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MAIN EPISODE "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"
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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared by ThisIsItCollective


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YouTubers React #10 - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

(dramatic music)

Felix: Whoa. What the hell. Is this a horror show? What is- What?! What?! What? I don't wanna watch this. (laughs) What?! No!! No!! What?! Stop!! (laughs)


Steve: I grew up with puppetry so I'm used to learning from puppets.

Lee: Yeah.

Steve: When they go- When puppetry goes south, that's really f ing with my head. Because I'm an adult now. And I loved to watch puppets. Even now as an adult-

Lee: I'm an adult now.

Steve: I'm an adult now! Dad!


FineBros: What was the first thing that comes to your mind after watching that?

Shane: (sigh) That was the word.


FineBros: Are you concerned what the creators of the video might be like?

Olga Kay: No. I work with YouTubers all the time. They're all like that. (laughter) People don't know this but they're all like that. Truth is, when you meet a YouTuber, they're not what you see in the video and then if you get to know them, you're like "Wow. That's weird. But I kinda like it because they're different."


FineBros: What would kids do if they saw this?

Finn: You'd get like-

Jack: Well, I think kids watch this anyways. That's why kids are so messed up these days.

Finn: What? With fluffy animals eating brains?

Jack: It's on Youtube, right? It's on Youtube?

Finn: That is why kids are violent.

Jack: Yeah. It's a generation problem.

Finn: That is the reason for world wars.

Jack: You guys- It's your fault! You show this stuff to kids.


Joe: That's what I imagine some three year old going, "Noooo! Death cakes!"


Hank: I, uh, could show you some notebooks from my middle school days that have some fairly disturbing artwork in them.

FineBros: You're not going to give us some scans so we can put them up?

Hank: Nope!


Hank: They're pretty creepy.

FineBros: "They creep me out."

Hank: I'm like, "Whoa! This kid needs help!"

Hank: If I had a child and he was thirteen years old and he was drawing that stuff, it'd freak me out. And I- Like, I think that's normal. I think it's normal for the parent to be freaked out and I think it's normal for the kid to do it.


FineBros: People get really freaked out watching this video. Why do you think it has that effect on people?

Jack: I get freaked out by most kids’ stuff. Like it all verges on pretty trippy-

Finn: Like clowns.

Jack: - and pretty freaky, right.


FineBros: Can you tell us how you felt from beginning to end?

Justine: Well I thought I was watching a nice little Sesame Street-ish type video and then they started talking about death. And I feel like this is something Shane Dawson made.


Shane: Have you seen my videos?


Shane: I could do this in my sleep.


FineBros: Do you think there was a deeper meaning to this video?

Ian: Uh...

Anthony: Uh... I hope not.


Felix: This- Not be creative. Kids shouldn't do it. They should not even try.


Jordan: Sesame Street actually wants to hurt you?


Adam: Creativity results in murder. And screaming. (laughs)  Ted Bunny was just being creative.


Shane: Well to me, it just felt like a Lady Gaga video. It was stupid just to be shocking and just to try to make a point, but didn't really make a point.


FineBros: Why would they make this?

Kurt: I- I think there were just trying to get a reaction out of the viewer.


Jordan: I think they did it because...why not make Sesame Street go the other way?


Joe: Cartoon Network does bunch of these things- Or Comedy Central. They do the- uh- kids show format but for adults.


Anthony: I think they do it to f with people. It's like a Rick Roll, but it's an acid trip.

Ian: I mean, I thought it was pretty creative.

Anthony: (laughs)

Ian: Like, did anyone see that coming? No! So that's creative.


FineBros: Why do you like it so much?

Jordan: I think it caught me off guard. I- I like being surprised.


Hank: The fact that it was really exceptionally high production value.

Hank: The amount of time that they spent making it. That sorta makes me really in awe.


Lee: Bye, guys.

Steve: Goodbye!

Lee: We missed you.

Steve: Goodbye.

Lee: Oh. You gotta go.

Lee: I'm not gonna go.

Steve: (laughs) Yeah. We could hang out. You want to hang out?

Lee: We could. How have you been?

Steve: We could hang out. Where- You don't- You gotta be somewhere or...

Lee: But you're doing the walk away thing.

Steve: No. I can drive you home if you're trying to get a taxi. I can drive you home.

Lee: We could- He could drive you home. He doesn't mind. He likes driving.

Steve: Yeah.

Lee: He does!

Steve: Look! It's eleven thirty! The night hasn't even started.

Lee: Hey. You know what would be crazy? Is if we went to go to a Sonic.

Steve: Yeah!

Lee: I don't even know where that is.

Steve: Oh my god, I love Sonic!

Lee: I don't even know where that is.

Steve: Have you ever had the blue drink? The blue drink?

Lee: Ugh! The Blue Hawaiian. It's my favorite.

Steve: Oh yeah! The blue drink!

Lee: Let's go get a Sonic!

Steve: We gotta do it!

Lee: Come on!

Steve: Why are you leaving?

Lee: Hey!