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In which Hank does a kind of travelog...inspired by Wynflete.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John. It's Friday, October 19th. You may be wondering why you can only see my lips. That is because if I don't get really really really really close to the camera, uh... you can't hear me at all. Because it is very loud on airplanes.

Hello, airplane people!

But before I was on an airplane, I was in a car. Taking a cue from our Australian secret siblings, I've created a kind of travel log. This is Montana. Anyone who experiences motion sickness should likely step away from their YouTube.

This is, uh, pretty much what we do in the car. Anyone who can correctly identify the song that I am currently singing will win a Nerdfighter prize. And then I dropped the camera.

While still in Montana, we needed to relieve ourselves at the world-famous 10,000 Silver Dollar Casino/Bar/Restaurant/Gift Shop/Laundromat/RV Park/whatever else. But the real attraction (besides the bathrooms) is their gigantic collection of silver dollars. I don't know; for some reason, that doesn't actually make sense to anyone except maybe people who have read Neil Gaiman's "American Gods." People just started giving them silver dollars and they just started putting them up on the walls until they had over ten thousand all over the walls, and this is what it looks like.

And this is Abraham Lincoln. And this is the Haugan, Montana post office.

Aaand we're drivin' again. Except wait, wait, what's that? Exit zero? That can only mean one thing! [Singing] Idaho!

As it turns out, Idaho is actually exactly like Montana except, uh, more downhill. But then we got to Washington, which IS different because it has Zip's. And Zip's has sandwiches that have both meat AND ham. And they also have something that may very well be the 9th Wonder of the World and that is this interlocking onion ring. Katherine and I played wishbone with it, and I won. Easy on the pumps, please.

Then we went over the pass into Western Washington and that means... gross weather. And it also means, uh, bad traffic, and then, ohh, worse traffic.

Hank: Freeway expansion improves traffic. Wow. I could show them a couple of graphs disproving that statement.
Katherine: I bet you could.
Hank: I could. I have graphs.
Katherine: I know you do.

Hank: Everybody has a car...

Are there any sixteen-year-old Nerdfighters out there? I would... I would seriously suggest to you that getting a car is kind of like getting a tattoo: seems cool when you're young, but then when you're old, and you still have it, you kind of have to have it for the rest of your life. That you really kind of start to despise and resent it.

Bad traffic makes me cranky. But we got there! We DID get there, to Kirkland, Captain Kirk-Land, Washington.

Well, we got to hang out with Jason. I got to hang out with Brian and then Jason drove us to the airport at, like, six o'clock in the morning, so thank you, Jason, for doing that. I don't know if I would be that good of a friend if I were in your place.

So I have to go because they told me to turn my computer off. John, I will see you on Monday.


Check out what Katherine just found in the SkyMall. WE NEED one of those.