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In which John drops an extra nerdy brotherhood 2.0 episode in an attempt to pwn young earth creationists.

(And no, that's not textual communication, Nerdfighters, as has been established by repeated precedents.)


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Good morning Hank, it's Monday, October 22, and today we're gonna have an extra special nerdy edition of Brotherhood 2.0.

Which is saying something because you know usually we're fairly nerdy, but today I'm going all out. Hank, as I said, it's October 22 which is according some people is the 6012th birthday of the universe. Hank, in the 17th century, Archbishop James Usher calculated that according to the Bible, the world was created in 4004 BC on October 22 just after nightfall.

That is some precise calculation, Hank. Now as it happens, of course, in addition to be precise, it is also idiotic, but Hank, you can't really blame James Usher for having a bad idea. I mean he lived in the 17th century, when a lot of people had a lot of bad ideas.

For example: Hey, what do you think we should do with all of these people who aren't from Europe?... I don't know, enslave them? And also: Hey, why do you think everyone keeps dying from smallpox?...

I don't know. I've been wondering about that too. Do you mind if I cough directly into your mouth?...

No, be my guest. Go right ahead. Hank, the amazing thing about Usher's chronology is that unlike theories about smallpox and colonization, Usher's chronology has survived pretty well.

There are still a lot of people that believe that the earth is about 6000 years old and all those so-called 'young earth creationists' are inspired by Usher's original chronology. Which frankly strikes me as ludicrous. Anyway, Hank, besides being a gigantic nerd and spending the entire weekend reading about James Usher and his chronology, I've been working a lot.

My wonderful editor at Dutton, Julie Strauss Gabel, sent me back the edits for Paper Towns. Look, Hank, Julie is so organized that she color coded all of the Post-Its in the manuscript. Oh, and speaking of Paper Towns, Hank, have I ever mentioned to you that the phrase 'paper towns' anagrams to 'pants power'?

I might have mentioned that before. Sometimes I can't remember what I have and haven't mentioned on Brotherhood 2.0 because, you know, we've been making these videos every weekday for ten months. But anyway, 'paper towns' anagrams to 'pants power' which I think is totally awesome. 'Paper towns' also anagrams to 'prawn pesto' which sounds delicious.

Anyway, Hank, in other news that I wanted to share with you and the Nerdfighters, I'm also working on another book with my friends Maureen "13 Little Blue Envelopes" Johnson and Lauren "TTYL" Myracle. That book is called "Let It Snow" which anagrams to 'stolen wit'. Did someone steal my wit?

It also anagrams to the motto of the National Association of Poor Spelling Weavers, 'We Nit Lots'. Oh anagram jokes, Hank, they are truly the champagne of nerd humor. Oh, and speaking of champagne and the 17th century, Hank, did you know that it was in or around the year 1670 that a monk named Dom Perignon invented champagne?

Hank, it is said that when Dom Perignon has his first sip of champagne he called out to another monk, "Come quickly. I am tasting the stars." I'll drink to that. Hank, I'll see you tomorrow...

Pants Power!