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In which John discusses Michael L. Printz Award honors and excellent t-shirts.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, Hank; it's Monday, January 22nd.

Thank you for this shirt. I love this shirt, and it is also an excellent motivator to continue losing weight.

It's a little tight! Seriously it's my favorite shirt out of all the shirts I've ever owned. I was planning on starting the survey today, but unfortunately that's gonna have to wait until Wednesday.

Hank, as you know I write books for teenagers, and the biggest award in the world of books for teenagers is this thing called the Printz Award, which is given out every year for literary excellence. Last night I received a call from the Printz Committee saying that my new book, An Abundance of Katherines, has been awarded a Printz Honor for 2007. So that was nice and really, really unexpected.

Sarah didn't pick up the camera right when they called, but she picked it up shortly after. As a bonus you're about to hear the voice of the Yeti. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, are you serious?

Really? Hahahaha! They keep saying, they keep saying, "We're fugging serious." (laughter) I can't believe it!

Oh my God! Really? Wow!

Wow! Oh my God, guys, I cannot, I can't believe this. Thank you guys so much, tha- thi- Wow. (The Yeti): This is John's real Happy Dance. (John): I'm just, like, all flustered.

I hope they're home. (The Yeti): They have cells. (John): I don't wanna, I don't want to leave it in a message. (The Yeti): No, don't leave a message. (John): Hi, it's John, Katherines got a Printz Honor. Katherines is one of the runners up for the Printz Awards; it gets the silver medal on it. I know!

No, I'm serious. I can't believe it. Yeah, it's funny because we're recording it for the video blog, so it'll be hilarious on the blog.

No I'm not shitting you, I, I, I am also, I am also surprised. Hahaha. Oh my God, I can't believe it.

Ahh. No the committee, yeah the committee called me, they were very nice. They wouldn't tell me who won, though, haha.

Yeah, I can't believe it, so, pretty, pretty amazing, so yeah. And finally Hank, I'd like to say thank you for the lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, John Green song which is probably the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me in my whole entire life. And by nice, I mean hilariously mean.

Why is it that I equate niceness and hilarious meanness? Oh, right, it's from growing up in our family. I'll see you tomorrow.