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In which Hank is a little bit weird and has a hard time concentrating, but does eventually get around to the point...well...actually not really, I don't think there's much of a point to this one.

Oh, and to answer the contemplative question I ask myself in the video...if two sets of identical twins got married to each other, the kids they have would be /biologically/ siblings, but of course /geneologically/ cousins. WEIRD RIGHT!!

The song during sledding is BlogVrothers by Michael Aranda:


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A Bunny
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Good morning John and happy holidays to everybody, and I hope you're enjoying your holiday break if you get a holiday break.

It's a time for contemplation. If two sets of identical twins got married, would their kids be siblings, or cousins?

Playing with new presents!
[Drum solo]

And coloring in nude Oods because at four o'clock in the morning on December 18th you decided that would be a really good way to spend a good portion of your life.

Three hundred pieces of Hanklerfish art though; almost done! I have become extremely good at drawing Hanklerfish. If I have learned anything I've learnt over the last year, it's that if you do something ten thousand times, you get pretty good at it! The first time I drew an anglerfish it was like: uh...i then the fin tail thi-argh. What an octopus with the th-argh got to get the dangler...oh god.
And now I'm like: Swoop, chicka, swoop, back, line, line, line, line, line again, and then the little fin and then the teeth and then you get the dangler and the light!

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't actually pretty proud of this. I think there's something about becoming an adult that, like, you're not supposed to be proud of your accomplishments anymore. "I'm out of debt!" or "I got a job!" or a new car or "I can afford a couch!" Oh, well you're an adult what do you want, a cookie? Yes! I want a cookie! I'm going to go and get a cookie!

We didn't have any cookies. But we did have these terrible donuts that the USDA says has 45% of my daily allowed saturated fat! Why do the USDA decide what's healthy to put in food anyway? They're the department of agriculture. I would think that that would be decided by the department of health and human services, which is responsible for the health of Americans, not by the USDA which is responsible for the health of the agriculture industry. But I'm not paying attention to either of them, 'cause donut.

Which brings me back to what we were originally talking about (not really) which is nude Oods (not really). Tangentially, The Project for Awesome. So we raised, let's be honest, more money than anybody had expected. We had originally planned to split the money between the charities featured in the top five Project for Awesome videos, but then it was like...oh.

We have enough money the account that I feel like we could expand the pool and still have people getting more money than we expected. So, we're talking about expanding it to spread the love to ten charities. Now of course, this isn't originally what we planned on doing, so I wanted to leave it up to the community to decide, so there's a poll in our pants, which is, there's a link in the description if you would like to vote on whether the money is split between five charities or ten charities. We're thinking it might be nice to have more winners and also that the money would do more good if it went to more charities.

And now I leave you with another thing you should be doing this holiday season if you can: sledding with the ones you love.

[Music: Blog Vrothers by Michael Aranda]

I don't know how this is going to go... probably poorly. Okay...oh jeez...very fast! Argh! Snow face.

Hank: Ooh, are you okay? How's your face?
Katherine: My face is awesome! Ow! My hat!
Hank: Your hat looks fine. You're very pretty.

Alright, this is definitely going to go worse. I'm going head first this time. Head first! Head first! Don't drop the camera!

There she is. Here she comes. And there she goes... backwards.

The aftermath!

Katherine:There's snow in my ear!
Katherine: Sledding!
Hank: Sledding!

Hank: This is how we get back to the car, here in Missoula.
Katherine: See you later!

John, this was a weird video, I'll see you on Tuesday!