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In which Hank is cold, then is at the DFTBA Warehouse, then is telling you the story of a the mysterious Phantom of Heilbrunn, then is wearing is brother's face on his chest...a lot.


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The first day of Pizzamas in Nerdfighteria is the first day of snow in Missoulaaaaa!   Good morning, John. It's not morning; it is evening. I mean it's officially evening, as you can tell here in Missoula because the sun's going down, which means it's 4:30.   When we said two weeks of Brotherhood 2.0 style videos, I should've pointed out that that would mean that I would be late with every video.   Because during Brotherhood 2.0, I made a video the day the video got uploaded. Which meant I uploaded it at night, every day.    I've gotten a bunch of Tumblr asks from people saying, "Where's your video? You said you were going to do a video." and I'm like, "It's still Monday!" I'm going to go to the park and scream for a while and then you will get your video. Sorry.   I actually have to make the video, that's part of the process. Oh man, it is cold out!   I just got a haircut; I filmed a bunch of stuff earlier at the warehouse; I'm going to show you that now.   Previously on Pizzamas we, were just, it was just like weird things that we were selling. For example this a blanket with just your eye. There's a few journals left, so these are the leftovers from last year's Pizzamas, right here.   We order extra, always, in case people have returns, so we always end up with a few extra of things, and then we tend to give them away on SciShow or Subbable perks or Project for Awesome things.   The year before that, we just did T-shirts, and now we're doing a mix. We're doing new weird Pizza John Pizzamas designs and also products that we haven't used before or done before. This looks dangerous.   It's always exciting when things come off of trucks. We don't know...    Matthew Gaydos: What's it gonna be?   Hank: We don't know what it is all the time. Awesome. Close it, it's cold out there!   Thank you for the mugs! Ok bye!    Hey! TFIOS mugs!    Matt: The first one I took out of the box I was like "Nooo!"    Hank: And then they got them... The rest of the are right.    Matt: They're very cool.    Julia: This one is gonna be worth million dollars.    Matt: Limited edition.    Hank: You think you hate packing peanuts, think of how we feel.    Katelyn: It's the worst thing.   Hank: Hey! Pizza- John, your face is on a glass!   Whenever I pack things at the DFTBA Warehouse, I can't help but think of the Phantom of Heilbronn. Between 1993 and 2009, a woman's DNA was found at 40 different crime scenes, ranging from simple burglary to grisly, execution-style murders in three different countries in Europe.    By 2008, police had stepped up the hunt for the woman, a rare case of a female serial killer. They knew a lot about her, the clothes that she wore, the drugs that she was addicted to. They also found her DNA in the car of a man who was accused of murdering three people. Police were totally freaked out because this man, this murderer, denied all knowledge of this woman, as if completely terrified of informing on her.    She became known as the Woman Without a Face, a female Keyser Söze. In 2009, it was determined that the owner of the DNA that they had detected at all these crime scenes was a woman who worked at a cotton swab factory. Her DNA was not at the crime scenes, it was on the Q-Tips!    They were using the Q-Tips to do the tests, and the DNA was already on there! So that's what I think about when I'm packing your mugs, how in addition to a mug, I'm also sending you some skin cells.   It drives home how incredibly tiny these cell really are, and how sophisticated and amazing our techniques for detecting them have become. So sophisticated that we end up thinking that a nice woman who works at the cotton swab factory is a freaking crime boss.    Also, you've probably noticed that I've been wearing a different Pizza John shirt in every shot since we came back from the warehouse. This one doesn't look particularly interesting, but.. Whaaaat? Glowing Pizza John! You can see my face in the light of the Pizza John!   Alright John, I gotta actually finish and upload this video. I'm actually pretty late; I'm a little worried I might not make it, but let's hope that I do! And I'll see you on Tuesday!    Oh, end screen, there's more than just shirts! There's also baby onesies and iPhone cases, only for the iPhone 5 though, which I don't have. There's patches and stickers and magnets and the pint glass you saw earlier, check it out. Ta taaa!