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In which Hank sets up a studio in his basement and discusses the weather in my pants.


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[pans to Hank hiding under the butt of a giant cow sculpture] Good morning, John it's Thursday, June 9th.

[at home] 7th, not 9th. That was me poking my head out of the butt of a giant cow. And that's all that I'm going to say about that. Light, sound, and position check for The Weather Channel.

I know what you're thinking: where did he get that amazing yellow light in the background? It's just a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb with some tissue paper wrapped around it. I'm so clever. I thought maybe you and the Nerdfighters would a-appreciate an increase in the amount of production value, which means no clutter behind me, maybe a little bit more light on my face, dark, no-patterned shirt, no They Might Be Giants posters, regular kind of frame- head and shoulders. None of this business or like this business [very close camera shots]; sideways face shots.

OK, this actually isn't for you and the Nerdfighters; this is for The Weather Channel. Because I'm going to try and get my ass on the station. And I don't know that that's gonna happen, and it's a little bit sad. They're being finicky about me living in the middle of no where. If I lived in LA or something, they wouldn't have any problems at all getting me on the station. Since I live in Montana, they called it a daunting task. I don't wanna be a daunting task. I just wanna be on The Weather Channel. Hank Green: Clean Technology Expert. Hank Green: Editor in Chief Hank Green: (shot of cat) Satisfied Cat Owner. Hank Green: Yo Baby's Daddy. Hank Green: Addicted to My Pants.

Which brings me to My Pants. One evening I left My Pants and then, the next morning, when I went back to My Pants, there were over 300 registered users in My Pants that had posted, like, a thousand posts in My Pants. At first I was worried My Pants had gotten too big for its britches, but then I realized that I was just never going to be able to conceptualize and participate in all of My Pants. I'm sorry about that, but My Pants have gotten very big. Very quickly! Hoo Hah! Nerdfighters! [does salute]

Jeez, you guys! That's some impressive foruming! Well done! I am so glad that I created that forum; you guys are amazing. Discussions surround the Evil Baby Orphanage and the presidential election. I am never again going to lack for book suggestions. Woohoo! It's very exciting; thank you for your support.

I think it's really weird that I sometimes get paid in gift cards, like, why do I need a hundred dollar gift card to CDW? Can't you give me a hundred dollars? So that I can pay rent? [phone rings] I think that may be The Weather Channel calling. Hello? Hello Sid Moore from The Weather Channel- I also wanted to ask, like what would the byline? I don't know what the word is. Just don't put .com because that would be a disaster. Cause it's .org. Yeah. It's OK, it's a long and painful story. Cool. Thanks a lot. Yeah, awesome. Bye.

Woo-o-oaaahhh!! I'm gonna be on The Weather Channel. Oh my God, that is the dorkiest thing in the world to be excited about. Wow. I would do my happy dance but this set up is fragile. I should show you. This is my tripod. (stool with stack of books) it's some books on a stool. And my MacBook is in my lap. And that's how I'm controlling everything from my command station here. And if I did a happy dance it would all fall over. This is me, like, touching [shakes] ooooohhhhhhh aah!

So that's why I'm not doing a happy dance. But I would, otherwise. Well, I'm running out of time and space, ummm, on my hard drive, so I have to clean that out before The Weather Channel calls tomorrow. And, uh, I will see you tomorrow.