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In which John once again counts his parts poorly.


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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday, May 6th.

Okay Hank, so today's video comes in a number of parts, but I can't tell you how many parts in advance because I haven't had time to, like, go through and, like, map it out and everything because it's just, like, so crazy, busy here at the International Reading Association and I have a very limited amount of time in which to make this video, so I'm just gonna, like, do it as I go. Huh, when I get, like, excited and busy, I get almost Hankian. Hankian's a nice word.

It's like Nietzschean, but, you know, less frighteningly nihilistic. Okay, part one: Hank's belated Birthday. Nerdfighters, you should really go to the video that this one is a response to and look at the responses to those videos because a lot of people made Hank a lot of awesome presents in video form.

Thanks to everyone who did that, you make me look like less of a jerk as a brother, and I appreciate it. But even so, we shouldn't pass up this opportunity to do something awesome, so here's what we're gonna do. Nerdfighters, you have 15 seconds, or one photograph, to show yourselves doing something that Hank would think is awesome.

I'm gonna leave it vague like that so you have some room for creativity. So Nerdfighters, you have until Saturday night at midnight to send your pictures or videos to, an email address which is repeated in textual form in the video info. Part two: If you live in Indiana or North Carolina, please vote today.

Remember Nerdfighters, you vote count. Chocula. Part four: Eventful.

Wait, hold on a second John from 45 minutes ago, this is John from right now, and I've got a question for you. You can't count to three? I mean I know you're bad at math, but let's just go over it really quickly.

First comes part one, then comes part two, then comes part three. God, me from 45 minutes ago is so stupid. So Nerdfighters, as you know from yesterday, Hank, Maureen Johnson, and I are going to be speaking together at this library in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday at 6:30 PM.

Details in the video info. This is something that we might want to do more often, so we've set up a profile at, and if you go to the link that's in the video info, or down here at the Ning, you can request that we come to your city, and then we might come! Oh, Hank, by the way, my tripod for today's video, a stack of brand new Paper Towns galleys.

So I'm gonna give away an Advance Reader's Copy of Paper Towns to one of the Nerdfighters who sends in a picture or video to be included in the "Hank Would Think This is Awesome" birthday project. Okay Hank, I really gotta go to this thing, but I'll see you tomorrow, like, literally, actually. Hooray!