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Sorry...somehow GLADoS stole my sound!

In which Hank goes behind the scenes at Aperture Science...and begins a steady upload of Portal in expectation of Portal 2
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Portal. Last time on Hank Green plays Portal I escaped from the oven - this was bad. And they wanted to bake me, but I did not want to be baked.

(0:14) So now, I have to shoot myself up there, which as far as I know is going to be quite difficult. But I have to hit this, land back in this, and then - yes! I did it. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. So that was a nice big jump. I'm proud of myself. I have used the tool that they have given me to - I'm going to turn it against them. Because they wanted to kill me, and I didn't want to die.

(0:46) So now I am behind the scenes of Aperture Science Laboratories and now we understand why this is such a great game, because it starts out as a puzzle game - aaaah - and it becomes much more serious enterprise. 

(1:03) There's a door that I opened. So if only my compatriot - haa, are you alive? No? So if only my compatriot - the nice man with the, who was so upset about the cake, could have done what I did, but he didn't and somehow he died behind the scenes, very sad. Come on, let me through. This equipment starts and stops automatically.

(1:39) And so we now, theoretically are no longer in the game. We are outside of the game while still being in the game. Ah, ah! What happened? I ran into the fricking fan blade! Damn. GLaDOS was talking to me too. 

(2:08) Oh, so. That, if you're wondering, is why the game Portal is so well loved. Get through! Phew, okay I missed it that time - woah, and then I almost ran right into the stuff. So, this is no longer part of the game, theoretically, and we have to find a way out, 'cause that - that looks promising, what is it? Yes, it is.

(2:51) Whew, okay, where are we going, we're going over there, or we going here? We're not going here, there's nothing there to go to. We're going over here. Eh? Nope, that's the same as that way. This way? Nope. How do we get to that bridge, I think is the question. This is broken. That was the original way to get there, but I cannot, I can no longer take that route. Nothing on the ceiling. Nothing, can't shoot through glass.

(3:34) I don't really understand how this stuff works, but that's okay. That I'm not concerned with. Do that, and then try and fall through. Except - oh, there we go. Yes! I can't believe that worked, oh my God! I was pretty sure I was gonna die. 

(4:01) I'm just coming over here 'cause I'm curious. So it's got a staircase so I'm not going to hurt myself. Um, it does not seem necessary to be here. Well, it's got - what's that? Get up on that. Oh, it's like I can see the outside! But I'm not going outside, because that is not how this game operates.

(4:39) Alright. Let's keep on moving, let's go this way. Maybe that is the way I'm supposed to go, I don't know. Um, but supposed to, there's not supposed to be a supposed to anymore. Look at this: Aperture Science source code just spinning across, all the stuff that matters. Broken plaster everywhere.

(5:06) Opening that up, that's no good, that's not useful. I don't think, maybe it was. There's a test chamber that I already did. They're supposed to be watching me, but they're not. So we see, we see the story behind the story that it wasn't telling us, that - no, that's where I was before - that things at Aperture Science have gone sour.

(5:31) And here we have a PowerPoint. We see that the "a case study: genetic life form and disk operating system: GLaDOS", "dollar and sense, competing with Black Mesa". And so, like, you see, this is how it seems like a real story to me, because it knows more than it's telling you. The story's there, but it's not telling you the story, it's letting you find the story. 

(5:58) "What is Black Mesa? 2.5% of all DoD contracts, 10 billion dollars in federal money, not bound by government performance and results act, no bids for excluded resource" but Aperture is currently much smaller than Black Mesa, but their goal is to make it much much bigger.

(6:22) And, that is human greed, and that is how we get into these horrible situations. And this, uh, is an explanation of what GLaDOS is. Oh, where am I and where am I going and what am I doing and look at all these Aperture Science computer-deedooters.

(6:41) Oh, I can open this, and there is another portal that I went through recently, and a keyboard with special keys, this is something about somebody failing. Failed. Something failed. Oh, see, and exploring and finding all the clues to what Aperture Science is, what has happened, who GLaDOS is, and how we should be reacting, are all part of this story and the, sort of, excitement of the game. And also now, we don't know what we're supposed to be doing, which makes things confusing.

(7:26) Aaah, I missed again! Okay, I don't wanna, I don't want to fall off of that. Here, I'll just go there, that should - ah! Where am I? What just happened? Where did I land? Where am I? Hello? Why did I fall?

(7:50) Aha! Is that where I'm going? Open a portal! It's the portal material; that's the portal material! Come on, that's how that works. Oh, so close to out, but nothing to shoot up there. Oh, that's going through a window, never mind. Oh, woah, woah, woah, almost killed myself. 

(8:15) So maybe here? And then I fall through an orange one? That worked. (GLaDOS: What are you doing?) Don't worry GLaDOS! Ah, the deception. I know your tricks now, you little hussy! You computer hussy! (seeing the writing on the wall) Oh, you made it this far; he made it this far! That's encouraging. I'm not the only one.

(8:47) Okay, aaaah! Don't hurt me block. Where are we going? Okay, that was close. Where are we, where am I going? Woah, woah, no. Am I stopped, did I stop? Where am I?

(9:07) I've been here before. This is where I've been before. (GLaDOS: It was a fun test and we're all impressed at how much you won) (laughing) GLaDOS, you're hilarious, I love how hilarious you are. 

(9:27) Now I've already been here, so where the frick am I supposed to go from here? What's going on? How? How am I supposed to go somewhere from where I've already been? Oh my God! Huh. I forgot all about this part. I don't know anything about what I'm supposed to be doing right now. Oh. I see.

(9:58) Well, we're going to face this obstacle next time on Hank Green plays Portal, when you will not see me and I will not see you, but I will continue my investigation into the mystery of Aperture Science, the evil GLaDOS and things will continue getting more interesting. Thank you. Goodbye.