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Edited By Tim Thomas

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Hello! And welcome to Games with Hank! I'm Hank, this is games, with me. Today the game is gonna be 'Game of Thrones'. The Telltale Games, Game of Thrones.

The last time, I was two different people. I've been three people so far, I think. Garett, Ethan, and I-forgot-her-name, already.

So last time, I got to hang out with Tyrion, and Margery, and Cersei, and, that was good. I seem to be in a lot of trouble. The 'Game of Thrones' in King's Landing seems to be the most dangerous of all, as to be expected so let's get back into it and see how it goes.

Alright, we're back! With I-forgot-her-name-already.

Sira: Mira. I was worried. How was it?

Hank: Mira! Thank you!

Sira: Cersei has a way of looking at you as though you were nothing. It's more than a little intimidating.

Mira: It didn't go very well.

Hank: I don't think it did.

Sira: Cersei is known for being rather... difficult. But at least it's over now.

Sira: Lady Margery has been working the entire day on seating arrangements for the wedding.

Hank: Uh, yeah. It - if you didn't watch, I got in trouble by, doing what Margery told me.

Sira: Of course you and I are seated waay at the back. Here with the fourth cousins and the ninth born sons.

Hank: And, Cersei didn't believe, 'cause, I was clearly lying.

Sira: Sir Jamie. I wouldn't mind tarnishing that white cloak of his.

Hank: And then Margery was mad, because I said I would be loyal to Cersei over Margery. So..

Mira: Sira!

Sira: What? It's true.

Hank: I don't trust her.

Sira: And Oberon Martell, The Red Viper. I'm told he has a paramour.

Mira: You'll get us in trouble.

Sira: We're just having some fun.

Hank: We are? I think you are. And I am in terror- terrified- There's so many grapes!

Sira: Perhaps Lady Margery can make the right introductions. You know, we might meet our future husbands.

Hank: Look at those grapes! Exploding out of that- oh

Sira: Although, marrying a king? I can only imagine what that might be like.

Hank: You should be like: I only want Garrett Tuttell. Right? Garrett? You want Garret Tutell.

Sira: would you marry Geoffrey?

Hank: Noooooo! No!

Sira: If it meant you would become queen? He does have a certain, look about him. And he's always treated Lady Margery well.

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Mira: I don't want to be queen no matter who I'd have to marry.

Hank: That's right. No.

Sira: Don't want to be queen? You Northerners. You'd make a perfect sceptre.

Hank: What? What does that mean?

Sira: Well, I would marry him. Imagine the power you would have as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. I might even ask you to be my handmaiden.

Hank: You terrify me. That's- I don't like you.

Sira: Let's see... Who else should we marry off? Brienne of Tarth and Tyrion Lannister (laughter) What a perfect match.

Hank: That would be uh... interesting.

Sira: Sir Brune and-

Margery: What are you doing?

Hank: It was her. It was her. It was her.

Margery: Well, Sira?

Mira: I'm sorry, my lady.

Sira: As am I. We shouldn't have been messing about.

Hank: What will she remember? Fondly? Happily?

Margery: This is not a game. It's a battle plan. Allies and enemies can be made with every move. Yet they say it is men who are powerful.

Hank: Yeah, women get seating charts.

Margery: The Queen was, pleased by your display, Mira.

Hank: She was? I didn't think she was.

Margery: I'm just glad it's over.

Hank: Were you? Tell me more. Be honest, be open.

Margery: King's landing can be exhausting sometimes. There's always someone to please or some perceived slight to smooth over. I feel it will only get worse when I am queen.

Hank: I agree. I'm exhausted just watching this.

Sira: Once they know your true heart, the lords and ladies will have no choice but to love you.

Margery: Do you agree?

Hank: Yeah, I have a hard time not loving Margery Tyrell. Um, I wasn't paying attention.

Mira: Once you are queen, the lords and ladies will do their best to please you.

Margery: You learn very quickly.

Hank: I just pushed a button.

