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In which Hank talks about the last three years of Crash Course and the next year. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible for us to help teachers teach and learners learn. Here's to three more years! And also a bunch more after that!

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Good morning John; it's Friday, November 7th.   Almost three years ago, you and I decided to do something that was really hard, but that we really wanted to do. Eventually, with a lot of help, Crash Course became a thing. And a lot of teachers and a lot of students use it.   We've kept it free; it's available for anyone with an internet connection, and it is – and I say this with a deep love for the Pemberley Digital stuff and SciShow and VidCon and the Wimbly Womblys – the best thing that we do. It is a thing that I am very proud of, and so, with a tear in my eye, here's a look back at the last three years of Crash Course.   J: Hi, I'm John Green. This is Crash Course World History, and today we're gonna talk about civilization. H: I'm Hank Green and I wanna teach you chemistry. But, please, do not run away screaming. H: People may not be the easiest organisms to understand, but – you're a person, right? J: Oh god, Stan, it's Me From College. Me From the Past has become Me From College. This is a disaster! H: Nothing escapes the long arm of ecology. H: Like any good 50 Cent song, biology is just about sex and not dying. J: The test will last your entire life, and it will be comprised of the millions of decisions that, when taken together, make your life yours. And everything – everything! – will be on it.   [Crash Course theme music]   The only reason Crash Course works is because people like it. Most of the people who watch Crash Course do it because they want to, not because they have to. For the first two years of Crash Course, it was funded by a Google grant, basically. Then that Google money ran out, and we had to figure out how to keep making the show. So basically, we just asked.   We asked people who liked Crash Course if they'd like to give a little bit of money so that it could keep existing for them, and also for all of the other people in the world. We didn't wanna start charging for it; we didn't wanna put it on an exclusive platform where only people using that platform could get it. We got a lot of offers to do those sorts of things and to make fair amounts of money doing it. We didn't want to lock the content down, but it looked like we might have had to – BUT: People decided to just give us money through Subbable.   Crash Course relies hugely on that support and I could never be more grateful for it. It means we get to keep making better and more content. We've also done some partnerships; the Big History series that we're in the middle of right now is in partnership with the Bill Gates Think Tank BGC3. And now we're working on a significantly larger relationship with PBS Digital Studios.   They're gonna allow us to basically double the amount of content that we're doing on Crash Course. Of course, PBS, just like Crash Course, is largely funded by people who watch and love PBS stuff. So it's sort of a natural fit. And we've worked with these people before; we've liked them; we worked with them on Frankenstein MD, and the Art Assignment.   So in 2015, we're hopefully doing four Crash Courses: Craig Benzine, aka WheezyWaiter, will be doing a government class.   Phil Plait, who is probably the most successful astronomy blogger in the world, will be doing Crash Course Astronomy. I will be doing Crash Course Physiology – And we're still working on it, but hopefully we will also be doing Crash Course Economics.   If you haven't checked out Crash Course yet, there's a ton of really interesting content: history, biology, and chemistry, ecology, and literature, and soon, government and astronomy and physiology and eCOnomics – eCOnomics?   Did I really just say eCOnomics? EcoNOMics. Is what I meant to say.   PBS Digital Studios does a ton of really interesting stuff as well, there's a link to their channel in the description.   And finally, unrelated to any of this, I have an announcement to make: John and I, starting Monday, will be doing The Twelve Days of Pizzamas. During those twelve days, John and I will make a video every day except for the weekends. Just like Brotherhood 2.0, there's gonna be a lot of vlogbrothers content coming at you, so be ready. I'm doing Monday, Wednesday, Friday next week and then Tuesday, Thursday the week after that.   So you're gonna see a lot of Paper Towns set, and the videos are gonna decrease in quality cause we're gonna have to make so many of them, and we're probably gonna go a little bit insane, and it's gonna be great.   I'm actually really looking forward to it. I feel like it's getting back to my roots, you know? I want a little a bit more back and forth, I wanna feel more connected to it all, and so this is gonna be a good two weeks. Pizzamas begins on Monday. So I'm gonna make two videos in a row, so:   John, I will see you on Tuesday, and you will see me on Monday.