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In which Hank discusses babies (again) and introduces the new forum.


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[On a floaty rocking chair on a lake] Good morning John, it's Tuesday, June 5th. [In his house] Ahh, that was nice. Katherine and I have some friends that have a cabin up on Seeley Lake, which is a really nice place and Katherine and I went there this week to hang out, it was awesome. It was kind of weird though, for Katherine because she was like, the only not-pregnant girl. Babies, babies, babies. To me, it does not feel like baby-time yet, but a lot of my friends are having baby-time. I'm worried that if I ever have a baby it won't have any friends, because all of the other babies will be so much older than him. I guess that's a pretty stupid fear. Unless everybody stops having the capability of having babies, which I've read two books about, lately, and seen one movie. So, maybe it's not that far-fetched. Uh, having read those books and then seeing all these pregnant people, suddenly not-so-worried. Speaking of books, I just read Feed (in my pants) and everybody was right - I don't want Wikipedia in my brain, I don't want Wikipedia in my brain, I don't want Wikipedia-brain, I don't want Wikipedia in my brain, I don't want a Wikipedia brain, I don't want Wikipedia in my brain, oh my god. I found that book to be entirely terrifying. The future could be bad. Well done, good book. Though it really made me a little more pessimistic about society and that's not necessarily something that I want. But it's really important that we recognize that these kinds of things are issues, and that we live in a very strange society, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you go buy Feed, by M. T. Anderson, it was very good. I got an email today from the weather channel, they would like to interview me for a new show on global warming. It's not the kind of thing that I really expect people to watch. "Stupid, there's always something on. I just want to know what the weather is! This stupid kid's talking." That's kind of what I expect people to be saying while I'm talking - still very cool. You may notice that today's video is a little late. That is because I made a forum! It took me a while! So I've been doing that all day, and a lot of last night. Oh boy, John, your challenges. Sometimes they wipe me out. And there's a link to it on the sidebar. Or, you can just go straight to the forum which is at So, when there's a discussion in the comments, or maybe one of us is starting a discussion in video format we can say things like, "We'll continue this discussion of John McCain in My Pants" And you're not sure if the discussion is gonna happen in your pants, or if you're discussing John McCain in my pants, or if you're discussing John McCain, who is in my pants, or, if we're just discussing it in the forum, which is called My Pants. It was one of my more brilliant ideas, and between you and me, that is saying something. You will have to register, although that'll probably take you like, 15 seconds. It's not gonna replace the comments, it'll be in addition to the comments, and you don't have to go over there if you don't want to, but I'm fairly sure that some interesting things will be going on. There's already a couple of discussion threads there, one in which I discuss John McCain, and lamented my saying what I said, and how I'm never actually going to vote for John McCain. Sometimes you just like to make your old brother mad at you *pokepokepokepoke*. But there's also a thread about what to include in the forum. There are several sections and several forums within sections, and if you think there should be a section or a forum, please suggest it so that I can create it, and I'm very glad to have that done with! Now I am going to go eat dinner and it's going to be great. I will see you tomorrow.