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Edited by Tim Thomas


Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, and so is Katherine, and today the game on Games with Hank is Super Mario 3D World.  It's Wii Wednesday.

Katherine: Hooray.  I want to be Luigi.

Hank: Did we beat this level?

Katherine: Looks like it.  There's a happy little guy.

Hank: Yeah!

Katherine: It's got my flag on it.

Hank: So I guess we did that one.  Let's go on to the next world.

Katherine: Just right past those coins.

Hank: Well.  What are coins for?

Katherine: I don't know.

Hank: What is money?

Katherine: Oh dear.

Hank: You've got a nunchuk.  I feel like I need a nunchuk. 

Katherine: We'll see if it's helpful or not.  I forget how to use it. 

Hank: Like this.  Alright, where are we?  Is this Iceland?  Iceland! 

Katherine: It's Snowball Park. 

Hank: Yes.  Snowball Park, it sounds slippery.

 World 3-1 Snowball Park (0:52)

Katherine: All these things look like food to me. I have a problem.

Hank: All of these things look like food to me. Oh-- you can shake off the- the snow from the trees. What is that thing? Careful Katherine. It's got a fez. It's a fez monster! I survived and I don't even know how.

Katherine: I picked it-- I picked it up. I picked it up. I missed. It's go-- oh, it's got spikes on it, that's the problem!

Hank: Oh god I'm die-- where are w-- oh, nicely done.

Katherine: Thank you.

Hank: I-- where am I? Hello I bubbled. (? 1:30)

Katherine: You died, like you said.

Hank: Right, but I thought I would come back faster.

Katherine: (? 1:40) This is the speed buzzer here.

Hank: What are you guys?

Katherine: (? 1:48) blasting lady bugs. Nope.

Hank: Ah. They're flying high. They're high fliers.

Katherine: Grab one of these things. (? 1:58)

Hank: There's a star in there.

Katherine: I know, we gotta get it.

Hank: ugh, I died again Katherine.

Katherine: Here's another... heh-eh

Hank: Oh nice.

Katherine: Off oh I bounced off the edge and died.

Hank: I'm going in there! Huh?

Katherine: So go get that star.

Hank: There we go.

Katherine: Now I'm just floating around in a-- 

Hank: You went right into the-- oh, I hopped you up. Get it! There's gotta be something good in there. Oh my god.

Katherine: Oh my god. Wow.

Hank: There you god, oh, it's just coins? Where is the power-ups in this level?

Katherine: Oh god, that was my chance.

Hank: There's one.

Katherine: Run faster. Ouch.

Hank: Oh, it's a raccoon. Oh, I just took it I'm sorry. You're like...

Katherine: OK, I feel like I'm not accomplishing much right now. (panicky noises)

Hank: What's that thing?

Katherine: It's got a skate.

Hank: It's got an ice skate.

Katherine: Keep going, keep going. Screw that guy!

Hank: OK, let's go this way, alright.

Katherine: Oh, god, OK, am I just...

Hank: Are you serious? I didn't fall down that hill.

Katherine: How do you do it? How do you do it?

Hank: Wheeeee. I just ground pounded.

Katherine: Ah, except there's a trick, though. whaaaaa. OK, let it go. Sorry sorry. Wow, sorry.

Hank: Always with the murder.

Katherine: hehe. Don't do it.

Hank: OK. well I found out that you can die here.

Katherine: What about the one in the middle?

Hank: It just hit you in the face.

Katherine: NO god oh god. Are we supposed to just go.. jump over there or what?

Hank: Oh, good, I got it.

Katherine: It was just a coin?

Hank: Yeah, I think it was just a coin. After all that.

Katherine: (noises of exertion) Oh, nice job. Run faster.

Hank: I'm trying! it's slippery!

Katherine: I was talking to myself.

Hank: Oh OK. Who's calling me? It's my brother, John. I can't talk right now, John!

Katherine: You stole my flower.

Hank: Me?