Margery: You were very brave agreeing to obey the Bltons. That cannot have been easy. I know you must fear what Lord Bolton might do to your family.

Hank: Very much. Yes.

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Margery: I do appreciate your willingness to appease her. As difficult as it may have been

Hank: More now that you said that.

Mira: Thank you, my Lady. There's been something on my mind. Something important.

Hank: Help. Me. Please.

Mira: I-I did have a favor to ask of you in return.

Hank: I don't know if this is ok.

Margery: Whatever you wish to say you can say it in front of Sira. There are no secrets between us.

Hank: It don't know if I can. I don't really trust her at all.

Mira: It's about my family.

Hank: No. Not in front of Sira.

Margery: I trust her.

Hank: Uh, yeah. I prefer to speak alone.

Mira: I prefer to speak with you alone.

Hank: Sira will remember that. I don't trust her at all. She was like 'I'd totally kill everybody to be queen'. That's basically what she said.

Margery: Go on. Ask.

Hank: Let's take the softer touch.

Mira: Forgive me, my Lady. I wouldn't otherwise ask this of you, but my mother insisted. It's about my family.

Hank: Ramsay Snow.

Margery: Ramsay Snow. What would you have me do?

Mira: My mother fears our family will suffer if Ramsay is left to do as he likes. She thought, if a raven could be sent to the Boltons to learn House Forrester has the protection of the Crown... I know it's a lot to ask of you, and I wouldn't otherwise but, she insisted!

Hank: Eyebrow. Eyebrow.

Margery: That is no small request. Especially now.

Hank: Yes, I'm so smart.

Mira: I know, my Lady. And I wouldn't otherwise. But my mother has left me no choice, she insisted.

Margery: Jeffrey knows only too well that your family fought for the Starks. And now you would have me ask him to intervene? Is the situation that dire?

Hank: Meh. Have a banana. Yes!

Margery: Joffrey will not look favorably on such a request.

 (06:00) to (08:00)

Mira: It is that dire, my Lady. I fear for my family's safety.

Hank: Did I- Did I play the Game of Thrones well?

Margery: I don't know, Mira. If Cersei were to find out...

Mira: You're the only one who can help me. You have power over him, Lady Margery. As no one else does.

Hank: I played right.

Mira: Not even his mother. Ramsay Snow will arrive at Ironwrath within the week. I would never ask this of you if it weren't so urgent.

Hank: Do it. You'll do it, won't you?

Margery: Very well. I make your request.

Hank: You'll do it! Glad Sira went away.

Margery: But I cannot promise anything.

Mira: Thank you, my Lady. I will send a raven to my family at once.

Hank: It would not have gone well, with Sira there. I do not trust her at all! She's awful. Alright, I feel like i did well in that little section there. Oh, we're on the Kingsroad, in Wolfswood. This is Garret or Gared or Jared, I'm not sure. Tully, is his last name.

And something terrible is happening, and don't let your horse run away! God, how are you going to get to the Wall without a horse? I thought he was Jamie Lannister when the game started 'cause he looks- Like Jamie Lannister

Gared: Seven Hells(?)

(muffled sounds of people talking)

Hank: You lost your horse. How did you let your horse run away? Do you have a sword even?

(sounds of a person screaming)

Hank: Oh no, no, no. Torture is bad. I don't like torture.

Ramsay: Let's play a game. Shall we?

Hank: Oh, God.

Ramsay: Did you know my ancestors wore the skins of their enemies as a coat?

Hank: How-how did this guy know that there was somebody...? We're saving. Saving.

(sounds of screaming and pain continue)

Hank: I don't know-

Ramsay: Not my best work, unfortunately.

 (08:00) to (10:00)

Ramsay: I suppose I have, fallen out of practice. But he didn't make it easy, what with all that bloody noise.

Soldier: Hah. Like a drowning cat. Thought he'd never stop.

Ramsay: As my father likes to say, a big(?) man holds few secrets.

