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In which John summarizes Week 1!


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Hank: Hello John, by now you have received my message that we will no longer be communicating through any textual means. No more instant messaging, no more emailing, only video blogging. You can see my eye in my eye. Aaaahhhh. Okay, just try to ignore that. There, you can't see it now, can you? Last night I sent you an email from a New Year's Eve party in Lake Tahoe. The email outlined our plans. Starting on January 1st, today, I will send you a video blog. Tomorrow you will reply to that video blog. We will continue like this until the year is up. If one of us fails to send a video blog on a weekday, there will be certain punishments. Brotherhood 2.0 commences today.

John: Good morning Hank, it's January 2nd, 2007. I just spent 2 hours and 13 minutes downloading your 2 minute and 1 second video, which can mean only one thing: that I'm at mom and dad's house, the last residence in the United States of America with dial-up internet. On the upside it's awfully pretty. Plus I get to be surrounded by memories of our childhood. I know we already agreed to dole out punishments if one of us fails to update our video blog on the appointed date. I've been thinking that we could also periodically give each other challenges. I've come up with a few suggested challenges. The 'Eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal challenge'. (whispers) I'm very interested in the political situation in Nepal. The 'Drink a glass of Strawberry Hill wine without hurling challenge'. Maybe we can make Thursdays and Fridays challenge days?

Hank: Hi John! Good morning! Wow, that guy was having fun. It's seven o'clock in the morning and I'm about to get on a plane. Yesterday I was sledding down a hill at Lake Tahoe. That was fun; this isn't fun. I hope you don't mind if I make a suggestion as to how to begin our conversation on this video blog. Being your brother is kinda frustrating sometimes. This is because people walk up to me and they say, "Gosh, you look so much like your brother.” Apparently some people even think that we look like the twin rock duo, The Proclaimers, which is admittedly better than people thinking that we look like the twin rock duo, Nelson. So, I would like to propose a list. We make a video blog list of all the ways in which we are very, very different people. Things like: in the last few years John Green has gotten kind of pudgy. Whereas, in the next few years Hank Green will get kind of pudgy. And also things like: John Green has never spilled a tiny amount of beer on his wife's MacBook, which then proceeded to not boot up. And also, John Green didn't do the Happy Dance when his wife was in the shower, and he reinstalled the battery and tried to boot it up the next morning and it worked.

John: Good morning Hank; it's Thursday, January 4th. I'm standing on top of Little Pisgah Mountain in North Carolina. Hank, in your last video you asked me to continue our discussion of our differences. I think one of the most important differences between us is that you are excellent at living in a way that's commensurate with your values where as I am not. Uh, for instance, I didn't recycle until I watched An Inconvenient Truth, and I'm still sorta iffy on it. And also, uh, I didn't vote *sigh* in 2000. Even though I could have voted in Florida. Ah George Bush! It's all my fault! God I'm so stupid! Ohhh. Let's change the subject. Also, we have vastly different happy dances. (dances) Yes! Well, I noticed that in your last video you completely ignored my "Eat Five Sheets of Toilet Paper While Discussing the Political Situation in Nepal" challenge. And if you're not going to eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal, well, I'm going to. The thing about the political situation in Nepal is that there are these Maoist rebels who control more than half of the country. Who has Maoist rebels any more? Ugh. No. I can't do it, Hank. I think this stuff is two-ply, too. I think that was part of the problem because if you get the one-ply stuff, I can just oghomamamam just down that, but this stuff? Ooph.

Hank: Good morning, John, it's January 5th and I'm sitting in my basement back home, surrounded by all the things I love. I love orange juice. I love Mental Floss magazine and Benjamin Franklin. I love that, right there. You see it? There. That's a map of the realm of Narnia. Hold on, I have to go upstairs and get something. We don't actually have Strawberry Hill here. I didn't know that. I never looked for it. Sutter Home White Zinfandel will have to do. A commenter suggested that I drink a glass of Strawberry Hill wine and then say "Eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal" really fast without vomiting. I'm going to do that. Now there's only one way I'm going to be able to do that. And that's by eating corn dogs. Eating corn dogs is the only way I can chug an alcoholic beverage without puking. I don't know why. I think maybe my stomach's just like, "Oh that corn dog is so good, I can't let go of it!” It's not Strawberry Hill, but it only cost $3.65. Ugh! Bugligigligah. To brotherhood. Eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal! HOOAH! (singing) Eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal.