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Hello and welcome to the 2014 Project for Awesome Indiegogo page. My hair’s looking better now. Here’s how this place works. Uh, there’s a list, possibly over there, possibly over there, I’ll just flop the video for whichever one it is. It’s a bunch of stuff that you can get that’s awesome but you have to pay for it. The good news is when you pay for it that money is going to go to worthy causes that need money in order to sustain their programs.  The world is not ideal, uh, we may have noticed but it can get better, it can become a more perfect world and that's what we are doing here together today.

People all across the internet are banding together, they’re donating perks, people mostly from YouTube but also not from YouTube. Patrick Rothfuss, the author of The Name of the Wind which is probably somewhere on this bookshelf but I can’t see it right now but I’m sure it’s there, here it is, this guy, this is an amazing book. And more things will continue to be added during this very short, very brief Indiegogo campaign.

There is not a lot of time to get involved here we are just like, we’re, we're on a sprint mode and we’re not slowing down, just go and then we’re gonna go to bed. There is a 48 hour live stream going on at but this is where the fundraising happens and the fundraising is an important piece of the puzzle because without it, we are, you know, increasing understanding and awareness of these charities but we’re not actually getting any money for them and that’s what we really wanna do.

So consider how many great things that you can get on this page and maybe get one or two or three or four or five of them. And that is right, you don’t just have to get one perk here, you can get one and then get another and then… people are like ‘I don’t know which to pick, the men of the YouTube or the women of the YouTube charity calendars’. Get both, you know, put one up in the kitchen and one up in the bathroom. In the bathroom huh, that’s what I said.

What’s important is that we’re working together for a better future for everybody. Thank you to everyone who supports us in whatever way you support us, whether you’re able to donate or not. But you can help by watching the live stream, commenting on videos, sharing and promoting videos and promoting the idea of the Project for Awesome to people you know who might be interested in it. Thank you all so much, I’ll see you later. Goodbye.