Hank: Why do I even want to watch? I can hear.

Ramsay: But a flayed man? A flayed man holds none.

Soldier: I don't think he knew your father was the warden of the North.

Hank: Aah. I really don't like the idea of flaying. At all.

Ramsay: He does now.

Hank: It's really a thing people used to do.

Ramsay: How much further is it? These... Foresters?

Hank: Like surprisingly common, in old times. Don't ever take someone's skin off.

Soldier: A day my Lord. Two at most.

(branch cracks)

Ramsay: What was that?

Hank: Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Soldier: My Lord?

Ramsay: Shhh! Listen.

Hank: I will kill you, kill him. Get a sword and kill him. With a sword. Did he bring a sword? His horse.

Ramsay: There. Hear that? I know I heard something.

Hank: It's fine. Nothing. Stay still. I'm going to stay still. Staying still is- it's not like they're going to find me if I run.

Ramsay: Nevermind.

Hank: That's right. I'm awesome. I know what's up.

Ramsay: We've wasted enough time as it is.

Hank: I still wanna kill that guy, though. Can I do that? Is there anyway I can kill him, real fast? I don't know. I probably wouldn't- I mean I know that that's not what happens to that character. So I guess that he's not going to be killed by me. Unfortunately, your horse isn't as lost as mine.

Hank: Pardon me, I'm Garett-Something. And I need a horse. I don't wanna look at this! Don't, don't. No I don't wanna staaa-stop, why? I can't go backwards, I have to go forwards.

They make you think there's a choice, but there's not. Flayed man banner? They didn't take their banner with them? Come on, man! Don't- oooooooh. I told you I didn't wanna see it.

Garett: Bloody Hell!

 (10:00) to (12:00)

Hank: We're just gonna - be my face during this part. You don't wanna see this either. Alright. Dum.

(sounds of swords clashing)

Hank: Alright, who are we now? Are we gonna - we're gonna learn how to do some sword fighting. Alright, here at Ironrath. Ironraath. No, we're not gonna learn how to do any sword-fighting.

Maester: Lord Ethan!

Hank: This is Ethan. Ethan is the Lord of Ironrath. He's a little boy. Looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.

Maester: As I was saying, you are young. And there are those in these walls who are uncertain of your leadership.

Hank: Well I did a good job talking to that guy.

Maester: But, three hundred generations of Foresters lords stand behind you.

Hank: That is a lot of generations. Y'all.

Maester: Lord Gerhard the Tall, who founded our house. And your grandfather, Lord Thorren the Bold, who seized back the River Valley from the Whitehills.

Hank: (yawns) I'm already yawning.

Ethan: What did they call my father?

Maester: Lord Gregor the Good.

Hank: I don't know about that. We'll see.

Maester: He was fair and wise. And courageous in battle.

Ethan: I want to be like that. Like my father.

Hank: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Maester: Your father was well regarded by nearly everyone. It took years, if not decades to earn.

Hank: Right, ok. Well I'm gonna do that! No, you can do that. don't look so fretty.

Maester: These were your father's people to lead and protect, and now they're yours. But your father did not bear this responsibility alone.

Hank: Ok, did you help? Are you gonna help me?

Maester: He and every Forrester lord before him chose one man, whom they trusted above all others.

Hank: Is it gonna be you? You only have two links in your chain, I don't... (?)

Maester: Forrester traditions demand that a new lord's sentinel must be chosen.

Hank: Oh, I need a new lord's sentinel. Do- ok- am I gonna pick now?

Soldier: Keep moving you creep (?). Move!

Hank: I like that guy. Oh!

Soldier: Summon the lord! We need his judgment.

Hank: Ooooh. Is this like the north, were I have to kill someone?

Man: I've done nothin' wring! I was only trying to survive!

Hank: Uh oh. Uh oh.

Royland: Lord Ethan, master.

 (12:00) to (14:00)

Ethan: Why did you kick this man?

Royland: This craven is a deserter and a thief.

