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In which John is repeatedly interrupted by Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne while trying to share thoughts about the Project for Awesome 2014.

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Good morning Hank, it's Wednesday. It is morning, but it is once again night-morning, as you can seee - oh look! Jupiter!

All right Hank, it is nearly dawn in Roscoe, New York.
Readers of the book will likely know from the setting that it's a pretty serious day, so I don't think I'm gonna be messing around too much with Nat and Carr today. Instead, let's talk about the Project for Awesome.


So Hank, the Project for Awesome -

Hiiiiii! (laughter)

So -
so -
So Hank, the Project for Awesome is a -
So Hank, the Project for Awesome is a

That's Nat Wolf, who plays Q in the movie, and, um, John Lennon, who plays Margo Roth Spiegelman.

I'm improvising now.
(Laughter from John).

Heeey Macarena!
To the left!
One maca-two-maca-three-macarena, nanananana, heeey macarena!

Right! So the Project for Awesome is an annual charity event in which the Nerdfighter community tries to decrease word suck and increase world awesome.

Uh, the Project for Awesome will be on December 12th and 13th, which is actually 4 days away from my birthday. 4 and 5 days away from my birthday.

When's your birthday?

December 17th.

That's when the Project for Awesome usually is, but we had to move it because of the end -

Because it's his birthday!!!!

Yeah, it's my birthday!
Yeah, we gotta focus on Nat's birthday that day.
Yeah, project for Nat.

I thought this change might be better received if it came from, you know, Nat and Carr - oh - this just got so weird. I'm having such an unpleasant experience.

So we're moving the Project for Awesome to December 12th mostly because of the Paper Towns shoot but also because of Nat's birthday. I'm sorry about that, but I, I really want to be part of it.

But Hank, we also want to talk to Nerdfighteria about maybe doing other things differently, beginning with comments.

So the Project for Awesome started out in 2007 with YouTubers making videos about, like, charity, instead of, you know, cats on Roombas or whatever.

This is back when people discovered YouTube videos primarily on, like, the "Most Discussed Page" or the "Top Rated Page."

Nerdfighteria came together to essentially hijack YouTube's algorithm. And that was amazing, back when those pages existed. But then, YouTube made comments progressively less important to discovery. Basically, comments spamming just doesn't work anymore.

I dunno where to vlog from so I think I'll go to this creepy abandoned building.

So the other challenge that we have is that traditionally, 100% of the Project for Awesome's money goes to charities chosen by Nerdfighteria at

So this is a great system, but two things: first, it's hard to get, like, matching money from wealthy private donors. And second, because we're all always so busy comment-spamming, I think that sometimes there isn't enough attention paid to the actual, like, voting for charities.

So here is my proposal, and Nerdfighteria, I want your feedback about this, any new ideas you might have...

The first day of the Project for Awesome, we raise money for three organizations that are known to be excellent and efficient when it comes to combating global poverty and disease. This will allow us to get a lot of matching donations, like potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, and also to decrease a known cause of world suck.

And then the second day of the Project for Awesome will be all about raising money for charities chosen by Nerdfighteria, and instead of comment-spamming, we'll have, like, meaningful discussions in comments of Project for Awesome videos.

So to summarize, Hank, here is my proposal: December 12th and 13th instead of December 17th and 18th. On December 12th, at noon Eastern, everyone who wants to uploads a video about a charity of their choice. Members of the Nerdfighter community try to watch as many of those videos as possible, have substantive discussions in comments, and then all of Nerdfighteria votes carefully and thoughtfully for their favorite charities at

All of the money raised after the first day of the Project for Awesome will go to those charities, all of the money raised on the first day that are well-regarded in the field of global health and poverty.

And I can't decide if I should go in this door. I kind of want to.

Oh, it's a bathroom! Oh, it's quite lovely.

We've experimented a lot with the format and scope  of the Project for Awesome over the years but one thing has never changed: it is my favorite time of year to be a Nerdfighter, and I can promise you: this year, the perks are going to be amazing.

I'm going to go back to the movie set, I will see you- this is the last time I get to say this, it's kind of a bummer- tomorrow.