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The Campaign is Over! And we raised more than $480,000!!!! I honestly can't believe how huge this was. Thank you all for being so awesome and I look forward to fufilling all of your perks and distributing the money to charity soon!

Good morning, John. This is a special edition vlogbrothers video. I have news for you. So far we have raised an insane amount of money through the Project for Awesome, more than $450,000. But right now, is your last chance to donate to the Indiegogo campaign. Last chance to donate to the 2012 Project for Awesome! Things that you can get right now at the Project for Awesome Indiegogo page that will only be online for the next 3 hours include: an mp3 of my face, which is a weird thing to say, but it's a great song that Ethan Newberry and I came up with together; for $10 you can be on the Awesome List of Awesome; for $15 you can get a shared word story from Holly Black and Cassandra Clare; for $20 you can get an ebook containing two unpublished short stories by John Green that led directly to the publishing of The Fault in Our Stars and a forward or an afterward, or something, and a piece of The Sequel, a currently abandoned novel; for $30 you can get the "Men of Youtube" charity calendar featuring me in a toga, and George Watsky... George Watsky. For $48 there's the P4A shirt - this is the only place you can get the P4A participation shirt - and the P4A participation pin. There are still some Will Wheaton bottle cap necklaces left. And for $100 - there are only 6 of these left - an in-studio used script from SciShow or CrashCourse. Thank you all for making the Project for Awesome so extraordinarily successful. There we so many amazing videos. I found so many new and awesome youtubers, I made new friends, I live streamed with some of the coolest people in the world... Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen: all of the volunteers, all of the donors, all of the givers. You all are awesome. I cannot believe this. And John, you will see me tomorrow. (Look at Hank's Face plays)