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Want to know what I think? Well...I won't make you wait through 15 minutes, I'll just tell you...I actually kinda like it.

Hello, it's Hank! I just opened up YouTube, and I've found that everything is different, so I wanted to give you a walk through of what my first impressions of YouTube's new home page and layout and everything.

So, um... This will be my very first impressions, as you can tell my "Take a tour" thing has just popped up here, um, of the new YouTube home page, my first impression is one of general spazziness, like EUGH because it's different, and different is always a little bit scary.

So erm..., I'm gonna take my tour, "Keep up with the Latest Activity" up here, "Try clicking on a channel to the left, you'll see all its latest activity in the center of the page, making it easy to keep up with what's new."

Well this is great, so George Watsky's second channel, AdorianDeck, ApprenticeA, I'm not even sure who this is, and apparently I'm subscribed to BreakingNYC which I didn't even know.

So if you have a channel that's high in the alphabet, that's good news for you. "Try clicking to a channel on the left!" Let's see what's up with George Watsky's 2nd Channel.

Look, it's all of George Watsky's activity, and I can also click on uploads only which is fine, I guess.

What's Hank Green's Google+ gonna give me? People I'm following on Google+, that's pretty cool actually, not so bad... And things that people shared on Google+. Interesting... I could also potentially, I guess, connect with Facebook, which I haven't done. Clearly. 

Keep up with latest activity, personalize your homepage. "Great channels to add to your homepage." Okay... Add channels. These are things that I might subscribe for. "Browse Categories to the left, find at least 3 new channels that interest you and click Subscribe."

That's okay, I don't need to do that. Got Magic The Gathering with Wizard of the Coast here, got my Hardcastle videos being suggested to me here, Jenna Marbles? I'm not subscribed to Jenna Marbles? Duh...

Apparently I'm also not subscribed to TobyGames or TobyTurner2 on my second channel. So now I'm subscribed to 3 channels.

This is not Vlogbrothers by the way, I'm just randomly signed into Hankschannel right now, these are not my definite subscriptions, but I'm seeing WheezyWaiter, Nicepeter, dietgunnarolla, Lonely Island, of course right at the top, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to the TruthOrFailNoSub, but there's no way to turn that off people.

So yeah, that's pretty good, pretty good, you know, overlap of what I care about, ThinkGeek, I like ThinkGeek, I clicked on More and that didn't work, but you probably couldn't see that, it was probably off the screen...

But yeah that's not- DailyGrace, I like DailyGrace, so that's not so bad.

Let's go back to the home and see what else is going on here... Anything? No, nothing. Nothing. What if I click on subscriptions?Editor show me my subscriptions. Which isn't that what it was showing me before? Show uploads only. Always show uploads only, I am really not interested in all of the other stuff. 

So, some HankGames, so there are my uploads, they're in my subscriptions. So previously, for the last while, it's been that you get to see 3 or 4 of the most recent videos from those people, I liked that because, you know, when I uploaded another video it would also promote the previous videos that people have missed, so... I liked that. So that's not ideal...

So what else do we have? We have more thing here in the See All. Ah, I see! So I can take HankGames and... Nope. And I can tack it to my homepage. Okay. So obviously what you wanna do it tag Vlogbrothers to the very top of your page. Always. Can I move these around now? No, I can't. So I'm gonna tag... Subscription. There was a thing that came up there.
New videos only, also email me for each new upload. That's a nice little thing.

Um...So I'm gonna tack Charlie and I'm gonna say, No I don't want to unsubscribe. I'm gonna email you for each new upload because I love Charlie that much. I want to know every time Charlie records, records? A Charlie video goes up.

Um.So yeah. Now I've got the things that I care about the most tacked which is of course me, uh, me and Charlie

Now, so that just tacks it here, it doesn't actually change how it shows up here, um, it just means I can click easily and like click on Charlie. I haven't seen this video yet.

This is new. This is a new video. I wonder if-is there like any new, anything else new? Oh no Alex is dead.

What the frick is this? Okay I can't watch this all right now. I'm very excited about watching it all later. So far so good.

So what else [do] we have? Suggested channels down here. Uh with Lonely Island being featured! Paying to be in this slot apparently! Okay. Maybe, maybe not, I don't know.

Truthorfailnosub which of course. No! Make it go away! K good. That's kind of annoying that it disappears when you actually go over the "X".

And then we got uh "From YouTube". So our "From YouTube" section we've got Rick Perry Leno Ad, uh Angry Grandpa vs The Christmas Tree, LMFAO Sexy and I Know It because it is always on the top of everything. Top of the tops LMFAO.

"Getting more into YouTube". by "YouTube"... YouTube wants to promote.

"Trending". "Popular". "Music". More? Oh I see I see I see I see I see. So if I wanted to look at "Science and Technology". I click on that. I mean that's not so bad I guess! I just clicked see all of my subscriptions that's not what I meant to do.

