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In which Hank learns Lumos and how to make a Strength Potion, and makes his dog howl some.
Last time on "Hank Green Plays Harry Potter 1-4" he was just learning the Lumos spell. So exciting. And he was having a very hard time. He, meaning me, is having a very hard time building this LEGO...thing.

Um, apparently Harry is a little bit heavy on his feet right now, but Hermione didn't have any problems doing it. Uhhh switching back to Lumos. Good. No, Lumos. Lumos, Harry. Do it to these things, make them go away. Good. Good boy. Okay now you...Wingardi..Levio...Wingardiosa. Wingardium Leviosa. And drop it. And become Hermione. No, Hermione. No, Hermione. No, Hermione. Yes. You can now hold C. Yes that is clear to me. I have obviously done this in the not ideal situation. Um, but it works, so meh!

Shoot those things! Shoot it all! Um, yes so I've, I've done a fantastic job so far if I do say so myself. What did you do? Okay. And it's so dark, but I know I have it, so let's get down here. Put it down! Put it down! Put it down! Good job. So close.

Oh there's a freakin poster on the wall that shows you how you're supposed to do it! Good lord! That's embarrassing. Why can't Harry do it? Spaz. You must be like...beautiful jumping ability like Hermione has? Um, nope. This, thank you.

So, hopefully the last one will be very nearby. Oh, there it is. Hooray! I did it! I found them all! Why are you so slow though Hermione? Jeez! Yesss Lumos unlocked! Doooosh!

Lemon was like "why did you make so much loud noise dad? Why? Are you mad at me?" She always thinks I'm mad at her whenever I make a loud noise, which is bad because I'm a loud guy. May have noticed. I can project. Um, right.

(weird girly voice) Let's do this thing guys. Let's do it, we did it, let's go! Screw this level! I'm done with it! I don't need it anymore. Hello mister ghosty man. Tell me where to go with your ghosty bolts. Show me the ghosty bolt trail! 


Lemon, what?

(voice again) You don't like the way that I talk? You don't like my voice? You don't like the ghosty bolt voice. 

Lemon! (lemon whines in the background)

It's okay honey, I'll stop doing that. I'll stop doing it. You're hilarious.

What are you doing with that..with that? Stop it! Can I pick you up? Drop it! Drop it you bad boy! Drop it! Yes! You, drop it, drop that thing. That is not yours to keep. Why can't I shoot you? What the frick! Why is this so hard? You're right there. Can I just punch you in the face? Maybe I can stab you with my hidden blade?

Oh, I had to scare him. What's going on? Yes, Gryffindor Girl, unlocked! Lemon's doing just fine now, if you were wondering. She's laying perfectly peacefully. She did not like..she did not like my ghosty bolt voice.

Bloop! (sings/imitates game sounds)

So many bolts in the world, it's just insane how many bolts there are. What is this? Do something with it, Harry. Draw! Draw a girl. I'm a bad, bad drawer. Get..yes, blue bolt! Blue bolt, yes.

What is that? What is in there? What is..what are you doing? Whatatattat? Bloop! Meow, kitty. I don't wanna do that again. I've seen the snake animation already. I'm really not good at like, super collect-y things.

Oh I can't go that way. Hogwarts prefects won't let you in to places you shouldn't be. Maybe you can...what, sneak past them? Whatever. It doesn't matter, I don't want to go there anyway. I wanna go this way, where the big giant arrow thing is telling me to go.

And I need a Lumos. Need a Lumos. Yay! I got...ooh.ooh ooh. Get, get. So they all have different skills, I guess. Harry can't jump, and, uh, and uh, Ron is slow. But Hermione seems to pretty awesome, just in general. What a surprise.

Oh, why do you have a rat? I didn't think he would like rats. We're gonna do potions? Hi kitty! Hermione has the answer.  What are we talkin' about? We're talkin' about how to make potions. What is the....proper use of a Bezoar? 

So, pulling chains. Apparently something about pulling chains. Grumble grumble! Snapey grumble!

(singing) You would not believe your eyes!

Remember, hold C to select different spells or use 1 and 2 to cycle through them. This is something I figured out before the first time you told it to me. Except for the 1 and 2. That was actually useful.

What? Whaaaaahh! Hey, Ron, I need you. I need...actually I need your friend here. Yeah Scabbies. Get..get..get in it. Oh shoot. Before I do that, apparently Hermione has to put this back together. Nope. Yes. Nope, yes. This one. What am I doin' I fixing it? Yes, fixed!

Okay Scabbie. Scabbie, buddy. Z. Out of the pocket. You're a big rat! Ah, come on. Yeah, up the ramp. Thank you! Okay. Oooh hooray! Good job Scabbers!

Did it! Got you. Got you, got you, got you. Uh, now how do I put it in here? Like that! See, it wouldn't let me do that before, because apparently...oh I have to get strong. Right, we have to use our magic to do a strength potion. Okay, that makes perfect sense.

Uhhh....snakey snakey! Don't eat anybody. But do vomit up that thing. How do I pick it up? How do I pick it up? Hello, how do I pick it up? I'm gonna get this blue bolt. Gotcha.

Bloop! Okay now I just need that wrench lookin' thing. Does this have anything to do with it? Maybe? Maybe, you never know. You never know what'll happen. Makin' it rain. Work the pole. I gotta bank roll. I prefer them no clothes. She threw it back at me I gave her more. Cash  ain't no problem I know where it goes.

(singing) Shawty had them apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur. The whole club was lookin' at her. She hit the floor, next thing you know, Shorty got low. Shorty got low, low, low. Shorty got low, low.

There's a freakin dead body in there! Oh I probably have to end this episode of "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood" Ah! I did it again, I did it again! Darn it.

This episode of "Hank Green Plays LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4" Uh, 'cause it's been too long. But I've got my potion, I've finished my po..poi..poison? Why can't I say potion? Finished my potion. And now I'm gonna drink this potion and pull this chain and then this episode is going to end.

Potion is now ready, press Z to take a gulp. Yeah Hermione! Oh, you're beef Hermione! Beefed it. Pull it! Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green Plays LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." Goodbye!