: Amazingly enough, the wine took longer than me.

Mamrie: I hear you're pretty short.

Hank: WOW.

Mamrie: You know, Hank, you and I have quite a bit in common. You are a nerdfighter, and I am a turd-lighter. I love to leave bags of flaming dog shit on peoples' lawns, you know who you are.

Hank: I just farted.

Mamrie: Okay...

Mamrie: Thank you for watching You Deserve A Drink, again, I'm Mamrie Hart, and remember, the best part about YDAD is the built in drinking game. So make your delicious Hank Green Mangria, rewatch this, and take a drink every time I make a terrible Hank Green pun.

Mamrie: Now I'm off to hang off with my favorite...

Mamrie and Hank: NERDFIGHTER!

Mamrie : Lets get out of here, oh hey boys. No, I'm into numbers.*laughing* You can share me all you want, you know what I mean and I'm talking about a GET OUT OF HERE HANK!

Hank: Whats up with you're face?

Mamrie: Hank, sorry my life froze...

Grace: Okay perfect. *laughing* No, no, perfect, you're great, go.

Hank: You okay there?

Hank: I've never had a non-green pear in my life.

Mamrie: They're's a Bosch there, it's a red pear, even here you can see how the gradient is changing.

Hank: The gradient.

Mamrie: Who's the smart one now!

Mamrie:Alright, and then we're going to each -

Grace : *Laughing* Wait-

Mamrie: Here you go, buddy, here's a moist towelette.

Hank: I feel like--

Mamrie: I'm not going to say how it got moist. *laughing* I ran it under water.

Hank: Stop looking like that. You didn't stop, you kept doing that.

Mamrie: Listen, sorry you just want to drink a juice box.

Hank: Didn't I tell you?

Mamrie: It's been days!

Hank: That doesn't happen to me.

Mamrie: Really? What do you do, coffee?

Hank: No, I have a-

Mamrie: Adrenaline?

Hank: No, I have a autoimmune disorder.

Mamrie: Well, this just fucked up.

Mamrie *singing*: Top 10 groins of the 80's, I said your crotch is driving me crazy. Talking top 10 groins of the 80's.

Grace : Love it.

Mamrie *singing* : You're packing heat! *laughing*