Katherine: I got it and-- oh. I really needed that. My-- I feel like my skills with this nunchuk are lacking.

Hank: Yeah, well you're getting to learn. Oh, what the heck.

Katherine: Uh-oh.

Hank: This is so slippery and snowy, everything is hard to see oh, I forgot that I'm even a raccoon. Where's that bunny going? Where you going, bunny? I'm coming! I'm chasing after you, bunny!

Katherine: Oh yeah, you should get the bunny actually.

Hank: Why?

Katherine: I don't know. It seems like something that you do.

Hank: Jumped right over it, Katherine.

Katherine: I didn't do that.

Hank: I think you did.

Katherine: I didn't! I really didn't, so...

Hank: Where are you going!? UGH, we have 55 seconds left.

Katherine: Can't waste our time with no bunny chase.

Hank: Excuse me, pardon me. Excuse me, pardon me. Gotta go!

Katherine: I think that bunny had a star.

Hank: It probably had a star. Wh- what the frick? No, don't you dare! What on Earth? Why? Why?

Katherine: (laughs) I- I mean I had all of like

Hank: We had plenty of time!

Katherine: I'm sorry.

Hank: You had all of what? You knew exactly what was happening!

Katherine: But I--

Hank: At any moment you could have decided to not do that.

Katherine: It's true. It's true.

Hank: Including all of the ones where I was telling you not to.

Katherine: But I-- I had such a good line up to the win. (laughs) I'm sorry. You would've beat me.

Hank: I would've beat you, yes. I was a raccoon, I would've got 10,000.

Katherine: Yeah, you got the star and everything, too.

Hank: (sigh)

Katherine: (clears throat) I needed to feel as though I did something. (Hank laughs) I was not--

Hank: I was not feeling good at anything, during that level either. ooh, a boo castle.

Katherine: So slippery, I don't like slippery.

Hank: Yeah, it's hard. "Press negative to map..." OK. OK. Get it kitty!

Katherine: What the frick. Kitty's also playing a game.

Hank: Yeah, kitty has games with cat.

  World 3-3 Shifty Boo Mansion (6:45)

Hank: (Lets-a go) Lets-a go. Shifty Boo Mansion. Eeeee.

Katherine: I want that. Did you know you can't kill a boo with a fire thing.

Hank: They are not-- they are fireproof. (running grumbles) I'm fine. I go fast! I'm so fast, I'm so fast! Thanks, Katherine. I feel like I didn't do anything helpful there. But I didn't die. Which I'm gonna credit you with that.

Katherine: Dang it. Oh, hey! Heeey.

Hank: Hey there. Yeah, it's--

Katherine: I got scraped off.

Hank: --hard to see. Hey, no. Who knows whether it's it or not.

Katherine: I didn't get anything in that. Awwww. Meow meow meow meow.

Hank: Uh, what's happening I am standing on the-- Hello there Stizzer! Got that s to the st-- tizzar.

Katherine: Nice.

Hank: T to the izzay. Thanks for the bounce.

Katherine: Just use my head as a--

Hank: Hey there! Oh, we got half way through, I feel like we lucked out. There must've been a wrong turn that we've taken.

Katherine: Yeah, there was a down staircase. There you go, we already have a bunch of those.

Hank: Yeah, but we get to save them.

Katherine: I think you only get to save one thing.

Hank: Oh, really?

Katherine: Yeah, uh...

Hank: What're you afraid of me, boo? You so afraid of me? Where you going?

Katherine: I don't know, there's a thing over here, though.

Hank: Hey, alright.

Katherine: I thought I might go get it.

Hank: Don't even think about it, boo. Uh, uh, oh god. (struggling)

Katherine: This level is very slow.

Hank: What's in here? I forgot how to go in the tipes.

Katherine: Tipes?

Hank: Nothing, there was just boos in there. I'm going this way.

Katherine: I guess.

Hank: hurk! a gurk.

Katherine: (laughs) Oh my god.

Hank: You went high.

Katherine: I had a lot of spin. I wa--

Hank: I want to go in too!

