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In which John (and many nerdfighters) forget to use the cognitive surplus to do make a lot of awesome for Hank on his birthday. Your ideas (and bday wishes) are needed!

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Good morning, Hank.

It's Monday, May 5th. Oh, shoot! Stupid!

Stupid! Stupid! Um, Hank?

The uh, nerdfighters and I, we uh, forgot your birthday. Well actually a bunch of Nerdfighters remembered your birthday (links in the side bar). And I guess since your birthday is today we haven't technically forgotten it.

But we didn't come together to use our cognitive surplus to make you something awesome. Uh, God, Hank, I can't believe you got all those people to blenderize birthday cakes and eat them for me and then when your birthday comes... nothing! Nerdfighters, we've got to do something or Hank is never gonna forgive us.

I mean if we don't put together something awesome for Hank's birthday, he's probably gonna drop out of the channel entirely. We're gonna have to call it Vlogbrother. And then no one will like our show because everyone knows that Hank is the more popular brother!

Oh boy. Okay, okay. We've got to do something awesome.

There's only one problem: I don't have any awesome ideas right now. I mean I was gonna try and make you a party-blower solo even though I'm totally tone-deaf, but then when I got here to my hotel in Atlanta I was like to the concierge, "Hey, um... where do you get all the party-blowers?" And he was like, "Sir, I'm not legally allowed to answer that question." By the way Hank, my hotel in Atlanta? Very fancy.

In fact there's only one shortcoming: twin beds. What is this, nanny's house? Okay, okay.

Everybody stay calm. Hank is not going to leave the Vlogbrothers channel. He's still my brother.

He's not that mad at me. God, I hope he's not mad at me. Okay, here's what we're gonna do.

First, everybody wish Hank a happy birthday in comments. Then, everybody tell me a really, really good idea- like an idea that is distinctly better than blenderizing birthday cakes and eating them. I will be back here tomorrow, that's right you heard me: tomorrow for the first time in the last sixteen months I'm going to make videos on back to back days.

And in that video I'm going to announce what we're going to do and when we're gonna do it. By the way, Nerdfighters, thanks for all your punishment suggestions. I think we settled on one.

Oh and Nerdfighters, by the way if you live in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday at 6:30 you can come to a library to hear me and Maureen Johnson and Hank Green talking stuff. Details in the video info. Hank- I'm really sorry that we forgot your birthday, so sorry that my voice just cracked.

Anyway, happy birthday Hank, even though I'm not totally convinced that you're getting older because everyone knows that awesome is immortal. Happy Birthday to Hank. Happy Birthday to Hank!

We forgot to do something awesome for the occasion, but we'll make up for it next week. Happy birthday to Hank.