Hank: oh, deserters. That's never good. Ah, even-

Man: This house is doomed!

Hank: oh, well that's not something you should've said. Ah, no.

Man: We're all doomed!

Royland: Quiet, thief. Erik was supposed to be guarding our weapons. But instead we caught him stealing them!

Hank: Well that is pretty bad.

Royland: Two shields and three spears.

Ethan: Why'd ya do it?

Erik: Because I've no wish to die. Yes, my Lord, I fled. We should all flee!

Hank: Well, you show a funny way of doing it.

Erik: You're not stealing if you're taking what's yours by right!

Crowd: He's right!

Hank: No. Does he, speak true? I don't think he does. That's my stuff.

Erik: I've a family to feed. And not two coins to rub together since Lord Gregor left us to rot here! Where's our pay? Our share of bread and wine grows smaller everyday!

Hank: Shh! That's - not-

Crowd: Leave the poor man alone! Let him go!

Hank: oh, great. I have to freakin' spare this guy even though he's a traitor.

Erik: Lord Ethan, I know these words are hard, but their honest.

Hank: But I have to 'cause of people.

Erik: This house is falling. We'll never survive the coming winter.

Ethan: We are in this together! You say that, but it won't be you starving come winter.

Hank: Hey, stop kicking him! That is not nice, man.

Royland: You will address him as 'Lord'. Lord Ethan, you must decide the punishment. Lord Gregor always took a theif's fingers, three of them.

Duncan: Now may not be the time for harsh punishment. These men are on edge as it is.

Hank: I like this other guy. Better than... this guy.

Royland: They need to know, they cannot do whatever the fuck they please. Their lord will not permit it.

Crowd: He's a thief!

Duncan: You could send him to the Wall.

Crowd: Leave the man alone. Show him mercy, my Lord.

Hank: The Wall always need people. You should have as many of them as possible.

Crowd: Give us justice! Leave the poor man alone! Take his fingers! He's a thief!

Hank What do I do? Take his fingers?

Ethan: I will decide.

Hank: Shut up

Erik: If you punish me, you'll be punishing an innocent man.

 (14:00) to (16:00)

Hank: Nooo, nope. I won't be. I won't be punishing an innocent man.

Erik: Please, my lord, my family depends on me.

Ethan: I sentence you to the wall, where you will join the Night's Watch.

Hank: We need Night's Watch people!

Erik: No! Please my lord! Without me they'll die!

Hank: We'll take care of them. Don't worry about it. I'll make sure that they get, you know, proper care. It's OK. I had to do-- I mean he was not an innocent man.

Duncan: That was certainly unpleasant, but a lord must mete out punishment when it's due. Not just yourself of course.

Ethan: It's a lord's duty, so I did it.

Hank: That's how you-- that's how you gotta feel about these things.

Duncan: You heard what the thief said. I expect this sort of thing will happen again. But a sentinel can help you in the face of disloyalty. You need someone you can trust by your side.

Hank: Yeah, listen, uh, that's an easy choice. I pick Tully. I pick Tully guy.

Duncan: Someone you can rely on, no matter the circumstances.

Ethan: Who do you think I should choose?

Duncan: There are two capable men for the role.

Hank: Yes.

Duncan: They both want the job.

Hank: Tully. I pick Tully.

Duncan: But neither thinks very highly of the other.

Ethan: How do I decide between them?

Hank: It's easy. One of them is terrible and you shouldn't -- no.

Duncan: Talk to them. Solicit the opinion of people close to you.

Hank: I'd... no.. I don't want to do that. I just wanna pick.

Duncan: Here. The bracer of the sentinel, the badge of office.

Hank: I'll just give it to the guy I like, the one that looks like gladiator, from the movie Gladiator.  Russel Crowe! Something like that. Is that right? Yeah... That's right.

Duncan: Tonight is your first small council meeting. It would be wise to bestow this bracer upon your chosen sentinel then, to show that you are decisive and in control of this house. Your sentinel will wear this for all to see. Take it.

