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Oh, I'm on... Am I live? Just testing things out! I do this all the time. Accidentally streaming, Comic Sans name under my chin. Don't worry about me.

Oh jeez. Well. Am I, I don't even know if I am, I assume I am. Are people here, though? That's the real question. No. Well, are there? Says 91 people. I apologize. I didn't mean to do this. Worse things have happened.

Oh. Okay, well, I'm leaving though, so thank you for visiting. Wait, why am I here? Why am I there? That doesn't make any sense at all! Why? Hmm, if I go to... Well, that's not good, that's not good. I didn't... Ah, hmm. Hmm. Hello. That's not... That's new. That's new information for me. Okay. So, that's interesting. That's... Ughhh, God, that's frustrating! 

Oh, they really... Hangouts on Air is really not well supported by YouTube anymore. Oh, that's just me with the Comic Sans chin. What if I do this? Are you guys confused? No, no. No. Yeah. I got them with the face.

What, I didn't even know my phone was in here. Um. I did not realize my phone was here. Shoot! Okay, well, that's new information, so. If you stream live on your normal... It was Nick, by the way, saying he was watching my stream. If you stream live with the normal YouTube streaming system, if you go to the channel name/live, so hankschannel/live in this case, you would get the livestream. But when you're doing it with Google Hangouts, everyone has a different video URL, so but you can go to live, hankschannel/live, you just get a blank screen that says that I am streaming, click here to watch. Now, that's not the end of the world, that's not what I was going for. Ugh.

Hankschannel/live, here I am at hankschannel/live, hankschannel is streaming now, testing 251 people watching.  You click on me and we go there, and there I am.  Now I guess that's not so bad because there's always that place you can go to find the new stream, but
still.  Okay well this is my- this is me accidentally streaming on Youtube. I'm testing for- the reason I'm testing, I'll show you. Boop! So that you can see that. I'm testing the Patreon for our Crash Course funds drive livestream for Crash Course, for raising the monies for Crash Course.

Oh and I'm glad I did it because obviously that- frick! And also the
frickin' Google logo sitting sits on the thing! Well I'm glad I turned that on, so now I know that that's gonna be- I gotta work around that Google logo, God dang it! *groans*

So um yeah, I was testing to see how overlays work and yeah I think that- I think that lower thirds work, oh or none, oh I can't have both of those at the same time, well that's not a great system, why? Why can't I have both? Well fine, I guess I'm not gonna have lower thirds. Oh man, tell you what, I can have one or the other, that's it, one or the other, one or the other. Oh man, that's dumb. Well, not the end of the world. So that comes up but the Google logo is there so we've got to work around the Google logo.

How bout if I scale down, does the Google logo get smaller? It does, does get smaller. Yeah okay that's good at least. Oh it's so annoying. Okay well that's what's happening, I was testing this out for the future Crash Course Patreon live stream, if you would like to go support us on Patreon it's, we make
amazing things and everybody loves it. Um... and I think my dad is gonna come over and have dinner and I feel as if I've done something useful and then I discovered that the Google logo comes up over the thing and also that you can't have lower thirds at the same time, and also that frickin chicken.

Ugh, freaking chicken. If you go to it doesn't work so, I mean it does it just doesn't the way that it usually does, frustration. Okay, thank you everyone and peace be with you and I apologize for being weird and always testing publicly. Okay bye!