Katherine: Just close the door right in my face.

Hank: OK well don't jump right into them.

Katherine: (laughs)

Hank: Is an important rule.

Katherine: Plan accomplished.

Hank: Oh gosh. I figured that was gonna be the case. You're so happy with yourselves you awful...

Katherine: (? 9:47)

Hank: OK.

Katherine: I picked you up.

Hank: That's what happens. Oh gosh! Whaaaa

Katherine: (laughs) You have to do a combo jump and run!

Hank: Yep, combo jump and run. I'm so fast there's fires... and my BLAA--

Katherine: No. No, my crown, no!

Hank: Don't worry about me, boos. Alright. Now we-- I got you. (? 10:17) (panic noises) You just got licked!

Katherine: No, my crown. No my crown.

Hank: Oh, come on! I had a 10,000 there no problem. Uh, and I missed it that time. Well, you did too though. OOH! You didn't even get it! You didn't even get it! You--(babbling) Who's a flagpole now?

Katherine: I mean, if I had done it, I would have gotten on the top. (Hank laughs) But I got stuck behind, because... You know, I mean at least when I do it, I do it all the way.

Hank: I mean, I don't want to brag or anything but--

Katherine: You stole all the shit in the level? (Hank laughing) You didn't share at all? Is that--

Hank: what I-- the bragging?

Katherine: what you want to brag about? About not sharing?

Hank: Anything.

Katherine: It's true. That's what you did.

Hank: OK, let's see if we can get three. Three levels done in one Games with Hank.

Katherine: How long's it been?

Hank: Did that cost? That cost a coi-- a star? How long's it been? It's been 11 minutes.

Katherine: OK, let's do it.

Hank: Let's do it.

  attempt World 3-2 Chain-Link Charge (11:34)

Both: Chain-Link Charge.

Katherine: (?) we can do it.

Hank: Well this doesn't look cold at all. I have this crown, I never have the crown.

Katherine: no-me-no Hahaha, did you see that crap? Oh oh oh, I thought I could climb it.

Hank: I thought you could climb it, too, you couldn't climb it?

Katherine: Turns out I couldn't.

Hank: You must be able to climb it. Why would it be a fence otherwise? I can't break it.

Katherine:  Nothing is happening. I don't know if you're aware of that. (Hank laughs) What the frick? (both laugh)

Hank:  How do you do it? How do you do the thing?

Katherine: Oh, boy, we're not gonna--

Hank: Hey! Hey!

Katherine: I didn't mean it!

Hank: OK, not that button.

Katherine: uhm...

Hank: You can't climb the chain link? Kitty bell? Oh, you can if you're a kitty. That's gotta be it. You can climb everything if you're a kitty!

Katherine: I want it. I want it.

Hank: Not worth it. Alright, it's auto-scrolling, so we sort of have to wait to a certain extent. Ho god. Run kitty! Yeaaaah. I like being a kitty.

Katherine: Oh boy. So sorry. So sorry.

Hank: How did I not--

Katherine: I made your levels go away.

Hank: Run kitty Ruuuuuun.

Katherine: (laughs, almost dies)

Hank: What? Why did I break there? I'm not coming back. I am coming back. What's this?

Katherine: I wanted to go that way, there was a star over there.

Hank: Well, but, over here.

Katherine: But over here isn't a way for me to run away--

Hank: Less danger.

Katherine: (panic noises)

Hank: Did you die?

Katherine: Nope. Not yet. If you keep leaving me I will.

Hank: Well I died.

Katherine: (sigh)

Hank: Game over. Who are we gonna blame?

Katherine: I think-- we didn't succeed in that attempt to finish three three levels in one game--

Hank: No, we've failed, but we played three levels in one games with Hank.

Katherine: We attempted three levels.

Hank: Thanks for watching this episode of previously said Games with Hank

Katherine: Wii Wednesdays.

Hank: Wii Wednesdays. This was Super Mario 3D World, and we are Hank and Katherine. Bye!