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The Zine is here:

And the livestream will
(?~0:04) It's a good Sunday and I'm happy that you're here.  Thanks if you've been hanging out on productivity streams.  I appreciate that, if you've been--if you (?~0:10) out a vlogbrothers video,, that was fun, too.  If not, if you're just here for this video, also awesome because i have a couple of things I wanna talk about and let you know about.

The first thing is happening tomorrow.  I'm going to be having a livestream with my perspective editor.  So this is a thing--I talked a little bit in my vlogbrothers video this week about the fourth kind of critique, which is like, this is a critique that the impact that this work might have on the world and on individuals, is it gonna have people feel good or bad about themselves and I think that that kind of thing is important but it's really hard to do, like, or to get right, (?~0:47) no matter what, but the (?~0:49) if you're like, the only person who's reading it because you don't have all of the perspectives of all the characters in the book, so you have other people read it, called beta readers, but then you have targeted beta readers or perspective editors or sensitivity readers, depending on what, who you ask, is what those things are called.

So I had, I think it was five different perspective editors on this book.  Four of them are going to be joining in for a livestream on this channel tomorrow at 3:00 Mountain Time, that's 5 Eastern, 2 Pacific, and if you wanna hang out, talk to the people about how the process works, I just wanna sort of like, open the door on it, sort of de-mystify it a little bit, talk about why I think it's really fun, why I think it's good, why like, I am so glad I can do it, how (?~1:37) compensated, why they want to do it, why they say yes, and how, like, and how to handle it when things get hard, which of course, they do in those kinds of conversations, so that's one thing that I want you to know about, so join me here tomorrow at 3, so right now but tomorrow, if this video uploads, I assume that it will, and the other thing is that the--so I released, and I haven't talked about this yet much because it was, it wasn't in the warehouse yet, but it goes along with A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor.  

I wrote what's a called a supplementally useful publication and that is a little zine.   I don't have one on me right now and I'm sorry that I don't, but they're in the warehouse, they're like, you know, 10 minutes away.  It's just a little zine and it has a couple of deleted scenes.  So these are scenes that happened but they didn't make it into the book.

So there's two kinds of deleted scene.  There's one where like, the story changed and this scene now no longer happened at all.  It was written but didn't occur, and then there's the kind where it was written and it still occurred, it still happened in-universe with the characters, it just didn't fit in the book.  There's lots of things that happen to the characters that aren't part of the book, right, and those, sometimes those scenes (?~3:03) written down and so there are some of those deleted scenes.

There's a little bit more background on some of the characters.  A little bit for Robin.  I know there's this whole big Robin fandom out there that's feeling that Robin was not done justice.  I apologize, I knew that that was going to happen.  I knew it, like, as I was doing my final draft, I was like, oh boy, people are gonna be--but anyways, I appreciate all of the Robin fans out there and it's got a little background on some of the places and ideas in the book as well, so you can find that at and all of the money from this is going to support our work in Sierra Leone, so thank you  (?~3:43) who buys that.  We don't have an electronic edition available right now, but I think we will have one up by Friday.  It didn't occur to me to have an electronic edition up, but people have asked for it.  We just haven't had time to get the product up, so hopefully by the end of the week I'll have that available as well, so if you want an e-version, probably it will cost the same amount, but it will be delivered immediately so you can get that that way and it's $12 so help raise money for Sierra Leone and also find out more about the backstory of the people in my book. 

So join me tomorrow at 3:00 for the perspective editor chat and check out for more about a supplementally useful publication, which you can find it by searching for 'useful', it's probably listed in the description, and thanks.  Usually I hate ending videos in the normal way on hankschannel.  It's like a, something I've been trying really hard to do is just to have videos end rather than have them, like, have an outro, so that's something that I've been working on and I hope that you've noticed.