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This flash game will make you want more flash games! . . .with elephants! . . .and pastries!

Apologies in advance for the audio quality. The regular mic was broken, but is now fixed for future episodes! Yay!

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Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me.  Today the game is gonna be a Flash game.  Maybe we're gonna do Flash Game Fridays, maybe not.  That sounds like extra work.  We'll do whatever we have available on Fridays.  The game is This Is The Only Level 3, a Flash game that I have heard great things about, and I've played a little bit of myself, it's really interesting and fun, so far anyway.  And the music is so much fun, it's actually a little loud, I couldn't hear myself at all. 

(dance party!)


Okay, let's play This Is The Only Level 3.  I'm not sure--it's QWERTY, okay, I've--whoaaa, I can g--oh, well, I died and I made--ohh ohh, ohhh, ohhh.  Well.  Push down.  Oh.  This is a tutorial, it says, "Use the arrow keys to move and jump."  Oh, I can do that, too.  Or I can use WSAD.  "Reach the pipe".  Alright.  So I can't reach the pipe this time.  "Become perplexed that the level wasn't beat."  Oh, I see.  Oh, wow.  I feel like, yeahh, there we go.  So you gotta do different--so that was level 3, I don't know why we've started on level 3, but we did. 

So this, go away, panic walk-through, middle position.  This Is The Only Level 3, stage 2, this is the stage 2 of level 3, and Middle Position, I assume, means that this should be in the middle posit--ahh, nope.  Yep.  I win!  But is the level complete? 

Oh, we're under the sea.  Under the sea!  Under the sea, under the sea, darling' it's better down where it's wetter, take it from meeeeee.  It worked.  Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doodoodoot.  But are these the droids you're looking for?

Shoot!  The gate!  Oh, the things--I've got a gun of some kind.  How does it work?  How do you shoot the gun?  No.  What?  No. 

That was stage 4.  Pastries in Spaaaace.  Is this making--look at all those pastries, yeah!  I don't know what's happening.  Okay.  Oh, okay, I had to shoot--I had to shoot pastries at the--at the lever.  Okay.

Stage 5, this is the only level 3, stage 6, Speak Friend and Enter.  Ah, that's a--that's a Lord of the Rings reference, I believe.  Ah, well, I had to wait.  Okay.

Make the Right Click.  But which side is the right?  Open gate.  Ah.  Ah!  Ahh!  But did you slay the beast?

Backstage Pass.  I feel like this--ohhhhh.  Okay.  I can go through it--won't let me go through it.  Oh, ohhh, I see now.  I gotta go in here and then I'm gonna get in here, get me out of there.  Okay, I s--I got it, I got it!  Everything's fine.  But was your performance satisfactory?

Rave Elephant Rave.  I wish the soundtrack had changed--I died. I died.  This rave is not as much fun as it looks!  Ruuun, ahh, okay, rave lasers. 

Farewell to Fat.  Can I go through there?  I have to squirt out all of my pastries so I can be small enough.  But is the level finally done?

Back and Forth Forever.  Forever doesn't sound good.  You gotta make it go up, it's amazing how many little different things you can do.  I win, but does it blend?

Addition and Subtraction.  Okay.  Okay then.  Addition and subtraction.  Well, I have--this is the first time I've felt really quite confused.  Addition and subtraction.  What am I adding and subtracting, game?  Uhhh.  Plus?  Oh, I have to push the plus button on the keyboard!

Slingshot.  I'm stuck.  Whoo!  Whoo!  WHOOOO.  Whoo.  Whoo.  Whoo whoo.  Whoo.  Whoo.  Don't die.  Don't die.  Don't die.  Aaand whoo.  Wheeow!  Try harder.  You're very slow.  Yeah!  But when will the madness stop?

Bad Little Ugly Elephant.  Bad, little, ugly, elephant.  Okay, so I have to go to the "B" first.  Ugly.  Can I get--Noo!  Ohh, come on, it's on the other--oh, well, never mind.  Let it be somewhere more convenient.  Bad.  "B".  Ohh, come onnnnn.  Why is it all the way over there?  Bad.  Oh God!  Be more careful, Hank.  Bad.  No, gosh dang it.  GRAAAH.  You can't get them out of order either, turns out.  Alright, where's the "B"?  Where's--there it is.  Okay, bad.  Uhh!  Little.  Ugly.  Okay, I have to jump over this.  Elephant, yes!  Excellent!  Bad little ugly elephant!

I died.  Oh, I can bounce off of me.  Interesting.  Just have to make it through without dying, right?  Which is not easy.  Okay, the white ones don't seem to hurt me.  Okay.  Well.  No.  Ow.  Go, faster, faster, faster, yay.  But can you believe it's not butter?

I don't know why that was called the Touhou project.  You Have to Open Another Window.  I do?  Which window do I have to open?  Tell me more, game.  This game makes me feel smart and then stupid.  Does it have anything to do with my pastries?  Going through all of the doors, nothing's happening, I don't know why this elephant--shhhh poops out pastries, but apparently it does.  You have to open another window.  I have to open another window, you guys.  Oh, I have to open another window.  I just opened a tab and I opened a window.  I did both of those things.  I got another window open right here.  Should it be--should I be opening another window of this game?  Oh, my God, that was it.  Where's the--I did it.  I had to open another window.  That was--you had to open another window.  Okay.

I'm stuck.  I'm--wait, this is interesting.  Oh, I didn't mean to do that.  I died, you cannot touch the walls.  Walls are surprising--ah, Deadly Walls Afloat, I did not read what it said.  But the walls are deadly, so yay, I won, but did I shower for this?  No, I didn't, I did not. 

What?  I died.  I went through the thing and it made me die.  Oh God.  Why is it going?  Okay.  Well, I just died that time.  I am not--how many times do I have to do that?  Multiple times, apparently.  Ah, God.  No, stop, no, it's confusing.  Okay, so many elephants, I win! 

Bombs Away! it says.  What do I have to do?  What do I have to do?  Oh.  Oh!  My things are exploding now.  Well, I've exploded the ground, but not...Careful, oh, God, they're gonna explode right underneath me, ahh!  Ah.  And here.  Explode that.  This bit.  Yeah!  That's--ah.  No.  Get me over here.  Yeah, that one.  Yes!

Text-Based Adventure.  Um.  "You arrive in a dark, damp level with several cube-shaped blocks.  A pungent odor of sweet, sickly pastry--" Oh my goodness, "--rolls over the tiled floor.  Ahead of you, you see a switch and a pipe."  Go to pipe.  Switch.  Switch.  "Click!  As you push the switch, the gate opens.  The large pipe is now accessible."  Go to pipe.  I win! 

Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, this game has been This is The Only Level 3, which you can play at armorgames or anywhere you find flash games, it's easy to just Google it, it's fun, and that was me getting to level 20, getting past level 20.  I don't know if I'm gonna keep playing, I don't know, am I?  Tell me if I should.  If I should, then tell me that.  If I shouldn't, then tell me not to.  Then we play more Sims, with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, or more Games with Hank and Katherine or whatever you want, and I'll listen, I promise.  You are awesome, thanks for--for checking in, DFTBA.