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In which John discusses the 2009 Project for Awesome and the future of nerdfighteria.

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Good morning Hank, it's Sunday - what is today? Do you know what the date is? Sunday December 20th French the Llama that means I'm scheduled to have a baby in exactly one month! Well actually as I said last time I'm not gonna have it, Sarah's gonna have it, but you know, I'm gonna be there, annoying her. Being like, 'Does it hurt? Really? Is it bad? Is it like a wedgie? Well but is it like a worse version of a wedgie?'

OK Hank today's video comes to you in two parts:

Part 1: Awesome Project is Awesome.

Hank the 2009 Project for Awesome has been the Awesomest Project for Awesome ever. In fact Hank, according to my calculations, this year's Project for Awesome put three years worth of Awesome into 48 hours - but more on that in a second.

For the majority of the Project for Awesome the hashtag p4a was trending above the movie Avatar - Avatar, which cost two hundred fifty million dollars to make, was beaten by the Project for Awesome, which costs zero dollars. There were more than two thousand Project for Awesome videos this year, and we commented on them more than a million times - ow, auugh. Actually, this is not a joke. I commented so much during that 48 hours that I hurt my left shoulder. And Hank, the thousands of people who were following along the show on livestream and commenting and rating and favoriting like crazy ended up spending a combined three years rating and favoriting and commenting during the 48 hours of the Project for Awesome. And all of - auugh I cannot gesticulate. OK: only one armed gesticulation I wanna thank everyone who hosted the livestream show from Maureen Johnson to Natalie Tran to several of the Five Awesome Girls to Liz and Karen Kavett and Alan Fallofautumndistro. I wanna thank everybody who rated and commented and favorited videos to get those videos about charity to a new audience. I also wanna thank John Henzelmeyer who designed the 2009 Project for Awesome logo. And most of all I wanna thank everybody who made a video. From people with hundreds of thousands of subscribers like Lisa Nova and Shay Carl and KassemG to people with fewer than one hundred subscribers like Tom Tulack and Maddie Boosh. This year we got thousands of comments and ratings on more Project for Awesome videos than ever before and next year we're going to do even better. Now that we've brought attention to organizations that decrease World Suck, I hope all of you will join me in donating to some of our favorites. I'm still figuring out which charities my thousand dollars is going to. But remember if you want to get my baby a present you can do so at And there are still several Project for Awesome items being auctioned off at eBay, including a nerdfighter who's auctioning off his bobblehead of me to benefit My Charity Water. You can find all that and more links about how to continue the Project for Awesome's Awesome in the dooblydoo.

By the way do you remember like two minutes ago when I said French the Llama? I should probably explain that. Hank as you know I'm not much of an expert at your internet memes. Or meemees. Moomoos. I have trouble following along with the internet moomoos. And so in comments I kept seeing people saying "World Suck FTL!" And I was like "What does FTL mean?" Well it turns out it means for the lose, but a nerdfighter tricked me into thinking it means French the Llama. Which is what it should mean. And I think it should be an exclamation of amazement, like "French the Llama, the square root of negative one is a letter???"

Hank, thank you for inventing the idea of the Project for Awesome and for all the work you did to make it happen, and I will see you on Tue- OH! Part 2!

It is December 20th which means it's almost the end of the year! And at the end of auuugh! Why do I keep forgetting how much it hurts to move? At the end of each year, the Vlogbrothers channel traditionally reinvents itself. Which we're gonna do this year as well, Nerdfighteria, but we need help from you. What do you want to see more of? And, just as important, what do you not wanna see anymore? Should we buy an island? Should we be more project based? More news? More funny? More interaction? Should I wear pants when I vlog?? Let us know in comments and please know that we take your comments seriously and we always read them all! Well, I mean, except during the Project for Awesome.

Nerdfighters, I love you. Hank, you're also pretty cool. I'll see you on Tuesday.