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Good morning Hank, it's Thursday, December 17th 2009, time for the Project for Awesome, hooray! [Falls off chair] Whoa, ow!

I got too excited about the awesome. And, no, as it happens, I'm not wearing any pants. This is YouTube, not a country club.


The Project for Awesome is an annual event in which the YouTube community comes together to make videos about charities we care about, and then we rate and favorite and comment upon those videos to get them to rise to the top of the YouTube pile. If you've made a Project for Awesome video go ahead and upload it as a response to this video. But regardless of whether you've made a video, head over right now to livestream dot com slash ProjectForAwesome which for the next forty-eight hours will be your headquarters for awesome.

We're organizing the Project for Awesome through Livestream this year because even though it isn't perfect it allows everyone to be in the same room at the same time and all you need to chat is a Twitter account. If you don't have a Twitter, get one, if you hate Twitter, just get one and then burn it in forty-eight hours.

So please hang out at the chat as much as possible, it allows us to organize our comments and rates and favorites so that a roving band of nerds can take over the largest entertainment website in the world. Hank, nerdfighters, I'll see you in the comments of hundreds of videos in the next couple of days. And now, my Project for Awesome video.

Hi, my name's John Green. My wife and I are about to have our first baby, well I mean I guess, she's gonna have it. I'm gonna stand there next to her and then faint.

And when I told everybody that we were gonna have a baby, a lot of people offered to get us a baby-warming present. But our particular unborn baby is extremely well-equipped on the baby stuff front. He's got a changing table, he's got a puppy, he's even got a train set.

But there is one thing that my unborn child does desperately want: an end to malaria. You see, my unborn baby hates malaria. In fact Sarah and I recently went in for an ultrasound and what they do is they put this wand on the stomach and you can see the baby and hear the heartbeat and you can also hear what the baby is saying.

So we were listening to the heartbeat for a while and then the ultrasound technician went up to the baby's mouth and the first words I heard my unborn baby say were, 'I hate malaria but there's nothing I can do about it because I'm stuck inside of an amniotic sac.'

But you and I aren't stuck inside of amniotic sacs so we can do something about malaria. And to that end I'm gonna be auctioning off THESE, my nerd glasses, which I wore for almost every Vlogbrothers video in 2008. You can find a link to the auction in the sidebar, all proceeds go to malarianomore. Also if you wanna get my baby a present, you can go to firstgiving dot com slash johnsbabyhatesmalaria and donate to malarianomore on behalf of my malaria-hating unborn child. Nerd glasses, I'm gonna miss you, but I'm sure you're going to a nerdfightastic home.

Happy Project for Awesome and nerdfighters, DFTBA...M: Don't Forget to Beat All Malaria.