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Just a bit of discussion between me and Michael about the subtext of my love affair with a tree.
Hank: We’re out, uh, here at Greenough Park in Missoula, Montana, uh, filming for, uh, the Worldbuilders event. My act of whimsy is that I’m going to seduce this tree that’s right here, uh, for Heifer International. So right now we’re trying to figure out, um, am I gonna rush at the tree like we’re already in love, is it going to be a sort of like a love at first sight kinda thing or should we have a longer courtship.

Michael: Determining…

Hank: See the tree.

Michael: The best way for you to approach the tree at this point is.

Hank: Yeah.

Michael: What’s the sub-text of this scene is what we’re really trying to get at.

Hank: What’s my motivation Michael? When you see a girl across the room you just, like, you go up to them and you’re like “Hey. Fist bump”. I’ve been married to the same person for a long time, uh, how do you make girls like you?

Michael: Ignore them.

Hank: (Laughs) You asshole. You know, it’s, like, gonna be a montage right. So, like, I could play tag with it. Just sit here and, like, laugh or like…

Michael: I, I wanna see you playing hide and seek with the tree.

Hank: So I guess I just walk up and we start to have a chat.

Michael: So you’re seducing the tree, the tree isn’t seducing you.

Hank: Right. But I’m, I’m OK with the idea of me being so seductive that the tree ends up making the first move.

Michael: So when you’re standing here you’re just teasing the tree.

Hank: Right. Let’s, uh.

Michael: And when you walk up to the tree you’re finally like ‘OK, you can have this’.

Hank: Right, exactly. Yes. Yes.

Michael: OK, we found it. We found the sub-text.