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In which John (Executive Producer), Jaz Sinclair (Angela), and Halston Sage (Lacey) answer real questions from real nerdfighters about the Paper Towns movie, their favorite Beatles, and other topics of interest. PIZZAMAS SALE:

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Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday, November 11th. Armistice Day, also Veterans Day here in the U.S. Happy Veterans Day. Also, it's Kurt Vonnegut's birthday!

I'm a little bit sick today; I'm rocking the husky voice. Let's go talk to Angela and Lacey.

Halston: It's Question Tues- It's Question- what?

Jaz: Question Tursday! Tursday? Question Tursday!

Halston: It's Question-

Jaz: Louder, but not better.

Halston: It's Ques- I have voice control issues!

Halston: It's Question Tuesday, and we're answering real questions from real nerdfighters. Was that good?

John: Nicely done, Halston!

John: What's your favorite scene in the movie or the book.

Halston: Bathtub!

John: Oh, with Q?

Halston: With Q.

Jaz: Drunk Ben!

John: By the way, this is Jaz Sinclair who- I'm so bad at pointing!

Halston: Not Jaz! Not Jaz! Jaz.

Jaz: This is Jaz Sinclair, Halston Sage, hello.

John: They're playing Lacey and Angela in the movie, two roles that have bigger roles in the movie, I think, than in the book.

Jaz: Yes.

John: Is John a good executive producer?

Jaz: Yeah, he just does so much.

Halston: Yes. He Instagrams great photos.

John: Does John actually do anything on set? A related question.

Halston and Jaz: Yes!

John: Great. Um, great answer!

John: Dana asks, "How do I ask out this guy I like to get coffee with me?" I'm gonna handle this one, because I have the husky voice. So I think I'm qualified.

Jaz: Got it.

Halston: Sexy husky voice.

John: Hey, Dana's friend. Hey, hey. How's it going? You wanna get coffee?

John: What is your favorite prop on the movie set? That is not a difficult question.

Jaz: Black Santas!

John: Black Santas.

Halston: Ooh. I like the beer sword.

John: Black Santas.

Halston: True.

Jaz: Beer sword is nice, though.

Halston: True.

John: Specifically the animatronic black Santa that just waved at us all day.

Jaz: He was so creepy.

John: What's your favorite song?

Halston: I like 'Banana Pancakes' by Jack Johnson.

Jaz: That's a good one.

Jaz: Can I do a favorite band instead?

Halston: Yeah!

John: Yes.

Jaz: Right now.

Halston: Yeah!

Jaz: My favorite band right now is the Milk Carton Kids.

John: Reenact your favorite emoji.

Halston: I'm a monkey!

John: Who, among the boys in the movie, in your opinion, can do the most push-ups?

Jaz: Austin.

Halston: Austin was doing push-ups in between takes to stay warm.

John: I think it's Austin.

Jaz: For sure, Austin.

John: I mean, I think it's-

Jaz: I bet Nat could do.. four.

John: Penguins or polar bears?

Jaz: Penguins.

Halston: Polar bears!

John: Giraffes or lions?

Halston: Giraffes.

Jaz: Giraffes.

John: Zo-

Jaz: No! Lions! Why did I say that?

John: Zombies or unicorns?

Jaz: Zombies!

Halston: Unicorns...

John: Do you see Nat as a friend, a brother, or a lover? You can only pick one. Which is good, I only want to pick one.

Halston: Oh my god!

Jaz: A lover, a lover for sure.

Halston: He's a lover.

Jaz: The best lover ev- no. Um..

John: For me, he is a friend.

Halston: He's a great friend. Nat's a really great friend.

Jaz: He is a great friend. He is a great friend.

John: Nobody sees Nat as a brother or a lover. Do you have a favorite book?

Halston: Paper- Paper Towns. Have you read Paper Towns?

John: Thank you, Halston.

Jaz: Pa-Paper Towns.

Halston: Paper Towns.

John: Good work, guys!

John: Favorite Beatle?

Halston: Oh... John Lennon.

John: Jaz, favorite Beatle?

Jaz: John Lennon.

John: Favorite color?

Halston: Purple!

Jaz: Green!

John: My favorites are also John and green!

Jaz: Oh! Nice!

Halston: Ohhhhh! I see what you- I see what you did there!

Jaz: Nice! I passed!

(Puppy Break)

Halston and Jaz: Oh!

John: You're very sweet! You're very sweet!

Jaz: Oh! Oh my god, John! Oh my- oh my god!

Dog Owner: Sophie.

Halston: Sophie! Hi Sophie!

Jaz: Hi puppy! Hi Sophie!

John: Do you have a ritual before you start filming a scene?

Jaz: Yes, I say all my lines in Spanish.

Halston: I mean, when we have a-

John: Do you really?

Jaz: No!

Halston: We all.. sometimes when we have a big group scene we'll... scene, we will sing together.

John: Do you have any advice for the heartbroken?

Halston: I think, you know, just surround yourself with your friends and family, and... um... Just remember that you can love again.

Jaz: I would say use it.

John: Oh, that's good too!

Halston: Yeah.

Jaz: Yeah, I say, like, do something with it. Don't just, like, wait for the pain to go away, kind of embrace it. Like, write, or paint, or draw, or sing, or cry. But I think that the best advice, especially for an emotion that intense, is to use the emotion because things like that are rare, and they feel bad, but they are not necessarily bad if you use them.

John: Thank you guys for being part of Question Tuesday! Hank, happy Pizzamas, the only time of the year when you can get my face on an astonishing variety of items, and I will see you.. tomorrow! Bye Hank!

Jaz and Halston: Bye!

Halston: Bye Hank!

John: Let's go talk to Angela... Good talk... I'm so bad at pointing! Annnnd.... Just gonna do it with a gesture.