So "Add Channels". I like the little icon thing um off to the side. That's good. I like he design overall, I think. I'm curious what will happen if I sign out. Umm. What it will look like. So here's what it looks like when you are signed out when you are not in YouTube. You have just YouTube's suggested feed. And I'm not sure how this is curated, if it's curated or if it's somehow done algorithmically. It looks like to me like it is being done by a person. Probably. uhh. You know. uhh. A combination of those two things. But yeah to me this looks like a list that's being created by a person, but I don't know, maybe not. You never know. 

And we also have "Get More into YouTube: Today we have launched a new homepage and channel design." Channel design? We have a new channel design? No one told me that. What do you mean new channel design? Oh, we're Cosmic Panda. We're Cosmic Panda all the time now people. We're 100% Cosmic Panda, aren't we? Can I turn off Cosmic Panda? No I can't. It is not on right now. Cosmic Panda is not on, but Cosmic Panda is on everyone. Cosmic Panda is everywhere. Balls. I'm not a big fan of Cosmic Panda. I do not really like this. Um, I have to say, I have not yet been a fan of this. I like the Honey Badger. Honey Badgers are good. 

Play All button. So that'll just create... "Good morning Hank. It's Wednesday and I'm at my in-laws' house. Like most of the internet I am fascinated by" Shut up you stupid face. Um so yeah here's the upload bar. Now you can see the things below. That's not so bad. That's not so bad. 

Um, apparently I'm not subscribed. Oh I'm not signed in.

Um, yeah I mean this is just a waste of space right here. We can't get rid of these things. Like we don't want them here and they just, they're there forever. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know Cosmic Panda.

Um, don't try to guess my password.

Action Required: Please add a phone number. Shut up I don't care.

So now I'm logged into vlogbrothers. You can see all the things that we're subscribed to, many of which, actually like everything in this list, maybe not, Tobias is probably still making videos on that channel. But most of the stuff on this list, no longer channels. Probably should go through and cull our subscriptions. 

How do you get a featured channel suggestion? I'll take that! Can I have a featured channel suggestion? 

"Videos Are Hard." 

That's nice I mean it's a nice, like, centralized subscription location. They weren't, like, "Here, have some subscriptions and a bunch of other bullshit you don't" sorry I cursed "you don't care about." But, um, yeah, because that's not, not a fan of that. 

"Greyhound Bed-Making Skills"? I love Greyhounds making beds. Lemon does something funny with her bed. She doesn't quite do that, though. She's like, "I want the bed to be my bed. Ugh bad bed." Yeah, this is pretty similar to what Lemon does actually. She just digs. She's like, "Be a bed. Be a, I want you to be more softer! It's very hard to be a Greyhound, it's very hard because I'm so bony." Oh that's cute. Greyhounds are so cute. Get it! Get it! Get it! Yeah. Oh my God. Oh my God. Okay.

So that's my current, I mean, honestly, it looks, kinda, like, first, I still don't know why they've limited themselves to 1000 pixel[s] wide. They could go 1200 no problem. I mean I guess for Netbooks maybe is why they're worried about that? Um, but that's...unnecessarily thin to me. And I'm not a fan of 3-column layouts in general. But I understand, you gotta make space for the medium rectangle. And I don't mind this. I will ask everyone to please tack us into your subscription list so that we're always there and you can always check on us. But yeah this is a layout that is definitely going to encourage a lot of uploading, because there will be a lot of videos coming in and pushing things down, which I'm not a fan of. And I really think, I don't know. I mean discovery now is so out of YouTube's scope of, like, what they can control. It's so impossible to control like helping people discover good new content, and I guess that's what the "From YouTube" thing is about. I mean, clearly. This is all gonna be viral videos and RayWilliamJohnson for the most part. And apparently music videos. Lots of music videos. And video game advertisements. And apparently LMFAO. Lots of LMFAO.

Um, so thanks for watching Hank getting introduced to this new YouTube layout. It could certainly be worse. But I think I'm going to get used to it.

"About the New Look." "Get More into YouTube." Well I don't think this helps people get more into YouTube. When you log in you will be greeted with recent activity from your subscriptions. You can also browse to add new channels. Your homepage connects with Google+ and Facebook to share your favorites with friends. I mean, yeah, I should probably connect to Facebook to see that functionality is like even though I've already been talking about this for 15 minutes. 

But I can't connect vlogbrothers with my Facebook, because then John's out of luck. Anyway, so I'm not gonna do that. I'm just gonna go. "Ezio Stroke." Oh that was so embarrassing. "Hello and welcome to Hank Green Plays." Um, yeah, so you won't see me I'll see you when Hank looks at web pages. But you will hear me. Goodbye.