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In which Hank shares a video he edited together with footage from VidCon 2014, and a song from Kina Grannis

And discusses the things that are going to be the same and different at VidCon next year.

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(0:00) [Hank] Good morning John.


*music playing in background*

(0:11) [Jenna Marbles] I, personally live for the hugs, like I live for VidCon, I live for those meet and greets.

(0:15) [Fred Seibert] You are defining the culture that people will talk about for decades to come.

(0:21) [Grace Helbig] It's about the value of an audience and about the value of honesty.

(0:25) [Jeffery Katzenberg] Those who are in it today are the ones who are going to understand it the best tomorrow, and be a part of it as it evolves. That's what I'm investing in. I want to be a part of this as it grows.

(0:36) [Toby Turner] It's just nonstop happiness.

(0:37) [?] I love Vidcon.

(0:38) [John Cozart] Lots of not sleeping.

(0:40) [Burnie Burns] Out of 12 million subs, 12,000 people is what got us to where we were shattering records.

(0:46) [Michelle Phan] Just having the ability and the freedom to create whatever you want.

(0:49) [Song] You took my heart in tow. How could I let you go? 

(0:58) I doubt anyone can keep up, keep up, keep up, keep up, keep up with you. Yeah, I don't anyone can keep up, keep up, keep up, keep up, keep up with you.

(1:17) Just keep on river gone is my friend. Just keep on river gone is mine.


(1:36) [Hank] VidCon 2015 is officially a thing that is going to be a thing! We started VidCon back in 2010 because online video was amazing, and we wanted there to be a time and a place where it could exist in the real world for a weekend. Now, headed into its sixth year, it has gotten to be quite a big thing. It's a convention and a conference and a celebration and a discussion, and I'm gonna spend the rest of this video talking about it.

(1:54) Last year, VidCon had 20,000 people at it, and this is gonna be the first year where VidCon doesn't grow. We're gonna cut of tickets. Basically, the same size as last year. But we are changing some things, so let's talk about that.

(2:03) First, we're still doing the photo signing meet-and-greet thing at VidCon, but we're basically Disney Fast-Passing it. Everyone who registers for a Community Track ticket will, in early Spring, get a message asking them to rank the people that they would like meet in order that they would like to meet them. Based on that ranking, the system will assign tickets to people. If you get a ticket, your badge becomes your pass. There's a barcode on it that will let you into the line. You just have to show up like a half an hour before the signing starts, 'cause you're guaranteed to be in the line. The goal is that everyone will arrive at VidCon knowing what to expect.

(2:30) Second, the whole convention center. Same number of people, twice as much space. We're gonna have five main floor stages that everyone at the conference will have access to. These stages will have things like panels on the culture of online video and the internet, including discussions of race and gender. They'll host performances and interviews and audience Q&As and live shows and dance parties and concerts and contests.

(2:50) And having all of this based on the ground floor has allowed us to, number three, create a new track, the Creator Track, for people who aren't just fans but who are interested in the process and craft and business of creating online video. There will be panels, workshops, and discussions, a lounge specifically for Creator Pass holders, and a Creator-specific keynote session. It's slightly more expensive and, because of limited capacity in the signing hall, it doesn't have access to any of the signings or photos, but it includes all of the rest of the downstairs content.

(3:13) Vidcon 2015 is going to be, I think, fantastic. We've got a great team put together and we're already designing a bunch of amazing content that I'm really excited about. I know that a mast majority of people that want to go to Vidcon can't go to Vidcon just because of, you know, size of the planet.

(3:25) So, of course,  I have to end this video by just apologizing to all of you who can't come. The good news is, the real culture of online video happens right here and you have access to that, I assume, because of how you are listening to my words.

(3:37) John, for the last time, in a while at least, I'll see you tomorrow.


(3:41) Just a final Pizzamas end screen about how great this has been to do it this way for a couple of weeks. I can't keep it up, but I'm so glad we did it. John, I know it was even harder for you being on the set and everything, but, thanks for doing it. It's been so cool. Thanks to everyone for being here for Pizzamas. It's fun, it's so good, it felt good.