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Alright.  So there's a chance that I'm right now streaming live on YouTube on hankschannel.  I'm using some new software, and you faithful hankschannel audience are my guinea pigs.  You always are.  Um, this is a thing that you know about yourselves, and that nobody minds, I hope.  So I was just gonna try and play QWOP while I do this just to see if this works.  I'm really good at QWOP as you can see.  This is the technique that works best for everybody, it's not really about speed, it's about oh--not dying, which is really life in a nutshell.  Nope.  Nope.  Oh, stop being so wiggly, you little wiggly feet.  7.3 meters.  Nobody's gonna sneeze at that.  Everybody's proud of QWOP man right now.  Everybody's proud.  Oh, nope, nope, you've gotta get your foot--no, you're going backwards now, don't do that. Let's get, let's get, let's get to 10. Let's get to 10 and be proud of ourselves. And then goes to hankschannel and see if indeed there is a live stream happening right now. Who knows if it's happening? Nobody, except for you. Oh, well I fell backwards, so I didn't, I didn't get 10. But let's do it and see.

Are you there? Are you there my, my pretties? My friends? 

*Mumbling* Well it doesn't, it doesn't immediately show up. Though to be honest with you I'm not sure how to check. Nope. That's not what I want. Um, how do you check? Is it broken? I got 74 people here according to this, right here, uh, but how do I tell? How do I see you? How do I go to that? Where did you guys find it when I can't find it? I shouldn't be doing this on my laptop. I'm a dummy. I'm a dummy, guys. 

View as a new visitor. Maybe it will come up if I do that. Nope. It didn't. Oh, live now, testing. Look at that. Live now testing. Something is happening. Look (didn't) me, you guys were looking at me. Oh live now testing (oh live now testing). Ah, you can hear me. That's not ideal.

Let's go back to playing QWOP, because now everyone knows I'm actually here, and there's people. Do you guys want to watch me play QWOP? Or is there something else you'd rather I do? Come on, no, go forward. Yeah, like a running stride. Nope. Too much. No, why? Boo. Okay run like a runner. Do it like a runner. That was backwards. That was right on your head. Ah, what? My ankle broke? Yeah, bouncy. Am I doing this wrong? I think I'm doing it wrong. Well that definitely didn't work. 

Everybody loves QWOP. I can't go forward. 

Yup. Oh yeah that looks good. That looked good there for a second. I was really happy for a moment about my performance. Now I am not. Now my ankle is broken. Look at me go. Look at me go. Look at me go. Look at me go. I'm amazing! Oh, there's my best. Nope. Come on. Yeah. Yeah 9.4. Eat it 9.4. Look at me go. Look at me go. Look at me go! Yes! No! I fell forward, at least. So that's good. 13 metres. Nobody's gonna, Nobody's gonna complain about that. Everybody is going to be super impressed by me.

Okay. Uh, so if I pull this out, maybe I can see the chat while also play QWOP. No. Yes? What, wait what? What are you doing? That work? Okay, I see the chat. "Hank's nose" it's just hank's nose? I'm sorry. Ah. Oh, my computer cannot handle this. It is having a rough time. Uh, apparently I'm not quite cropped right on this screen, but I didn't, you know--worse, I feel like I've done worse in things that I've done in my life. Um, I-I'm just going to have to be, say thank you to all of you who came to watch me test this. The problem is that I'm gonna just close it down. Uh, 'cause one, my laptop can't handle this, two, it's hunger time for me and I need to eat something. But thank you. It did work. The que-- yeah it did work. It's good. It's good, uh, as, as with most live stream software, I get the feeling that it's not designed to be run on a MacBook Air. Um, and I should probably plug in my real, my real computer if I want to do this.

Thanks for watching this episode of, uh, me playing a game, uh, playing QWOP very briefly, and seeing if I could, and what would happen if I did it. So hopefully, that means, means good. Means good. Uh, goodbye. Sorry that this was weird. I hope you have a lovely day. Go back to doing whatever you were doing before this. Where's the button that I push to turn it off? There it is.