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We've been making Crash Course and SciShow for more than a year now and, of course, we can't do it by ourselves. So I wanted to take you around our offices a bit and introduce the people who help us make this stuff.

Also, we raised a CRAZY amount of money through the Project for Awesome. There were also a CRAZY number of videos made promoting charities and IndieGoGo assures us that we've broken a number of their records. So that's pretty dang cool.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the P4A a success this year.


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A Bunny
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Hank: Good morning John, and welcome to the CrashCourse/SciShow offices in Missoula.

This is Michael Gardner's office. Say hello.

Michael: Hi.
Hank: Michael Gardner makes, it all happen.
This is all the 2D glasses.
Michael: And then there's the blank giant wall.
Hank: Yeeeaaah you get to stare at that all the time.

Hank: This office... what's that?! It's the Katherine. Hello Katherine. Hello.
Katherine: Hard at work!
Hank: There's a Lemon bed there too, but no Lemon.
Katherine: No Lemon!
Hank: And this is our current Project for Awesome staging table.

(Knock knock)
Blake: Helloooo?
Hank: Hello Blake.
Blake: How you doin' Hank?
Hank: Blake is, uh, the head of editorial.
Blake: I'm writing about the world's largest penguin, which is now extinct.
Hank: Your lighting is actually really good in here.
Blake: Yeah!
Hank: You look fantastic.
Blake: Oh well thanks!
Hank: [inaudible] secret Easter egg, what's happening here?

Hank: Is Nick in his office? (knock knock knock)
Nick: No!
Hank: N...Nick is not in his... there he is! What is Nick doing?
Nick: Measuring.
Hank: Measu...Measuring?!?
Nick: My wife gets on me for pronouncing measuring weird.
Hank: That's because y'do!

Hank: Nick is building the new CrashCourse set... It's beautiful! It looks really good on camera!

Hank: You may recognize Nick's voice from such things as Hank and Katherine and Michael and Nick play Super Mario Brothers Wii.
Hank: (screaming) WIIUUUUU!

Hank: And also his YouTube channel thelonelydirector.
Nick: Yes which has been lonely for a while but um
Hank: It's been a lonely place. Is it coming back?
Nick: It is coming back.

Hank: Let, let's just do it like this!
Nick: Ok.
Hank: It's awesome
Nick: That makes my job a lot easier.

Hank: We're gonna keep going through the studio, it's kind of labyrinth-y.

Hank: Helloooo?!?
Caitlin: Hello!
Hank: Hi.
Caitlin: Hi.
Hank: Do you mind if you're on the internet?
Caitlin: I don't mind if I'm on the internet, hi internet.
Learning about how dirty that cutting board is.
Hank: It's gross.
Caitlin: It's, all sorts of fecal matter in there.
Hank: You maybe have the best view.
Caitlin: I do.

Hank: This is Peter's office. (knock knock knock knock)
Peter: Hello!
Hank: This is Peter.
Peter: My first name actually has a hyphen in it. It's Peter-Max.
Hank: That is not normal.
Peter: It's NOT normal.

(Sword-fighting noises)
Hank: I'll get you!
Hard to do while filming at the same time!
(More sword-fighting noises)
Hank: Ahhh! Mah Nuts!
Hank: Peter designed this poster.
Peter: It's like Milo and Otis, but cobra and tardigrade.
Hank: The tardigrade is named Milo, in all things. Every tardigrade.
Peter: Every tardigrade is Milo.

Peter: Check out this entertainment center.
Hank: Yeah! We got an N64 and no TV!

Hank: Hey look it's Katherine doing her work. There it is.
Katherine: It's my other desk.
Hank: It's a family affair.
Katherine: We are... all a family.

Hank: And now I've closed the door to my office, 'cos I wanna say a few things. To the people in this office who have become my friends I'm very proud, of what we've done together, I think that we've created really great things. Always, they have gone above and beyond, and on top of that they have offered to donate their time shipping out items for the Project for Awesome. And together we're working on some really cool new stuff that I'll tell you about in a second, but first I wanna talk about the Project for Awesome because w..waaah.

Through the Indiegogo campaign we raised three hundred and ninety seven thousand dollars, and if you include all of the other donations that happened throughout the internet for the Project for Awesome it was more than half...a million...dollars. More than seven hundred thousand comments, each one of them costing John Green a penny. More than fifteen thousand individual donors and thousands of amazing Project for Awesome videos. There are so many good causes that are going to be supported by this so thank you all so much for participating in whatever way you did.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people on projects, like the Project for Awesome, like Lizzie Bennet diaries, like SciShow and CrashCourse, like DFTBA Records and VidCon, and the truth is I just love to create and to help people create.

So a quick announcement: When I recently went to the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum and met Emily, and saw her enthusiasm and how comfortable she was on camera, and the depth of her knowledge, and also got a lot of comments from people telling me to make her have her own YouTube show, we decided that we should have her have her own YouTube show. And we decided to go after it pretty significantly, so in the new year, she and Michael Aranda will be producing a new show called The Brain Scoop out of that museum. You should go and check it out and subscribe:

I'm starting to feel like my mission in life is to create cool things and to help people create cool things, and I'm very grateful to be working with people who have those same goals, including you, John. I'll see you on Tuesday.