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In which Hank discusses the first person he killed...and how he and his brother worked together to do it.

The video I was talking about... Clay Shirky...Amazing stuff:


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Hello my name is Hank Green, and in early 2008, my brother helped me kill a man. We have blood on our hands!

Dead! I killed him dead! Dead with a knife! Ok not actually with a knife. I killed a man with YouTube. Ok not just me, my brother and I. I half killed him, and John Green half killed him. We've killed a man!

Who is this person? Well, ah, let me show you. Vlogbrothers videos have been viewed on YouTube 11 million times. 11 million. And each one of our videos are 3.7 minutes long, that's 40.7 million minutes. Divided by 60, that's 678,000 hours. Do you see where I'm going with this yet? Divided by 24, divided by 365. Eugh. That's 77.4 years. 77.4 years divided by the lifespan of one human is one. I have blood on my hands. I killed a man. With YouTube videos.

It occurs to me that if I had been making YouTube videos during the 15th century I would have killed two people already.

Now if we take this more literally, this was a very long death. It took John and I a long time to kill this guy. Additionally, if we're being literal, it wasn't a guy. It's probably mostly a girl, but definitely part boy and girl.

I've been curious for some time of the demographics. Do girls like the Vlogbrothers better than boys? Um, very curious. But here's how we can figure that out: just leave your gender in the comments.

Informal demographic analysis. Girl, girl, girl, boy, girl, girl. That will be exciting for us because then we'll know what kind of person we killed. If it's like 75% girl, or if it's 50% girl, 50% boy. I want to know what kind of person I killed (sadistic smile).

Eugh. Blood on my hands!

Seriously though, for some reason I think that this is actually important. I killed a man. With YouTube.

I don't feel bad, but why don't I feel bad. Do I in fact feel that you, right now watching this video are not wasting time? Yes I do. This is not wasting time. In fact all this talk about killing hypothetical people has made me start to think about the big slayers of hypothetical people. We have to spend our time doing something, and there are a lot of things that are not worth our time that we do spend lots of time doing. I am fascinated that our videos have been viewed so many times. But I've done some calculations and it turns out that killing one hypothetical person, not really that big of a deal.

Every year pooping kills about 14,000 hypothetical people. 14,000 times 77 years pooping every year in America. And what you should be doing is watching us while you poop. Multitasking. Every time the Super Bowl comes around, once a year, it eats up more than 150 lives. Eugh.

Interestingly, according to a video that I just watched, people have spent about that much time making Wikipedia. The largest collection of knowledge in the universe was created in the same amount of time that it takes for 100,000,000 Americans to watch the Super Bowl. Huh? I don't understand.

So the point I want to get across here, is that we can choose what to do with our time now. Instead of spending it passively eating up all the information that media companies can possibly give us. Mmm. We can actually be a part of it. So what we need to be searching for, and it's pretty easy to find nowadays, are ways to communicate and participate and create, because we have time. And I know that YouTube provides this, and the internet in general. But I also like to hope that we provide that. Something that we do together. Not something that you do to us, or we do to you, something that we do together. I think that's what this is, and I don't think that's a wast of time.


But thank you, for your life. However little small chunks you wish to give us. We will take them, and we will give ours to you as well. Thank you.

Blood!! Mmm (pop). That's not very good. Eugh. Boy or girl (points down at the comments section