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Just an uncut video of me shaving myself down to a mustache...and freaking out a bit on the way.
Well, hello there. It's time for me to cut this little guy off. Um, it's December 2nd now. Um, I was going to keep it until December 1st, but I wanted to keep it for my last video, ah, today, which I just filmed, and have not exported yet, because I want to tack a little bit of me on without the goatee at the end. Um, so here I go!

I think that the proper, the proper thing to do would be to cut it first. Oh wow, maybe I should wet it so it doesn't explode all over the bathroom. This is new, this is new. I've never, never had facial hair, so I don't know how to get rid of it. I'm gonna hurt myself, aren't I?

There's so much guys! It's a huge amount of facial hair. Oh yeah. So, the only other time I've ever had facial hair in my life, I just did the chin. I was living on Key West with Katherine, she had a Summer internship studying rabbits, which was cool. I didn't actually get to study any rabbits, but I did get to study Key West, which is a strange, strange place. 

If I come out of this without bleeding at all it's gonna be really great. No blood allowed everybody! Ah! Oh! Ee! Ah! Okay. I have to pee suddenly. I'm freaked out. 

So much facial hair! So now I've got a much cleaner, you know shave on the bottom there, um, which is actually, that's interesting. I dunno, it's a completely different look, a completely different look. 

So now I've got this huge soul patch. Uh...Maybe I should leave the soul patch, and give it a shot just with the soul patch. Alright. Let me get some warm water up in here, 'cause I don't know how my razors going to handle this. I do not, I'm not a big hair grower on my face, so I'm a little worried that my, my traditional shaving technique will be, uh, not useful in this situation. 

Soften up my face a little. Actually that's still quite cold. Still quite cold under there! Okay.

Ahhh... Do this. Alright, face hair, it's the end of your life! Time for you to go away. Doo-di-doot. Warm up the razor. Cross your fingers... that's not so bad. Look at that razor! That's clogged with some hairs right there, that's gross. 

Okay, yep, hair clogging! Kenny Kloggins.

I'm not even sure who Kenny Loggins is. I feel like he did the Top Gun soundtrack, is that right? I don't even know what the Top Sun- Top Gun soundtrack sounds like. 

So yeah I was- I lived on Key West for, well Katherine lived there longer than I did. We were just, I was just like, hung out for a few weeks, while she was working. Didn't have anything better to do apparently. And, uh, it was the tannest I have ever been in my life, and it was the most facial hair I have ever had, until now, or until just a second ago. Um, that was like, just a second ago was my peak facial hair moment. 

This, um, is no longer my peak facial hair moment. I'm so excited about seeing my face again. Hello face! Ow! THERE'S SO MANY HAIRS! Jesus! Okay, clean. Ooh ah, it's dripping down my, my sleeve. This, I mean, shaving has never took so long. I've got this, like, horrible patch underneath. Ooh wow it's horrible! Oh my God. Come on, just get rid of all the hairs. 

I mean the problem is, that the razor clogs every time I take a stroke. Clogged.

Okay. Haah! Ow! Fuck. Oops, cursed. Ah, I was just making a video about that. So let's get all my shaving cream off here. 

And now you see me just with this awesome soul patch! Oh my Goodness, that looks horrible! Wow! Woah! Man! No! It's like, it's like a mustache on my bottom lip. Got a bottom lip mustache! No- my god it looks horrible! It's so bad!

Oh, is it gonna, it's gonna look worse with just the mustache, it's definitely gonna look worse with just the mustache. Woah, wow, hi everybody, okay. This will be the only time I have this facial hair ever in my life. Ooh my, arghh I can feel my chin guys! I can feel my chin! I can feel it! Ahh, ooh, ooh, ioooo, ohhhhh, Katherine's going to be so excited, let me tell you. I gotta keep the mustache until she comes home though, she's at work right now. 

Okay, alright, soul patch next. Now I'm gonna, we had enough of this. Let's get a good focus on the soul patch, for posterity. Katherine came home! I think I just heard her come home. Katherine? Must have just been Lemon standing up. I don't know, I don't know. So there's, there's a good, the good shot of the soul patch, now we've got that. That's what that looks like. Never again. 

Okay. Now we're gonna get rid of the soul patch too! It's all gonna be gone. I should really cut that first, but it's not that much. Not very much face to shave. I should be able to handle that. I'm so excited about what I'm gonna look like with a mustache. So excited! Aah! Okay, it's going bye-bye.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! That hurt. Ow. Ow ow. Ow.

Oh wait, wait a second. This is potentially gold, right here. 

Hold on, let me see if this looks better. Hee eh! Oh my God. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Yeah, uh-huh, I'm that guy. Just right now though. Never again will I be that guy. It sounds like Lemon has to go outside, I'm gonna go let her out. 

Okay, Lemon went out, and I still have the soul patch, so I went out basically  in public with this facial hair. Basically. Not really. [laughs]. It was dark, and it was my yard. So I went outside, which is good enough for me. That's more than I ever want again. So, um, now the soul patch must go.

Does it have to go? It does, it does, it has to go. Has to go. Soul patch, you are done for. 

Just get a little bit more. Then...yep. Oh yeah. Let's do it, we're gonna have a mustache in just T-10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! Ah! 2! 1!

Mustaaaaaaccche! I have one, oh my God! Where did I put my towel? 'Kay, I don't have one. Mmm I don't know where I put my little towel. Oh, there it is. 

But here I am, Hank Green, mustachioed. What? Yes. Aah! Okay. It's, I'm probably gonna put this up on my second channel. So if you're on hankschannel, ah, you'll see this. WHAT?! Aah, that's me in the mirror? I'm that guy, with the mustache on his face?

Oh man. I have to go film the outro of my video. Um, so I'm gonna do that. With a mustache. Right now. Hnaugh.