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In which Hank creeps on some ladies, buys an axe, finds a pyramid and infiltrates a lair of the followers of Romulus.

Last time on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0" I finished a memory sequence. Now we are starting sequence seven, "The Key to the Castello," which I don't know what I'm going to be doing but isn't Rome beautiful, with the flashing and the sparkling? So sparkly. 

(0:15) This is me, they took away my awesome French armor.I'm very disappointed, but there's a bank right here, so that's some good news. What am I doing, just staring? *creepily* Hello, girls. I was just staring at you and now I've landed very near you. *normally* Yeah, rub your necks in the exact same way. Are you going to adjust, yes, are you gonna do your hair now? No? Well, so, how's it going? I'm totally a creepy dude, sitting on your bench with you. That was creepy. I agree. I thought that it was gonna be less creepy; I thought that you were maybe gonna wanna talk, but... totally creepy. 

There's nothing in the Vault. (?~1:00)In the vault. In the vilt. 

I have an eye twitch right now, I dunno what that's from. That's annoying. 

(1:07) Yes, I shall talk with you! I want to buy a weapon that is big and awesome. *reading in a British accent* Old Syrian Sword. *normally* Bearded Axe. *imitating Gimli from LOTR* And my axe! *normally* I mean I'm, I mean maybe. What about a condo- Whoa nice! That hammer looks great. But it's a really kinda crappy weapon, actually. Sicilian Rapier. Bastard Sword. That one's pretty awesome. Heavy weapons. What should I get, the bastard sword or the bearded axe? Bastard sword is better. No, I'll take the *Gimli impression again* bearded axe. Yes. 

(1:56) Small weapons. I don't need a small weapon. I need ammunition. Crossbow bolts. All of them I can handle. Yes. Yes. Thank you. I'll also get another throwing knife. Yes. Yes. Yes. 
Shop quests. I need another Indian Diamond! Oh, so many Vlad the Impaler Coins to get the Spada Lunga. Captain's Sword. I haven't seen any totems yet. 

(2:30) (Blacksmith: You'll be well satisfied, I know it!) *in a weird accent* Thank you sir, I'm very glad to hear you think so. This accent has nothing to do with anything in reality. Hello. Hello? *normally* Where are you going? Where're you going? Where're you going? Where you going? Where you going? Where you going? I'm coming. Awwww you stepped on my hands! That was mean. Okay. I don't really wanna chase that guy, he's no fun. 

(3:01) Where am... Wow, all the way down here, huh? There's nothin' around there. I didn't even know I could go down there. There's a viewpoint right there. That's great. That's a long way away. And there's no... There's absolutely no way of getting there. There's no tunnel. That's what I'm looking for. I'm gonna open up this doctor. I've gotta restore more of Rome, you know? I gotta restore the place! It's such a sad little town, it needs my love. 

(3:36) So I'm gonna be starting, I probably have already started, Lego Harry Potter, which is exciting. Thank you for my subscriber base growth, my subscriber growth, so I can start a new Let's Play. I have also been looking at Death Spank? Death Spank looks pretty awesome, and I'm considering Let's Playing that as well. 

(4:05) Horsey! Hello! Hello! Trample! Trample trample tram- aww you went right through that dude! Nicely done, horse! Lovin' it. Let's go! 

*singing* Doo doo doo, deaths of trample, doo doo doo doodoole doo, you're all gonna die! I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you, yes you're all gonna die! Doo doo doooo

(4:32) Go down the stairs. Ohh, ohh, you're all, oh yeah, where am I goin? Where am I? Oh, goodness gracious, the horse is like "No thanks, dude. That is not what horses do. You are confused."

Sorry, sorry, ran into you. One time, is there a way to get across this without getting wet? No? I think that that was the place where I killed those people that one time. Probably could go for any place in all of Rome. 

(5:10) Okay, good, I can still get a horse. You came out of the water! "I was waiting in the water for you, sir! I thought you would want me. I was in the water." Faster, horse, faster. You know what I haven't seen any of is graveyards. I bet there were graveyards back then, they buried people. Oh, maybe they did like mausoleums and stuff. That would be interesting to know. 

(5:39) What is thi-What? Giant pyramid? That's awesome! Why are you worried about me, mister arrow man? 

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I seem to have found myself a place where I cannot go. Wow, what is this? Tell me about it.

*reading* This giant tomb... *normally* I was just saying that I hadn't seen any graveyards! *reading* This giant tomb was built between 18 and 12 B.C.E. for Caius Cestius who was both a magistrate and a member of the Roman religious corporation... *normally* Religious corporation? Interesting. *reading* ...known as septemviri Epulonum, which was in charge of creating religious feasts for the gods, and distributing swag during parties. *normally* Really, really? That sounds awesome. *reading* During the construction of the Aurelian Walls between 271 and 275, the pyramid was built into the bulwark, forming a triangular bastion in an effort to cut costs on the snowballing wall project. The faces of the pyramid are far steeper than its Egyptian ancestors. This is attributed to erroneous sketches of the Egyptian pyramids which acted as the chief reference for its construction. 

(6:44) That is fascinating! I am fascinated by that. Do I see something? I can, like, upgrade it. It cannot be upgraded cause it's under Borgia tower influence. This Borgia tower over here. Right there, that one. 

So, I know that I haven't done much this episode, sometimes- Oh! There's a Romulus... I'm gonna start this. I'm gonna do this. I love these. These are fun. The side quests in this game are really fun, you know, aside from chasing the messenger and punching the lute player, the side quests are fun. I really like the "Leonardo's War Machines" ones and I really like the Romulus ones. Very different kinds of missions, but both very entertaining, and very different from the actual story line. So, yeah, good on them for doing that. 

(7:39) I know what a detection meter is by this point in the game. 

*singing* Infinite grid, infinite grid, I'm runnin' around in the infinite grid. *laughs* *speaking* I always sing it wrong. *singing* I can run anywhere in any direction, except up and-*speaking* Ewww! Oh, I just made out with a skeleton. 

So I'm in a tomb! Why would there be flies. Why would there be a lit torch? That doesn't make any sense. 

(8:09) I'm gonna, yes, I'm gonna locate the lair. Let's go, let's do it. Let's locate the lair. This is not creepy at all. Damp skeletons? I don't mind. Ohh, it fell apart right as I walked past it. Oh, I almost didn't jump over that. I wonder what would happen if I- What, why can't I look down in the hole? I don't think anything would happen if I fell down there 

(8:35) *singing* Doo doo doooo, doo doo dooooo. *speaking* I'm just gonna keep going, I'm just gonna keep pushing forward and The jump button. Can I climb something? Am I going somewhere? Oh, I thought I was gonna be able to grab onto that pole. I was wrong. I was wrong. So wrong. Okay. 

(9:03) *singing* Doo doo dooo, doo doo doooo, doo doo doo do-do doo doo doooo. *speaking* Can I grab this? Oh, what? That was the wrong direction, Ezio! What the frick? 

So I've begun this Romulus mission, and I'm going to not finish it this day, I assure you. 

I guess I have to jump this way. It looks as if, if my scheduling is correct, that I need to end this episode of "Hank Green Plays Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 2.0" because you know how it is. I cannot make these things too long, or my computer explodes and YouTube gets angry. So, thank you for watching, you will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me next time on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0" as I infiltrate this Romulan tomb. Goodbye!