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The second half of my personal Merton performance from

So I love Merton, the PianoChatImprov guy. He was probably the fastest growing YouTuber of all times.

I got to hang out with him once in D.C. at a YouTube event and it was super fun. So I follow him on twitter.

I saw him announce this little live show thing, almost like chat roulette, but his own thing so there are no penises. And people wait in line to have Merton sing them songs.

And you get to skip ahead in line if you tweet a link and people come and visit. Well, I did that, so I got to the front of the line!

I missed the first half of the "performance" before I got my screencap software turned on, but I caught the second two short merton songs.
Merton: So how was VidCon this year?

Hank: It was great!

Merton: Awesome.

Hank: It was great!

Merton: So, I know we shouldn't discuss business over the international airwaves, but that dude who won some kind of raffle for which I was supposed to sing a song for him, I never heard from that guy.  Or, I sent him a message saying 'what can I do for you?' and I don't think he ever responded.  

Hank: Yeah, that was last year for the Project for Awesome.  

Merton: So if you receive some kind of lawsuit or something, I just want you to know, I tried to do my part, Hank.

Hank: Well, it was all for charity, anyway.  

Merton: Oh, okay, I don't care about charity, so whatever happens.  So Hank, do you have some kind of--you look like you have a (?~0:33) of a walkie-talkie (?~0:35)

Hank: I think that may be my microphone.  I was worried that this is the microphone that I was using.  Is that it?

Merton: Doesn't sound like there's any (?~0:44) right there.

Hank: Okay, then I'll, then I'll take it off.

Merton: Hank, do you have any particular requests or wishes that you'd like me to grant for you tonight?

Hank: Um, I should have, I have, on my desk, this. 

Merton: Lack of preparedness is the best material of all so.

Hank: I have a unicorn.  And.  I wanted you to start there.

Merton: Hank gave up on his My Little Pony collection.  
He bought a unicorn, it sings The Rainbow Connection.
Cause Hank had to deal with a collection agency,
He's got some kinda old man Gollum action figure for me to see.
Actually it's a Jar-Jar Binks, electric toothbrush operation
'cause Hank had to have some dental work 
From The Empire Strikes Back Nation.

It's a croc or is it a gator?
I can't tell, but I might see you later
'cause Hank I wanna thank you for not being a Yankees fan.
That's a New York Cab Driver action figure, I can't tell what that is, Hank.

Hank: It's, it's a duck that looks like me.  It's a Hank.

Merton: Oh, it's a Hankduck?

Hank: Its a Hankduck.  It's a--New York cab driver.

Merton: Hankduck!  'Cause he didn't have to tuck it in, it's a 
It's a quadruped with Hank's name on it
it's a Hankduck! 
It's got a bill
It swims in water
With Hank's webbed feet.

Hank, that's the song about your duck that I wrote several weeks ago and, conveniently, you showed up tonight so I could perform it for you in person.

Hank: It's almost as if you should do this professionally, Merton.

Merton: I'm thinking about it.  If you're offering to pay right now, uh, I think you can actually hand money though the webcam, I think, uh, PayPal has some kind of new set-up which allows--ahh, thank you, sir.  Beautiful.  Weird, it turned into a mouse on this end, but thanks anyway.  

Hank, brother, it's very nice to see you again, man, and hopefully I'll see you in person in sooner than one year from now.

Hank: Okay.  

Merton: Take care, man.

Hank: Bye. 

Merton: Goodnight.