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Hank: Hello, it’s Project for Awesome time continuing and we are just passing the torch because I have to go to set up next live stream, the night live stream for tomorrow but I’ll be back. But Corey is going to be in charge of things while I’m gone, you know Corey Vidal.

Corey: Hey.

Hank: This is Corey Vidal. Did I say it right that time?

Corey: Vidal.

Hank: That’s what I said!

Corey: Yeah, Vi-Vidal

Hank: I said Vidal.

Corey: Vidal.

Hank: Vi… You are impossible! I’ll get it some day

Corey: One of these days.

Hank: OK. And we are, yeah. So he’s going to be featuring raffles from now on. What are we featuring right now?

Corey: We’re going to talk about Frezned’s video.

Hank: Frezned’s video. I said raffles, I meant video.

Corey: Yep.

Hank: And what is Frezned’s video about?

Corey: Uh, World Vision. I hope, I hope I got that right. Yeah, definitely World Vision.

Hank: And, uh. That is a very exciting and awesome thing. Frezned is also doing a charity raffle.

Corey: Yeah.

Hank: He’s raffling off an opportunity for something.

Corey: We’re gonna have an annotation…

Hank: That’ll tell you what it is. Yeah, and it will link to… so there’ll be a link to the raffle in the subscription, description.

Corey: Description subscription.

Hank: And then there’ll be a, an annotation to his video to go comment. These are really well…

Corey: I can’t wait to do this by myself without you and just be petrified.

Hank: It’s so much better without me I promise. Thank you everyone.

(Off camera): Woo

Corey: Woo.