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In which John discusses home-buying, the new Brotherhood 2.0 forum, and Lindsay Lohan in a bikini.


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Good morning Hank it's Wednesday, June 6th. You may be wondering why I'm coming to you from a bathroom in a La Quinta Inn in Indianapolis, Indiana. I can't really account for the fact that I'm in a La Quinta Inn, I mean, I guess we were trying to save money or something. But it sure is nice in here (mouths: not really) I'm in the bathroom because I have to record my video very early in the morning and I don't want to wake the Yeti up. Hank, Yetis can get a little cranky when you wake them up early. Today is the day that we are hopefully closing on our house. And that will make us, like, officially homeowners, and like, literally I'm gonna have to mow the lawn tonight. Can you mow a lawn at night? Are there regulations about that? That's just one of the many things I don't know about being a homeowner, Hank. Anyway, Hank, we're gonna spend pretty much all day and all night on this whole, like, uh house purchasing thing. Hank you may also be wondering why I'm sitting here in my boxer shorts. Well, that's a very reasonable question, by the way, I- I am in my boxer shorts but I'm not going to prove it, you're just going to have to take my word for it, because I don't roll that way. Sure would it be helpful to our YouTube views if maybe I were to show a little more skin? Probably. Probably. But, you know, I think there are other ways to get to the top, Hank. Like for instance making sure that a picture of Lindsay Lohan in a bikini is your still shot (image of Lindsay in bikini). Hank the reason that I'm in my boxer shorts is because My Pants (holds up jeans) are full of people! Hank, the Brotherhood 2.0 forum, My Pants, has only been in existence for about eight hours and there have already been 200 posts! The forum also has nearly 100 registered viewers in its first eight hours of existence. Hank, I'm so excited that there are so many people in My Pants talking about the things that are at the core of what it really means to be human, like whether or not George W. Bush is adequately evil to be put into the Evil Baby Orphanage. Hank I can't tell you how happy I am to finally be having lively discussions about the Evil Baby Orphanage in My Pants, and I really appreciated your John McCain retraction in My Pants. Although your still underestimating Obama, poke poke poke poke poke poke poke. Also, I can't believe you're gonna be a TV star! I mean, it sounds like this show is gonna do for The Weather Channel what I Love the 80s did for Vh1. I mean, Hank you're gonna be huge, you're gonna be the Michael Ian Black of The Weather Channel. Who else are they gonna get to be the, like, fresh funny face of The Weather Channel? Anyway Hank, it's time for me to go to the bank now and take all of the money I've ever earned out of the bank, and put it into a house. Not that I'm worried. I'm not worried. It's gonna be OK. I'm scared! I hope everyone has a great day in My Pants, by the way I am not going to get tired of that joke. Hank, I'll see you tomorrow.