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In which Hank Discusses the Printz Award and "in your pants."


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Good morning, John.

It's Tuesday, January 23rd. If you're wondering why I'm blowing on my wine, it's because it's tea.

But I needed something that I could toast with. Congratulations on your Printz nomination. That wasn't exciting enough; I need to be more excited about that.

To the Printz Award! To An Abundance of Katherines! To Katherines!

There's one sitting right here. She's waving. To silver medals!

To not quite doing as good as you did the last time! Sorry, that was kinda mean. So I was in a bookstore today, and the lady came up to me and said, "You're John Green's brother." Oh-ho!

So it turns out I'm famous now. Well, she might very well be your biggest fan. She has a section in her bookstore devoted entirely to you.

In fact, there are several sections in her book store devoted entirely to you. Well they're all kind of small. Uh, she had heard that you won the Printz Prize.

I don't know what you're gonna do with all of them, man. You're just rackin' 'em up. What do you do with two Printz Awards?

Do you actually get a thing? Do you get, like, a statue? Ah congratulations!

Or do you just, you know, every single one of your books get a sticker on it. Which is cool. I like the sticker, I think the sticker is good.

Or do you just get more money? Do they give you more money? Is there any, you know, reward?

Now there's something that I wanted to talk to you about. When you received the information that you were getting the Printz Award, one of the things that you did not do was your Happy Dance. Is your Happy Dance actually your Happy Dance?

Or are you just trying to entertain us? Because if you're just trying to entertain us, then this thing isn't real, man, and it has to be real! Or you know, it could be fake.

We could start faking things, and that might be interesting. For example, I generally sit by the fire, with a glass of wine... in my girlfriend's coat... Katherine: Girlfriend?

Hank: Girlfriend, huuhhh... eheheh, yes... girlfriend's coat. We aren't married 'cause this is fake time. I'm lying about things. Obviously. So I was recently at your friend Maureen Johnson's blog. She discussed a long conversation which you and Johnson and Lockhart had, concerning the suffix, "in your pants." It turns out that every book title becomes better when you add "in your pants" to the end of the title. I'm going to go around this lovely cabin and find books. The Dance of the Dissident Daughter in Your Pants! Present Moment, Wonderful Moment in Your Pants. Stumbling on Happiness in Your Pants. The Left Hand of Darkness in Your Pants. The Student Bible in Your Pants? Yeah... So... I'll see you tomorrow. And I know that you don't personally know this, but Katherines in your pants is actually quite a nice thing. I don't know about an abundance of Katherines... I promise, I don't. But one Katherine in my pants... is quite nice.