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Haven't you ever wanted a nice shiny website at a dot com domain? But you didn't want to pay someone to do it, and figured it was too complicated?

Well, that changes now! Hank Green, who has been a professional web developer for almost 10 years, is letting out some secrets. It's really easy to get a domain, web hosting, and a working web site in under four minutes of work.

Just follow his simple instructions, and you'll be set by the end of the day.


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Good morning, John.

It is Friday, May 21st. I've been a lot of things in my life. I've been a biochemist.

I've been an environmental blogger. I've been a social media consultant. I've been a videographer.

I've been a Wal-Mart associate. But, for a long time, there, I was a professional web developer. I still get people asking me all the time, "Hank, can you help me set up a website?" And so, to all those people who want me to help them with their website, here's a video.

I'm gonna show you how to set up a website in three minutes and thirty seconds. All you gotta do is do what I do and you will have a website by the end of the day. All you need is three minutes to do the work and about $80.

Making a website has always been the first step in a realization of an idea for me. Once I get it out onto the internet I feel like it has a life of its own. So I feel like it's just, an important thing to be able to get a website up, online, really fast.

So let's do that right now. Almost always the first thing I do is go to so I can figure out what domain names are available, because there's lots that aren't. This is my domain name brainstorming place.

You just type in your domain name and it'll tell you if it's available and once you have your domain name, you head over to Now, you could register this domain name with GoDaddy, but ANHosting actually gives you a free domain name along with your hosting. I've always been very impressed by ANHosting and their parent company.

This has been my go-to place for start up hosting for, like, five years or so. I never have to wait for customer service, and there's very little downtime. And they are cheap!

So I'm leaving pretty much everything on the default option, here, except I'm changing to twelve months because I don't know whether or not this idea is going to be worth anything in twelve months from now, so I generally don't like to pay for two years in advance, to it will save you $40 if you do do that. Do-do. Now I come to the time when I type in all of my personal information and credit card information so if you wanna steal my identity... too bad, I'm gonna cut this out.

Now here's one of the parts where you have to wait. ANHosting is now setting up the hosting account and linking it with the domain name. That actually takes a little bit of time.

They say it can take as long as 24 hours, but I've never had it take longer than 2 hours. During this downtime, I'm going to tell you that ANHosting, in addition to being a great service that I have used for years, also has an affiliate referral system, so if you sign up through the link in the description, I will get a referral fee. If you don't want me to get a referral fee, then don't click on the link in the description, though, honestly, that doesn't seem very nice.

OK, now some time has passed and I have received my welcome email from ANHosting. We will be doing all of the setup through C-Panel. So all I have to is click on the C-Panel link, copy over my username and password, and I'm inside C-Panel.

Now, to set up a really great, really powerful, really simple website, everyone these days is using Wordpress, because Wordpress kicks ass, and ANHosting has a one-click Wordpress installer called Softaculus. It's at the bottom. You click on it, you click on Wordpress, fill in the things that you see me filling in, now with the information that you want to put in those places.

The only other thing I will mention here is to make sure that your "In Directory," which is the third thing down, is blank, and not WP, which is the default. Click "Install" and literally, moments later, it is installed. It is done.

You can go to WP-Admin, which is your admin screen, and you can log in with the username and password that you just created. Now what you've got here is a working Wordpress site, but the default theme isn't very interesting, so I"m gonna search for Wordpress themes in Google and it'll come up with a Wordpress theme database thing and you can scroll through these and look forever and try to find your best theme, but I'm just gonna choose the most popular one 'cause the most popular one must be good, right? So I have now downloaded that file.

Now I'm going to go back to my C-Panel, click on "File Manager," make sure that I'm in my pubic HTML/WWW directory, click on WP-Content and then Themes and then upload that file that I just downloaded into the Themes directory. Now I click on the checkbox and expand that ZIP file, and the ZIP file is expanded into the Themes directory and the theme is ready to be installed. All you have to do is go to your WP-Admin, click on appearance, and select your brand-new theme and it is all installed for you.

Sweet! And you've done it! Less than four minutes of work and we've got a beautiful working Wordpress site at

I really enjoyed doing a How-To video. Maybe we should do next week as how-to week. If there's something that you want to learn how to do that you think John or I know how to do- do, do, do, how to do it- leave suggestions in the comments.

John, I will see you on Monday.