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Hank: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank.  I wanna play Besiege!  Last time on Besiege, I took on two thingies.  I just killed a lot of people and I moved some iron ore around and then I punched a laser statue. 

This is my laser statue puncher, and I don't know if I can use it to do any damage to this thing, but--so--sorta have to get--I need to remove some of my back ballast so that I can actually--but I know that this is not technically an explosive so--but let's uh, yeah, let's start destroying things back here, 'cause I obviously don't need all of this, but that was fun, I liked it, I liked my puncher.  Now let's see if I just come up here.  I don't know how much--this--damage this is going to do.  Apparently not a lot.  Alright, so I gotta destroy this thing using explosives.  I don't really know how to do that.  I guess I could put some bombs...on the end of this.  Where are the--oh, weapons, weapons, bomb, okay, let's get rid of the first ones here.  Those aren't actually attached, though.  How do you attach the frickin' bombs?  I guess a holder would do it.  Uh, x, x, x, and then I put a holder here and a holder here and then I put not a boulder, but a bomb in there.  And then, okay, and probably this isn't gonna do anything useful, but I'm learning, okay.  And then I just extend this--oh, hey, alright, here!

Hold on, I wanna do that again in slow motion.  Get up here, and say hello, I am a friend, do you want to be my friend?  And extend and--oh yeah.  Oh, good.  Yay.  Success.  Midlands Encampment.  Destroy 90% of everything.  Okay, well let's just sort of see what's up here.  'Scuse me, guys.  Ohhh!  What happened?  I feel as if I should have another system.  Okay, what I need is armor.  Some serious armor so let's do that.

Oh yeah, you can't take me.  Yeah, shoot your own guys!  Alright, let's start driving.  I don't have any um...ohhh!  Too close.  Alright, let's just try and take this cannon out fast.  Ow, it hit me in the back, hit me in the back!  I didn't know there were two of them either.  Alright.  Alright.  Take that.  Uh-oh.  Now it's behind me.  Go, get 'em, get 'em.  I don't know, what am I even headed for?  Is that the encampment?  Does that count as like, things I'm destroying?  Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, I was so--I was doing so wel.  Alright, all I need is to put some cannons or something on top of this or sticking out somehow in it.  Some kind of weaponry.

'Scuse me, pardon me.  You've got nothing on me.  I'm turning around now.  Turn around.  Okay, turn--seriously, though, why aren't you turning?  Where are you going?  I'm no longer controlling it, it's just going.  It's--okay, well, cannon.  Alright.

Okay, I need to control this somehow, and I'm not controlling it at all.  I cannot control it.  Tshh, why?  Whyyyy?  Yeah, spin around in a circle with your flamethrower on, that's gonna be good!  Okay, it was not letting me set my wheel controls, that's not cool, game!  I should probably stop playing and restart the game, but I really don't want to.  Okay, well, fire, be on fire.  Ohhh no, so many, so many things running into me, okay, this is really annoying, okay.

Alright, let's try this again.  What?  I have NumLock on?  Ohhh, it was 'cause I had NumLock on!  All of that was 'cause I had NumLock on!  Stu--why does that even exist? 

--you guys, I'm worri-- yeah, just destroy--oh, I missed.  Alright, starting again, let's turn, yeah, make it go a little slower.  You can't do anything to me.  Yeah, shoot your own guys, I left my favorite part, obviously, and then cannon in the cannon, I missed the cannon with my cannon.  Um.  Why?  Fire?  Fire, fire, fire.  And now I ran over my own fire, so I'm on fire, aren't I?  Not.  Run away from me, and you will also be dead and that will be good. 

Oh my God, arrows do a lot of damage in this game.  I got a lot of arrows in me.  Okay.  I need, I think, a better system.  What's my better system gonna be?  I've got an idea!  I've got an idea!  I like this idea.  Let's put a bomb holder right in the middle here, and put a bomb inside of it, so when they finally--if they can get there, at least I will just explode on them and that will be good.  Come and get me.  I dare you.  What are you doing up there?  That is a very bad idea, my friend.  I promise you do not want to be there.  Here I come, archers beware, archers beware.  'Cause I'm maaaaade of fire, I'm made of fire and you're all on fire and I'm on fire, too!

What are you doing alive, how is that possible? 

Okay.  Let's start from scratch.  We're gonna start all over again, but I need a new design. 

This thing is actually pretty awesome, okay.  Here we go.  Yeah.  Yeah, yeahh-ohh-ho-ho-God, oh man.  Turn.  Okay.  Well. (stuttering) I need to change my piston attack thing.   Uh, let's make the pistons--oh, can I--I can't do it for all of them at once, so it's not worth doing it for any of them, okay.

Oh, my face cam's off, okay.  Well.  We're just gonna have to make this work, you guys.  Alright.  Turn, turn!  Why won't you turn?  Ahhh!  Seriously, why won't you turn?  Is it these things in the front that's preventing you from turning?  Ughhh okay fine.  I'll put regular wheels on you. 

Why are any of you alive right now?  Be dead!  Wha--no, don't go toward the thing!  Reversing toward--ehhhh, I killed one guy!  I really feel like this is not going well though.

So maybe if I just put like, just a little bumper under here, not a full on thing, but a little bumper.  Yeah, that looks good.  That way, when I hit the ground, it doesn't completely mess with the way I'm turning.  Oh God.  Yes, that's much better.  This is much better.  Yes! 

You guys are in trouble.  I don't wanna like, tell you how to do your jobs, but run, run away, run away right now.

Alright, almost there.  'H', 'H', 'H', 'H', excellent.  Hey, that time I felt better.  Now, I still have--am more destroyed than I thought, because I did not crossbrace this, I just put them in stacks, I didn't realize that that was a thing, but now I do, now I know, I learned and this is all an experiment, so I really do like the circular saws on pistons, though, that's just--that's just fun. 

Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this has been games with me, it's been a lot of fun, I hope you enjoyed it, too.  DFTBA.