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John: ...for awesome livestream that we will ever make. Until next year.


Kay we've got one hour and five minutes left and I've gotta get the uh, I've gotta get the link to you guys right now. Try to do that. Ah, here we go, here we go. It's this link.

Alright, I've got the link, I'm going to send it to thee. I've got the link up. Um, soon it should be at and we're gonna go to a new video and everything will be beautiful and golden.

Yaaay. Whoooo.

Nobody's watching me, so I can do that.

Alright. Now people are starting watching.

[Lots of keyboard clicking.]

Kay. Sup? Here we go. Um, we're back, we already have sixty seven viewers. Okay. So we are, I believe, going to a new video, um.... Let's make sure that this is working real quickly. And... um... yup. We're going to project for awesome video d--oh good, I've already watched it. This is like -- did we feature this already? Am I wrong? Am I crazy? I may be crazy.

Maybe we didn't feature this. Okay great, we didn't feature it, but I watched it, which is great, because as it happens, I have to go. So, we're all going to watch this together -- oh I should stay around for a little while because people get confused. Maybe I'll add a lower third.

Hangout -- is that from the Hangout toolbox? Mmm, yeah, I wanna add a lower third. Wait... I -- I don't want to fund development. I just want to add a lower third. Oh, here we are in the final hour. Don't stop commenting! So go to that video and watch it and, um, there's a link in the doobly doo to that video.

Yeah, here we go.

Did that work?

I don't know how to make it work. It doesn't matter. Oh wait, I just turn it on. Why is it all backwards? That's perfect. It's just how I dreamt it would be. Nice and backwards and it goes all past the thing. Anyway go to the link in the doobly doo, watch the video together and then comment on it like crazy. We have one hour and two minutes left in the Project For Awesome, um, and then Couch, Couch is going to be hosting for the moment.

I love this -- is this backwards on your screen too? Or is it forwards? I hope it's backwards. Oh, it's forwards. Alright. Go to the link in the doobly doo, comment there, Couch is hosting for the moment, um, watch the video together. Fortunately I've already watched this one which is great because I  have to make a phone call. I'll be back in four minutes. And we can talk then.

(7:39) John returns.

So tell me, did Couch do a good job with hosting? Um. I--I--I'm confident, oh, that might be Sarah. Oh, it's my wife, I have to go. Sorry. It's related to Henry. He's sick, so we're dealing with this.

Someone -- Couch is doing a great job of hosting. Keep commenting! I -- good, hold on it.

(9:40) John returns.

I'm back, sorry. Poor Henry is sick, and his babysitter is sick, so we're  running around trying to do childcare stuff, but I'm back. I'm back, I'm back, I'm back. I'm back. And I'm going to update this to say I'm, well I don't even know. I don't know how to turn that thing on. I'm just going to turn it off. That was a dumb idea.

I'm back. Um. So right now, the uh, there's also eBay auctions going on the Project for Awesome, including the Watsky super pack, which right now is going for five hundred and fifty-five dollars and fifty five cents.

I like, I like, I like repeating numbers. It makes me very happy. But let's go to this video of the Wayne Foundation, um, by Matthew Gaydos and talk about, talk about stuff. Let's get a lot of comments. 

Right now we um, remember if you're just uh, if you're just control v-ing your comments they'll count as spam, and those don't count as comments, so those don't count as pennies. Every penny you donate to the Pro -- every, every time you comment to a Project for Awesome video it's the penny for charity----

We're over six hundred, fifty thousand comments! How did that happen? Did somebody cheat? Sam, did someone cheat? 

I'm just asking in the comments if someone cheated because it seems like somebody might've cheated because no way he came up with seventeen thousand comments in a second. 

Sometimes you guys cheat. Wait, Sam says you didn't cheat! Mmm.

Based on everything I know about you, I don't trust you.

It doesn't seem like you cheated! We did it! We made it to six hundred, fifty thousand comments. Hold on, I have to go get some champagne poppers.

[John takes out his ear buds and moves off-camera]

John: Du-du-du-du-du. I've got blue and red this time. Alright. Ready? I'm gonna aim at you.

[John adjusts the camera so that it's facing him. John stands up and backs away from the camera, crouches down, and aims the champagne popper at the camera.]

John: Is that a good angle? Here we go!

[John fires the champagne popper.]

John: Daw, that was a disastrous one! I mean, these cost less than a penny apiece so they aren't very good.

[John fires another champagne popper.]

John (holding arms up in air in victory): Daw, that was pretty good! Huzzah! Huzzah! So, 650,000 comments for this year's Project for Awesome. I think the most commented Project for Awesome ever. Even back in the days when the focus of the Project for Awesome was entirely on commenting. Um, I'm going to reblog later tonight, I don't know, if I can - whenever I wake up. [John runs his fingers through The Puff.] (12:04)