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Hank: OK, now I’m just out on the balcony because I find it easier to film on the balcony because there aren’t all these people around and that totally just freaks me out. But here’s what’s going on at the Project for Awesome right now. I think we just hit $18,000 and I just found that amazing video made by a group of people, um, that are coming together and the campaign is called Not for Sale and it’s about human trafficking which is the third largest criminal enterprise in the world. Basically slavery. It’s a fantastic and powerful video and they are doing really amazing and awesome things and I think, uh, that they are certainly someone to watch. So go check out their video right now and in the comments I want you to suggest things that we should do when we reach milestones like I could, uh, vlog from the shower, we could dangle Michael Aranda off the balcony here. Did I not mention Michael Aranda's here, you can see him, he’s on the other side of this window. Things that we can do for you when we together reach these milestones, uh, and so I will see you in the comments of that video momentarily. Goodbye.