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Welcome back to Besiege! In this episode lots of explosions happen!

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Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, so it's games with me. Today, the game is going to be Besiege again because I can't stop playing it and I love it, and I want to do that more than any of the other things I have to do.

Destroy 80%, of the monument. Okay, this is, this is not, this is is an inelegant solution that I'm creating right now. Uhhh, but it is a solution, so it, you know, who cares. Yeah, yeah, okay and then can I brace this, bracing, bracing, bracing. Okay, do it a couple more times. And then, put some wheels on this. And then, load this sucker up with cannons. Alright, I like it. Okay, so we just have to push play and it's going to turn on its side. (laughing) This is going to work isn't it? I think it might. Oh! Too high, too high everybody!

Okay, how do I make them not fall quite so far? Uh, I just need some, some things here. You're not going to fall as far. Yeah, that looks better. Let's slow this down so we can see in slow motion what happens. Here it comes! Yeah, yeah, okay, not bad! Could have been better, did not get 80% of the lyre. Let's just translate it over a little bit and see if, if that will help me. And, pow! Oh, it's a little-- Ohhhhoho! (laughter) Not the way I thought I was going to do that, but in the end it worked.

Destroy 80% of the tower. Okay, well let’s just translate this over here, and I feel like a bit of a cheater, but here we go. Oh.

Okay, so we've got a really beefy tower here. This is not going to do it. Uh, let's save this device 'cause I like it, I do like it, I feel like it might come in handy sometime in the future. I kind of feel like trying to actually create a catapult here. Now I have to figure out a way to launch. So it needs, it needs some kind of hinge, right? It needs a hinge! I think. Um, oh I guess maybe a cog? And then, put a box, put like a block on that, and then on this, and then... I don't know what I'm doing. At all. I really, like, you'd think that you could picture a catapult in your head, but I can't. I just can't. This is the ugliest thing that has ever been done.

I'm trying to do this without springs, which I know is not necessary, but, it's like my first thought is to do this without springs. And then weapons, no weapons, weapons, uh no I guess the cup, the cup is in weapons.

No, no, no, double no, everything is awful. Alright, so, let's push play. (Explodes) Ahhhh! Okay that didn't work out. Okay, first let’s lower it to the ground so it doesn't, doesn't just totally slam everything. Uh, up and down, okay, so I'll just be pushing up (Explodes) Oh! Uh, well, that wasn't... great. Okay, so I do need something here that is doing something more useful, like some springs or something. Uh, let's, alright, so we can't go, and then I just put some springs, like that. Here. Is that going to work? (Explodes) Nope!

Okay, I need more springs? I need more springs. Okay, so adding more springs. Okay, good. I mean, okay. (Explodes) (Laughter) I like it.

Maybe if it's, can I just make this sit? So, let’s just add a block here, so maybe these things. (Explodes) Nope.

So let's add another spring! And cross our fingers? I really have no idea if I'm doing anything, well, let's actually, let’s cut these off, because maybe that extra weight is too much. And then L. (Explodes) It exploded again!
What is happening? Let's go into slow motion so I can actually see what, what is occurring. L, oh, wow it just breaks, okay. I need some structure, I need some structural support.

Okay, let's see what that does. (Explodes) Explosion. But it exploded in the back that time. It did not, it did not seem to... Okay, relax. (Explodes) Why are you exploding?

Okay, sit, and go. (Explodes) (Laughter) Oh that's awesome.

So let's X this out 'cause they were running into each other and causing themselves to explode. (Laughing) I love this game.

Alright, land and relax, and now (Explodes) blah, god, I can't do it!

I have to start all over again, this things a fricken’ disaster. Chill, chill, and fire. Everything came apart, and I shot it way too high. I did not need anywhere near that much power. Okay, well it's good to know that I do not need that much power. So let's get rid of one of these springs, at least. And both of these, because they're currently not doing anything. So play, settle, settle, and then L. And it's falling apart, and it's going, here it comes, it's going to, wait no, it's going to kill some people.

I don't know if I should have that there, or if should be the unpowered. Did I have, I think I had a powered cog. Let's try it with the unpowered cog. I don't know if that will matter. And then, fire away! (Explodes) It exploded.

Just don't, run into anything. (Explodes) Chill out! Stop exploding!

Maybe if I make it go more straight up. And then the spring, instead of going here, nope, spring, spring, is going to go straight ahead and then destroy, it will totally destroy everything. And play, and L. (Explodes) I exploded.

Do this again. (Explodes) No it exploded again.

(Explodes) Okay, it's just exploding when it lands. Maybe I'll add some tension to the spring. (Explodes) Ah, nope.

So, do this smaller. Okay, that was better! And now we launch! And it's a little wiggly everybody, but it's going, and it's going in roughly the correct direction! I killed the death out of those guys, and it actually did not fall apart, amazingly enough.

So, I need more springiness I guess? To get it higher? Or not? I have no idea. What do I need to get it higher? Uh, can I just move it closer? Let's just move it closer. And, that close, and a little this way, and see what happens. (Explodes) Oh it exploded again. I fixed that problem, and it didn't do that last time!

Okay, so I want you to be evenly, okay, that's as far down as you go, huh? So maybe add another spring? (Explodes) Okay, what I need to do for sure is lower you down if I can, can I get you a little lower? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, excellent. Okay, so that should solve that problem. And then, let's just shoot this things again and see what happens. It's super wiggle, and it's just (Explodes) right down. I need it to stop sooner, so let's just make something to stop it sooner. Let's just, there, that'll, it'll now stop sooner. And then... (Explodes) Oh why did you explode again!

Okay. Alright, good. And then L, and then, uh, stop, and then, it's going a little farther this time. Ohhhhh! Right in the front door! Nobody's got anything on my horrible, disgusting catapults!

Oh man! Destroyed everything! I want to do it again just so I can watch it. Let's just get a full, yeah, push that L. This is a weird machine, and it's just going to go right in the front door there! Oh yeah! Yeah!

You guys all dies, they all died! Excellent! Thank you very much for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm Hank, it's been games with me, the game has been Besiege, and it's so fun. Apparently it only took me three minutes to do that, which is not accurate. Thanks for watching. DFTBA!