Ethan: I understand. I'll do it now.

Duncan: Come speak with me when you're ready to convene the small council.

Hank: Can I just come speak to you now? Because boring! Not killing anybody at all.

 (16:00) to (18:00)

Hank: Can I go practice swordplay at least? Yup, u-huh. And they want to be picked so bad. Pick me! Pick me! A bunch of little... What is this thing over there? Oh, I have something in my inventory for the very first time ever! Alright, I pick you man, I pick you. Duncan. Let's talk to Duncan.

Ethan: Duncan?

Duncan: Yes, my lord

Ethan: I have much to consider.

Hank: I have much to consider.

Ethan: I face a difficult decision.

Hank: That's right.

Duncan: Perhaps I can help. Your father often sought my counsel.

Ethan: As lord, I must name a Sentinel.

Duncan: Of course. And if I may ask, who do you favor for the role? Perhaps I can share my insight.

Hank: Uh.

Duncan: And talking can sometimes help you make a decision.

Ethan: Actually, I wanted to ask: Why did you send Gared away?

Hank: I need to know this.

Duncan: I did it for your own protection, my lord. Gared had to go. By sending him away myself, I thought it would keep you blameless in the eyes of the Whitehills. I only hope to give you an advantage.

Ethan: That's a clever strategy.

Duncan: I do hope that's a good thing, my lord.

Hank: Aaah.

Ethan: Thank you, Duncan. I appreciate your advice.

Duncan: I am at your service, my lord.

Hank: I can't actually just pick him? I just wanna pick him. I feel like I should talk to the other guy and be like 'here's why I'm not picking you' but it doesn't seem like how that went so...

Ethan: Duncan, I've decided to name you as my Sentinel.

Hank: Nope. I'm just gonna do it. You're my Sentinel, Duncan.

Ethan: Congratulations.

Duncan: Thank you, my lord. I'm honored, but are you sure?

Hank: Well, yes. I don't wanna talk about this anymore.

Ethan: Yes, of course. I'm convinced you're the man for the job.

Duncan: Then I accept. But first, you must summon the small council, my lord. To make it official.

Ethan: Right. I'll tell Maester Oretngryn to do it at once.

 (18:00) to (19:51)

Hank: Alrighty. Ugh, games. Where is Maester Oretinegrin? You've got a funny name. Food. I like food.

Background character: Do it like you mean it!

Hank: This is hard to control. Maester, yes! There he is. Talk to that guy, go, faster. Move along, child. That's not really what I would've called 'moving along'.

Ethan: Maester.

Ortengryn: Yes, Lord Ethan. Are you prepared to name your sentinel?

Hank: Yes I am.

Ethan: What is it you're doing over here?

Hank: That's not what I asked.

Maester: Admiring the Ironwood, my lord. I studied it at the citadel. The wood may be black, but I see gold. An entire forest of gold.

Ethan: What d'you mean?

Maester: It is our greatest asset, my lord.

Hank: Duh. Obviously.

Maester: Perhaps we should give some of our Ironwood to House Bolton and have them leave us be. We could ransom ourselves, you can hardly put a price on your own life or the lives of those you love.

Ethan: Ransom or a robbery. We may pay him now,but what's to stop him from coming back again?

Hank: Yeah, that's smart.

Maester: Lord Ethan, the dangers of today outweigh the fears of tomorrow.

Hank: Well... Ok. Let's do the thing.

Maester: My Lord, are you now ready to name your sentinel?

Hank: I am, yes. Let's do that. Oh yeah.

Ethan: Yes, Maester. I'm ready.

Maester: Very well. I will convene the small council at once.

Hank: Alrighty. Let's do that pick pick picky picky pick. We have Ironwood and we have pigs" Alright, thank you for watching this episode of 'Games with Hank'. I'm Hank, and this has been 'Games of me with a game'.... Has been 'Game of Thrones' and I'm playing it as well as I can. Thank you, for watching, and DFTBA