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Greg Benson ( and I were hanging out and he was like "Let's do this dumb thing" and I was like "This isn't going to be very funny."

And I was right!!
Greg: Hey Hank.

Hank: Yeah.

G: Got an idea.

H: OK.

G: How about we pass the camera back and forth and do one line at a time and do sort of like an improvised sketch.

H: I don't have a ton of faith in our ability to do something interesting while doing this but OK.

G: Alright, you start.

H: (Laughs) How many licks does it take...?

G: Seven.

H: Tell me about your childhood.

G: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did I get it right though? Was it seven?

H: No, your childhood.

G: You're gonna cut out the part about the how many licks and the seven part, aren't ya?

H: No! No, I thought that was great!

G: (Laughs) OK, good, 'cause it's gold. Trust me, that is gold.

H: What's the longest fart you ever had?

G: I think it's gonna be this one. Hang on.

(Farts out Photograph by Nickelback)

G: Ah. Whoo!

H: Lengthy.

G: Man, if I had a dime for every time I heard that.