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Hank: I'm gonna Tim Tam Slam some s'mores martini.

This is, uh, Mamrie Hart and the rest of the Holy Trinity sent out gift packs to some people for Camp Takota Day. Um. And included in that, was the fix-ins for a s'mores martini. Which included cake vodka, Bailey's Irish cream, and a Three Musketeers. I've had most of this, uh, but then I realized I should probably try and suck some of it into this Tim Tam. And then eat that because that would probably be pretty good. I don't know. Maybe it will be terrible. Lemon has her head on my lap. She's like "Why aren't you guys in the couch room? Can we go to the couch please?"

Katherine: No, it's Valentine's day, Lemon.

Hank: We cook, We cook on this day, weird food.

Katherine: We do, we do what we want on Valentine's day.

Hank: You bite one corner off and then another corner off. The best part is that you get to eat non-slammed Tim Tam, and then you get to eat slammed Tim Tam. Oh, fuck. Oh, damn it.

Katherine: Oh wow! So far, so bad...

Hank: Seriously, this is going terribly. (laughs) mmm.

Katherine: There it is.

Hank: Well, I got to drink it through the Tim Tam. That worked! Yeah. That's really really good. (Katherine laughs) Like a shot of liquor inside of a biscuit. It just keeps getting better! Oh my god! It does just keep getting better. 'Cause like the flavor of the Tim Tam... like the difference of the, at first it was just like tastes like, just alcohol, so it just tastes like vodka. Which is, you know, okay. But then more and more chocolate and Bailey's flavor came into it.

Oh man! If you're 21 years old, do that. Or if you live in another country. (laughs)

Katherine: Yeah first, you gotta get some Tim Tams.

Hank: Yeah. If you're Australian, I don't know what the drinking age is in Australia. 18, I think? But yeah, first you gotta get some Tim Tam. Apparently, they sell them in some places in America. But, I had to get these on Amazon. And then we have this Three Musketeers here, floating like a piece of poo. (laughs) Yummy!

Katherine: It floats, which is really interesting to me.

Hank: Yeah. Well, like that stuff in Three Musketeers...

Katherine: mostly air.

Hank: all air, yeah. That's why it's like the "good for you" chocolate bar. Cause it's "more air in it". That worked. I was really worried for a second that I wasn't gonna get any in there. Buh-bye.